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Lost a bit, broken a bit, or just want a spare part? Here’s the place for saving your vape from being dumped before its time, or just for cleaning and restoring it.

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Pax 2 Vaporizer
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Pax Screen Set (3 pcs)

Cleanliness is next to godliness and everybody knows only a clean vaporizer provides the most pleasant experience. Screens play a crucial role in the game and should be replaced on a regular basis. This screen set contains 3 screens for the PAX 2/3 vaporizer.

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Pax Oven Lid

Worst case scenario: You somehow managed to mislay or lose the oven lid of your PAX 2/3 vaporizer! Corrective action: Impossible without replacement part. Preventive action to avoid panic: Having an extra oven lid up the sleeve.

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Pax 2/3 Raised Mouthpiece (2 pcs)

Everything wears off when it is used on a frequent basis - and you will use your PAX a lot, simply because it is an awesome vaporizer of the newest generation. Means, sooner or later you will need a new mouthpiece. This set contains 2 raised mouthpieces.

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Pax Flat Mouthpiece (2 pcs)

Let's face it, we tend to lose or mislay smaller parts every now and then. But instead of going ballistic, think ahead and buy some spare parts. This set of flat mouthpieces (2 pcs) is meant for the PAX 2/3 vaporizer.

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Pax Half-Pack Oven Lid

The Pax Half-Pack Oven Lid functions just like the original oven lid, but it is deeper and optimally designed for a half-filled oven load. The Half-Pack Oven Lid allows you to pack less but have the same great vaping experience!

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Pax Keychain Multitool

The ingeniously designed Pax Keychain Multitool is the perfect tool to pack and remove material from your Pax vaporizer. The key ring secures the two metal parts that you can easily pull out to remove your material. If you want to firmly pack your material, you simply use the whole assembly. The smart keychain design allows you to keep the Multitool with you all the time.

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Pax Maintenance Kit

Get your Pax in shape and vape like on the first day with the Pax Maintenance Kit! The included pipe cleaners makes thoroughly cleaning your Pax easy as pie. The Pax Maintenance Kit will last you for at least 6 months.

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Pax 2/3 Mini Charger

Charge your Pax easily and conveniently with the Pax Mini Charger. This USB Mini Charger comes with a shorter cable and is lighter and less bulky than its bigger brother. Take the Mini Charger along with you when hosting a vaping party at a friend's house, and never run out of power.

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Pax 3 Concentrate Replacement Set

The PAX 3 Concentrate Replacement Set contains an insert replacement lid and 5x o-rings for your PAX 3 and PAX 2 vaporizer. This set is perfect for conscious vape enthusiasts looking to always have a spare in case parts get lost or need replacing!

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PAX 3 Concentrate Insert

Designed to be compatible with the PAX 3 / PAX 2, this concentrate insert allows you the freedom to vape herbs or concentrates. It's all up to you! Handy to have in your bag when you want to change things up at a moment's notice. This easy-to-use insert is easily snapped into place in the PAX 3 vaporizer. The only tricky part is deciding which liquid or solid concentrate to enjoy!

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BudKit Plus for PAX (BudKups)

The BudKit Plus contains everything necessary to pack, carry, and store your BudKups for the PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers. Beautiful, effective, and unique, this kit will have you vaping in style and always maintaining the highest quality.

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Bud Case Bundle for PAX (BudKups)

BudKups offer an easy, effective way to vaporize flower using your Pax 2 or 3. This bundle includes six 3rd-generation BudKups, a stylish and discreet carrying case, and two removal tools to get vaping with your Pax today.

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