Vape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres


Putting extracts, hash, or CBD crystals in a dry-herb vape is usually a big no-no if you want your gear to last—unless you use degummed hemp fibre as a carrier material. Simply mix your concentrate with the fibre, pack your vape, and enjoy a session without any mess or clogs.

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Size: 1.5 gram € 3,50
  • Size: 1.5 gram € 3,50
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Size: 1.5 gram € 3,50 In stock
Size: 10 gram € 4,95 In stock
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Vape Wool - Degummed Hemp Fibres: Carrier Material For Extracts

Made entirely from naturally processed hemp, this product acts as a carrier material for your extracts so you can use them with practically any dry-herb vape. It won't alter the taste of the vapor, it has a high burn-point that prevents scorching, and it has great wicking abilities.

Here's the best part; degummed hemp fibre won't get the inside of your dry-herb vape sticky or clog it up. When used properly, it won't leave any more residue than dried herb. In some cases, it'll leave less.


This all-natural material might look like a fluffy, white cotton ball, but it's made from the woody parts of industrial hemp plants. These fibres are cleaned and refined mechanically and never exposed to any type of chemical or artificial substances. They're not a byproduct of the hemp industry; the very same material is spun into yarn and used to make textiles. That's where your super-comfy hemp clothing comes from.


It's used most often as a carrier material so you can vape virtually any kind of extract in a dry-herb vape. If the concentrate is wet and oily, simply dip a tiny piece of fibre in the extract, put it in the herb chamber, and vape as you normally would.

For solid or semi-solid substances like hashes, waxes, budders, or crystals, use a dab tool to place a small amount of the extract on the fibre. Manipulate the material gently until the vaping material is covered; this way, it won’t touch the herb chamber's surface. Then, insert the extract-embedded fibre and proceed to vape.

Degummed hemp fibre can also be used to collect reclaim, or to clean vaporizers, pipes, rigs, and bongs. Or, you could put a small amount in any mouthpiece if you'd like any supplemental filtration for a cleaner, smoother experience.


1.5g of white degummed hemp fibre in a resealable package

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Reviews (28)

    tres utile pour ne pas salir son vapo


    Hi this vape wool is perfect for hash in a vaporizer ----no melting into the machinery , no cleaning after ----and thanks for the goodies with the parcel ( I ordered other stuff as well )


    Bought for Dynavap and Storm vaporiser
    Great! I get a little hash, crumble it up into fine dust, rub it into a little ball of hemp wool, and then pop it in the vaporiser. Not only does it keep things clean, but it also allows the hot air in the vaporiser to circulate around the hash making THC extraction efficient and effective. Very little waste using this method and saves having to clean the vaporisers very often during a session.


    Super Zeug
    Zum Beispiel für den Mighty . Toll für Hash , Wachse und Öle, Jetzt hat man ein Gerät für alles ! Zudem kannste es für die Reinigung des Vaporeiser benutzen.


    Handig voor concentraten in je vape
    Smaak en geurloos product, Erg aangenaam in het gebruik.


    Tut was es soll
    Funktioniert sehr gut nichts dran auszusetzen


    Ottima fibra di canapa per Estratti (Rosin, Hash, Iceolator...)
    Ottima io la uso con il mio vaporizzatore portatile della STORZ & BICKEL "Mighty". Bisogna innanzitutto pulire bene il vapo per evitare "mix" con altri residui di erba o altro. Poi si prende un piccolo pezzettino di fibra e si crea una specie di nido dove all'interno si andrà a posizionare l'estratto che si intende vaporizzare. Settare il vapo ad almeno 210 gradi, per riuscire ad assaporare tutti i terpeni e cannabinoidi del tuo estratto. Buone svapate! ;)


    Good for vaping hash
    Good wool for using in your vaporizer with hash.




    Ideal para vapear Hash
    De muy buena calidad, no añade olor y es la mejor manera que he encontrado para vapear Hash, no se quema a altas temperaturas. 215 grados que es lo maximo que me permite mi vaporizador Mighty de STORZ & BICKEL. Muy satisfecho con el producto. Te permite disfrutar del hash sin dañar tus pulmones y disfrutar el colocon y el sabor de un buen hash. Tienes que hacer un pequeño nido y poner en el centro de las hebras el hash desmenuzado, cerrarlo como si fuese una bolsita y colocar la carga dentro del vaporizador y ponerlos al menos a 210 grados y extraer asi el thc a traves de una placentera inhalacion. Compradlo sin duda, cambiara vuestras vidas y en breve lo preferireis a fumar el hash con tabaco. Saca el maximo partido al hash sin perjudicar tu sistema respiratorio.

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Vape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres
Vape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres
Vape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres
Vape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres