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At Zamnesia, you will find cannabis seeds from all over the world, brought to you by a multitude of seed banks, and boasting an array of top-class genetics from old school classics like Skunk, to popular newcomers like Cookies Kush.

We can imagine being overwhelmed by the staggering amount of strains on the market. So, Zamnesia is here to help you narrow down your decision! Every 14 days, we select a variety strains that we feel should be highlighted for one reason or the other, and offer them at slashed-down prices. An excellent opportunity to give that one up-and-coming seed bank a shot or to - for example - try your hand at a more exotic strain. Behold! Zamnesia's Slashed Selection!

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CBD-Chronic (Serious Seeds)

CBD-Chronic is the first dedicated CBD strain to be produced by the breeders of Serious Seeds. By combining Chronic x Remedy, they have created a strain offering a functional and pleasant experience. CBD-Chronic has a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1, flowers in 56-63 days, and can yield up to 600g/m². Any fan of Serious Seeds looking for a bit of extra CBD will not want to pass up CBD-Chronic!

70,00 52,50
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White Widow (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Think "classic cannabis strains", and White Widow would surely be among the first plants that comes to mind. An absolute all-time bestseller in Dutch coffeeshops, and winner of numerous cannabis awards throughout the years, White Widow offers stable genetics, vigorous, low-maintenance growth, and an outstanding high—just what marijuana should be like.


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Amajikoym (Super Strains) feminized

Amajikoym by Super Strains is a tough nut to crack, but if you can manage it you will be rewarded with some truly high quality cannabis. This for the more experienced and veteran cultivators amongst you, Amajikoym is a very demanding mistress that will react to the smallest of changes. This strain offers strong cerebral highs that will get you intellectual juices flowing, great for fun days...

22,50 16,87
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Skunk Kush (Sensi Seeds) regular

If you are a fan of hybrids and want a strain that performs well and consistent, consider Sensi Seeds' Skunk Kush. This mix of sativa and indica gives you the best of both worlds: a short flowering time, a crazy-high yield, fat nuggets and a hashy/lemony aroma. Sensi Seeds has done it again and have treated us to another grower's dream.

90,00 67,50
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Copacabana SuperAuto (Flash Auto Seeds) feminized

Energetic and uplifting in effect, Copacabana SuperAuto packs a punch of both fun and therapeutic merit. A tall customer, she is a prominent plant in every room she grows in. Stretched to the absolute limit she's capable of growing to heights over 2m tall. With a lifespan of 95-110 days, she is not the quickest autoflowering on earth.


30,00 22,50
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Purple Mazar Auto (Flash Auto Seeds) feminized

Colorful, compact and capable, Purple Mazar Auto from Flash Auto Seeds has all the tools needed to become an autoflowering classic. This feminized re-tweak of the famous Mazar Afghani is a cool, calm and collected cannabis strain that (once inhaled) will have utterly relaxed. Holding medical talents as well, she works wonders for a wide variety of troubling ailments.

24,00 18,00
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Haze (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

The legendary Haze strain is one of supreme Sativa satisfaction. In keeping with this, cultivators Homegrown Fantaseeds have produced a 100% pure Sativa powerhouse. This no holds barred bud, hits you with a wondrous amount of fruity flavors, pungent aromas and cosmic clout - sure to please even the toughest of critics.

22,00 16,50
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