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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis B+

The popularity of this B+ variety is directly related to the fact that this mushroom can get very big, so keep in mind to keep the substrate well-hydrated to get the most of this wonderful strain.

£17.16 £15.44
In stock

CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 5%

5% CBD. Cannabis is bred to contain high levels of THC, but its cousin hemp is cultivated for its CBD content and of course the bast fibers. The result is a hemp extract rich in CBD.

£23.61 £17.71
In stock

Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Hawaiian'

Psilocybe Cubensis Hawaiian is a fast growing variety with large flushes and big fruits. Do not confuse Cubensis Hawaiian with Hawaiian Copelandia (Panaeolus cyanascens) - the fruit-bodies of this Cubensis are much heavier and their appearance resembles the Cambodian strain, rather wide and bell shaped caps, but with thicker and bigger stems. Wanna learn the Hawaiian mushroom dance?

£45.49 £40.94
In stock

Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)

Just like you magic mushrooms don't like cold feet - at low temperatures they grow at lower rates and the percentage of aborts can increase significantly. Giving them a little extra care in form of a heat mat translates to faster colonization and fruit-body formation. Instead of cranking up the radiator use this handy small heat mat to provide cosy warmth to your brood.

£11.98 £10.78
In stock

Premium Grinder (Zamnesia)

The Premium Grinder By Zamnesia uses metal blades to swiftly process buds. The three-chamber piece features two collection chambers; one for flower and the other for kief.

£21.45 £17.16
In stock

Zamnesia Air Freshener

The striking Zamnesia tribal graphic is now available as an air freshener. Hang one in your car, your house, or anywhere you want to enjoy sweet fragranced air. As you see it swinging there, think Zamnesia, epic weed, and our great range of products and awesome prices.

£2.14 £1.71
In stock

Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe (PieceMaker)

The Karma silicone pipe by PieceMaker is a pocket-sized piece crafted from silicone and equipped with a built-in stainless steel screen for clean hits every time. Now branded with an exclusive Zamnesia logo!

£8.58 £6.86
In stock

Alcohol Cleaning Swabs

Zamnesia Alcohol Cleaning Swabs provide a solution to cleaning pipes and vaporizers. The more complex the device, the harder it is to clean. But not anymore. These swabs feature a mix of alcohol and water.

£4.28 £3.42
In stock

Runtz Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Think you've seen all there is to see with auto strains? Well, Runtz Automatic will give you a run for your money. This powerhouse strain not only offers great flavours and aromas, but also provides a potent hit that will make her a permanent fixture of your smoking and vaping sessions. With so many good things going for her, let's see what the fuss is about.

£22.31 £17.85
In stock

Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis PES Amazonian'

Psilocybe cubensis PES Amazonian are huge mushrooms from the depths of the Amazon jungle that can grow up to 15cm and come packed with psilocybin. Part of the Mondo range, this is the perfect choice for experienced psychonauts who want to take their tripping to the next level!

£17.16 £15.44
In stock

Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) Seeds

Alpine strawberry (Fragaria vesca) loves full sun or partial shade, though it's best to protect plants from the afternoon sun in hot climates. While Fragaria vesca can tolerate some shade, plants produce more fruit in bright, sunny locations. Grow Fragaria vesca in well-draining, fertile, and moist soil. Alpine strawberries have a strong flavour and can be enjoyed fresh or made into...

£1.71 £1.03
In stock

PAX Plus

Boasting superb quality and high performance, the PAX Plus offers a vaping experience that's bound to appeal to all levels of vape enthusiasts. Able to handle both dry herbs and concentrates, there are no tough decisions to be made with this portable vaporizer. The PAX Plus is easy to use, effortless to maintain, and provides flavours, aromas, and potency that you won't want to miss.

£213.77 £170.84
In stock

Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)

Lion's mane is a strange mushroom that looks quite unlike any other. What's more, these mushrooms have long been prized for their flavour and holistic uses. With this liquid culture syringe, you can grow them easily at home!

£15.44 £13.90
In stock

Zamnesia Rolling Royalty Pack - Smoking Essentials

The Zamnesia Rolling Royalty Pack comes chock-full of high-quality smoking accessories that are all primed to enhance your smoking experience. So if you've been looking to level up your sessions, everything you need is contained in this pack (except for some of your favourite bud, of course!). From filters and tips to a grinder, smoke at home or on the move.

£8.58 £6.86
In stock

Mild Heat Pack - Pepper Seeds

If you're looking to enjoy all of the flavours, aromas, and nuances of peppers, but don't want a full-on eye-watering spicy experience, this is the pack for you. This selection of pepper seeds is primed to perform no matter where you grow them, and the fruits produce heat at the lower end of the Scoville scale. Make no mistake, these peppers still bring a little heat—just milder!

£6.86 £4.12
In stock

Fruit Seed Pack - Zammi's Farm

This variety pack of fruit seeds gives you the opportunity to grow a range of succulent and refreshing fruit in your very own garden. These fruits will keep your palate excited and your body packed with beneficial nutrients! And the plants themselves will decorate your garden with the diverse splendour of a range of fruits from across the world.

£12.87 £7.72
In stock

Smell-Proof Puff Pouch Black (Zamnesia)

Need to transport your stash? Then do so in style and without attracting any unnecessary attention with this exclusive Black Smell-Proof Pouch. Made from a special 5-layer fabric, this unsuspecting bag can conceal the odours of even the dankest bud. Best of all, it's also water-proof, meaning it'll protect your bud come rain, hail, or shine.

£17.13 £13.70
In stock

Glass Ashtray (Zamnesia)

Need a new ashtray? Then choose one of our sleek glass options, available in subtle Black, Transparent, Gold, and Rainbow hues. Each color offers a touch of elegance, with the Gold whispering luxury and the Rainbow gently adding color. Perfect for modern aesthetics.

£12.87 £10.30
In stock

Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia

The Psilocybe cubensis cambodia was first discovered near the stunning Angkor Wat temple complex by a guy who was in the country filming other species of magic mushrooms. It’s our recommended fungus for inexperienced growers, being an easy species to cultivate and a nice fast grower with relatively predictable yields.

£17.16 £15.44
In stock

Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis B+

Laboratory grade spore print of Psilocybe Cubensis B+ (be positive) - a very popular magic mushroom strain because of its beautiful big fruit-bodies. Become a researcher, produce your own spore syringes or grow your own hallucinogenic fungi. These spore prints are produced by one of the best and most reliable expert in mushroom related products. Store in a dry, cool, clean and dark place.

£24.03 £21.63
In stock

Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis B+'

Mondo Vial Psilocybe Cubensis B+ (be positive) - the beautiful big fruit-bodies made this magic mushroom strain so popular. Become a researcher and delve deeper into the reproduction of hallucinogenic fungi. Great for microscopic research or for breeding from spore (provided it's legal where you live) The spore vial contains 10ml of suspension. Store in a cool and dark place.

£17.16 £15.44
In stock

Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'

Godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain is the American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. There is a rumor that this Psilocybe cubensis variety is even more potent than the popular and famous Copelandia cyanescens (also known as the "Hawaiian"). Its highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect makes it a treat for the more experienced psychonaut.

£44.63 £40.17
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Novi Plasma Lighter

The Novi Lighter is a stylish plasma lighter that operates completely electrical without the need for refills or lighter fluid. The Novi Lighter will work reliably even in wind and weather and you can easily recharge it via USB so that it will last you for many years!

£25.71 £20.57
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Magic Truffles Valhalla

Valhalla Magic Truffles will catapult you into the psychedelic realm within one hour of ingestion. As the strongest variety in our collection, these hallucinogenic nuggets will dazzle you with intense visuals and profound moments of wisdom and creativity. Find a peaceful place at home or in nature and surround yourself with good people before diving deep.

£19.74 £17.77
In stock

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