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Congratulations, you have made it to harvest! Be sure your precious buds are ready for the chop with a close-up on those trichomes using a pocket scope. Our After Harvest range has got everything you need to convert fresh, raw flowers into perfectly manicured buds. We’ve got the trimming tools you require. Plus, we’ll help you unlock the maximum flavour and potency from your marijuana and preserve it with our fantastic cannabis curing and storage products.

Homemade hash-makers and fans of concentrates are not forgotten. Our range of extraction products can help you render your buds and sugar leaves into connoisseur-quality bubble hash, pollen, BHO, and wax. Get the most from your cannabis harvest with our After Harvest collection.

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Professional Pruning Shears

If you're looking for complete control over unruly plants, or just want to tidy up a few stray branches, the Professional Pruning Shears by Zamnesia are sure to do the trick. These comfortable cutters sit easily in your hand, thanks to a PVC grip, allowing you to precisely clip and chop as you please. They certainly won't slip while you're trimming, no matter the confines of your growing...

12,95 11,01
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Leaf Cutter Pruning Shears

After gathering in the harvest it is time for the finishing touch - the removal of the little leaflets permeating the buds. With the Leaf Cutter you will quickly turn into a leaf-cutting ant and rapidly strip off the unwanted remnants of the foliage. Overall length: 12cm Colour: Random

2,50 2,12
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Ice-O-Lator Small

Crystal balls ... yeah, sure, your first association is "clairvoyant", but how about making your own crystal balls? Tasty, yummy and highly concentrated in finest quality for a delicious and extraordinary smoking experience. Each of these Ice-O-Lator bags sets have different mesh widths to fit the different requirements or preferences a stoner might have.

70,00 59,50
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Carson MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope

The MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope is a lightweight scope that will fit in your pocket. Take it with you around the grow space and use its 60–120X magnification to get to know your plants on a deeper level.

18,95 16,11
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Weed Curing Jar

You probably won’t find better weed curing jars than these quality mason jars “Made in Germany”. The jars are made from extra thick glass and feature a rubber ring and galvanized wire bracket for a 100% airtight seal. Available in 4 sizes: Small (255ml), Medium (400ml), Large (800ml) and Xtra Large (1140ml).

3,95 3,36
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Spray Card (ONA)

Available in a range of scents, the Spray Card from ONA works to rid your immediate space of any unwanted odours. Whether that be just freshening up your bedroom or masking the smell of a particularly dank cannabis strain, Spray Card works effortlessly to leave you with a fresh scent. Once refreshed, simply slide the Spray Card back into your pocket for later use. It's really that easy to...

2,95 2,51
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Oil Extractor

Extractor is the simplest way ever to extract hash oil from your cuts and dryouts easily and safely. Made from chemically resistant plastic, easy to use, no disturbing odours to deal with and dishwasher safe. Place plant material inside, screw cap on, fill with gas, extract oil - could it be easier?

15,95 13,56
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Bud Cutter Bonsai

OK, now you have a huge pile of green nuggets, but that's only half the battle. In order to create a high-quality end product, you have to go the extra mile and cut off the leaflets protruding the buds. And if you want to work as accurately as possible, you need a good work tool for this task. This is what the sharp blades of the Bud Cutter Bonsai are conceived for. Overall length: 15.7cm

8,95 7,61
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EHLE-X-trakt Glass Extractor

The EHLE-X-trakt is a high-end BHO extractor for the purest extraction. It is entirely made of glass and features a screen that is made of glass as well for an even purer taste! The EHLE-X-trakt has been certified by Dexso, one of the world’s high-end extractor makers.

73,40 62,39
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Ice-O-Lator Travel

The Ice-O-Lator Travel by the Pollinator from Amsterdam is one of the smallest systems out there . Its compact size make it easy to store away for when you are on the go.

40,00 34,00
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Extractor BHO Roller

The Roller Extractor BHO is an upgradeable sturdy extractor made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. Producing your own budder has never been easier. Simply fill with crushed buds and force some highly refined butane through it to obtain your home-made BHO. Available in 2 sizes: 15cm (for 10 grams) and 30cm (20 grams), both 33mm in diameter.

72,50 61,62
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Zamnesia Pot Marker (5 pcs)

Cleanliness is next to godliness. When growing several plants of different strains, it is crucial to keep everything well-organized. These pot markers will help you with this task. Write all the required data on them ... date of sowing, strain, required EC-level and so on and you will never confound your precious babies again. Content: 5 pcs. Dimensions: 12 x 4,5cm.

0,95 0,81
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Filters Extractor BHO Roller (50 pcs)

Set of replacement filters for the Roller Extractor BHO. Content: 50pcs. Diameter: 33mm.

7,75 6,59
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HashMaker Shake Me

The HashMaker Shake Me makes sifting a fun thing to do! Simply throw in some bud, screw the lid on tightly and then shake ... hey, an exercise you could add to your workout program! The internal 22 micron screen allows only the tiniest particles to pass. To achieve even better results, place the HashMaker in the freezing compartment for about 30 minutes before use.

16,50 14,02
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Black Leaf Pollen Press

Pollen is a welcomed byproduct in the process of rearing Cannabis, but how is one supposed to store that magic powder? A pollen press from Black leaf is the answer! Simply place your pollen in the strong aluminum alloy cylinder and turn the knurled end caps to press it into a tablet.

17,25 14,66
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Storage Container CVault

The CVault storage containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are equipped with a silicone seal and lid with latches for airtight and light-proof sealing. The Cvault is well suited for use as a curing jar, especially the larger 21-litre size.

23,99 20,39
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Pocket Pollen Press

Make your own hash coins with style. This sturdy, yet light, high quality pocket pollen press is made from aerospace grade aluminum. It is only about 3" x 1" (6cm x 2cm) and has a polished finish. The pistons inside are made from high tenacity food grade thermoplastic, ensuring non-sticky operation.

14,95 12,71
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Wooden Sifter Box

This three-piece sifter box with metal screen allows you to collect kief in the bottom section, which is lined with a removable brown glass plate. Both the top and bottom parts have magnetic closures to ensure the box is kept securely shut. Measurements: 14cm x 9cm x 6.5cm

16,75 14,24
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EHLE-X-Trakt Replacement Set

Did you break the frit or have you lost an o-ring of your EHLE-X-Trakt? No reason to panic: With the Original EHLE-X-Trakt Replacement Set, you can get your extractor in shape again! The set includes one replacement frit and two o-rings for your EHLE-X-Trakt.

12,50 10,62
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Boveda Humidipak

Say goodbye to fluctuating humidity inside your storage containers and the CVault containers in particular. The Boveda Humidipak keeps the relative humidity of the air at 62% or 58% by adding or removing moisture. There are no chemicals in the Boveda humidity packs; the contained elements are completely natural and food-safe: Salt and purified water. No maintenance or refilling required.

1,75 1,49
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Integra Boost 55

Integra Boost 55 regulates optimal relative humidity for your curing flowers. It prevents dry and crispy buds, keeps mould from forming, and prevents a harsh smoke. Integra Boost 55 does not alter the smell or flavour of your product, and maintains all its medicinal qualities. Eliminate the guessing game and store your plants flawlessly at all times with Integra Boost 55!

1,75 1,49
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Alcohol Wipes (100 Pcs)

These handy 70% alcohol wipes are ideal for disinfection and cleaning while being gentle enough not to damage plastic and other surfaces. They are also much gentler to your skin than other wipes. Great for cleaning of your vaporizers and growing tools and a plethora of uses where you want thorough but gentle cleaning action. The 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes come in packs of 100 pcs.

4,95 4,21
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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Avoid sticky hands and contamination with these handy powder-free nitrile gloves. Perfect for growers with latex allergies. 100 pieces

10,95 9,31
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Limonene

Providing strong citrus aromas and flavours that lean on all of your fruity favourites such as oranges, lemons and lines, Limonene is a terpene that's responsible for not only great flavours but also offering potential effects that can be uplifting and relieve moments of tension. Now you can add this terpene to your favourite strains to really bring out all of the nuances with Terpene...

4,99 4,24
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Terpinolene

Responsible for many unique aromas and flavours in some hugely popular cannabis strains, terpinolene is a terpene that takes on multiple attributes ranging from floral notes to herb and citrus elements too. All of which combine to provide mouth-watering results. Thanks to Integra Boost, you can now infuse your favourite strains with some high-quality terpenes for some truly impressive...

4,99 4,24
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Myrcene

As one of the most commonly found terpenes found in cannabis, Myrcene gives a unique fragrance that's spicy and peppery. But more than anything, it's highly sought after! Not only offering flavours and aromas, but Myrcene is also noted for potentially providing calming and soothing sensations to users. Now you can infuse your favourite strains with this terpene thanks to Integra Boost.

4,99 4,24
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Pinene

Love the feeling of walking into a forest of live, flourishing pine trees? Pinene is a natural terpene found in pine needles, rosemary, basil, and cannabis, loved for its relaxing, uplifting properties. Bring this freshness to your dry herbs with Terpene Essentials from Integra Boost.

4,99 4,24
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Beta-Caryophyllene

Caryophyllene is a natural terpene found in the essential oils of cloves, rosemary, hops, and cannabis. It also greatly contributes to the warm, spicy aroma of black pepper and many other natural spices. Enliven your stash with these scents courtesy of Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials Beta-Caryophyllene humidity packs.

4,99 4,24
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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Humulene

Humulene is an earthy, spicy, and woody terpene found in many plants, particularly hops and cannabis. Love the smell and aroma of a classic, hoppy beer? It's probably the high concentration of humulene that gets your taste buds and nostrils going. Now, with Integra Boost® packs, you can add that kick to all of your favourite dry herbs.

4,99 4,24
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Ice Extraction Bag Kit (Pure Factory)

Pure Factory's Ice Extraction Bag Kit allows you to use cold water to extract hash at home. Ranging from 220 to 38 microns, the bags ensure that you get every last little trichome from your weed. Easy to use and highly effective, perfect for those who want to try their hand at processing their flowers and for hash experts alike.

60,00 51,00
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ONA Block Odour Neutraliser

Have you noticed unwanted smells in any of your small rooms or closets? Place the ONA Block Odour Neutraliser inside. It'll diffuse terpenes into the environment and eliminate odours with haste.

13,95 11,86
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Dank420 Focus Jar

The Focus Jar by Dank 420 is perfect for showing off your best strains. A 5x magnifier and white LED lights also make this glass jar an invaluable tool for observing the curing process of your buds.

18,95 16,11
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Carson MicroFlip MP-250

If you're serious about your home-grown plants, this is one accessory you won't want to live without. This high-quality portable microscope will help you keep track of the health and growing stage of your plants, with some exciting and unique features you won't see on a standard microscope. Check out what the MicroFlip MP-250 from Carson has to offer.

26,95 22,91
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Qnubu Kompact Rosin Press 2.0

The use of presses was once seen as a very exclusive means of making cannabis extracts, but this is no longer the case. With the Kompact Rosin Press 2.0, you can do just that! With intuitive and customisable settings, you'll achieve highly concentrated extracts without any of the chemicals or solvents associated with other extraction methods. Robust and easy to use, at home and on the go.

239,00 203,15
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Moisture Fighters

Get the best from your buds with these easy-to-use Moisture Fighters. Simply place a sachet into your curing jar to ensure max flavour, aroma, and potency from your buds. Available in various sizes and RH levels to suit your needs—and with an easy-to-read colour-coded system that tells you when to replace the sachet—you can't go wrong with them.

1,50 1,27
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Queen Bee Extractor

Many people want to avoid the process of combusting their herb and the produced undesirable byproducts that go along with it. The answer is creating a concentrate one can vaporize, but the next conundrum is how? The Queen Bee Extractor has all the bells and whistles required to extract the most valuable parts of your Cannabis harvest.

34,95 29,71
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Wooden Sifter Box (Rolling Supreme)

When it comes to storing your precious herbs, some will opt for the nearest jar or container available. However, your buds deserve better! The Wooden Sifter Box by Rolling Supreme not only functions as a safe and secure place to store your buds, but, with its multi-layered design, there's even space to dry them and another compartment to catch any wayward trichomes.

19,95 16,96
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Juicy Jay Storage Jars

When it comes to storing your stash, it may seem like you can use any old jar or container. But doing so will not only do you a disservice, but your favourite strains as well. These stackable storage jars by Juicy Jay are available in a stylish black colour that also provides UV protection for your stash. Perfect for when you want to take your stash on the move!

15,95 13,56
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Silicone Gummy Tray (MagicalButter)

Put down those old ice cube trays and jelly moulds, and give your edibles the best shape and flavour possible with these Silicone Gummy Trays by MagicalButter. Enjoy perfectly formed edibles every time! Easy to use and effortless to clean, the trays are made from a hard-wearing and robust food-grade silicone that makes them perfect for cannabis edible concoctions.

16,50 14,02
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Butter Tray (MagicalButter)

The Butter Tray by MagicalButter is a robust and resilient silicone accessory that allows you to decant your butter and any other edibles that need to set. Simply pour into the generously sized spaces in the tray and leave to set. When ready, you can pop out the exact number you need, thanks to the separate compartments. So, put away that old ice cube tray or container and check this out.

16,50 14,02
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Qnubu Aluminium Pre-Press Mould

The process of creating cannabis extracts at home used to be a tall order; finicky machines and tricky tasks both stood in the way of success. Thankfully, times are changing. With the Aluminium Pre-Press Mould, it has never been easier to get your strains ready for extraction. This product allows you to produce thin bars of herb that fit snugly into rosin bags, ready to be pressed.

129,00 109,65
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Replacement Glass (NOIDS)

If the glass in your NOIDS herb cooker is looking a little worn out, then fear not, we have a replacement for you! Designed specifically for the POT by NOIDS herb cooker, this piece of kit will get you decarbing your herb again in no time. Maybe even buy one before you need to, so you don't get caught short!

29,90 25,41
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Super Pollen Press (Zamnesia)

The Super Pollen Press empowers users to create hash pellets that rival the quality of the best dispensaries. A great way to use up the leftover kief in your grinder, there's never been a better time to put your homegrown material to great use. Effortless to use and efficient, you'll be blown away at just how well this device works. 

19,95 16,96
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Bubbleator B-Quick

The Bubbleator B-Quick from the Pollinator Company is an all in one, quick and easy to use crystal extractor. The Bubbleator B-Quick’s simple and discreet design make it ideal for any type of cultivator, whether you are a large scale operator or someone growing a few plants in your back yard.

164,95 140,21
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Pollinator P150

The Pollinator P150 is the original way to dry sift your plant matter. It is simple and fast to set up and an easy way to sift through your product and gather the finest quality crystals for an unforgettable smoke. The Pollinator P150 also boasts quick run times and a reasonable capacity, allowing even the biggest yields to be sifted fast and efficiently.

379,00 322,15
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Filters Oil Extractor (40 pcs)

Replacement filters for the Oil Extractor - the Canadian-made revolution for making dabs (cannabis oil) at home. Simply place filter bag in Oil Extractor and let a chemical solvent such as butane or chloroform drip through your trims or buds. 40 pcs.

6,75 5,74
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Bud-O-Scope 30X-60X Zoom

In order to have the most potent end product it is crucial to harvest the buds at the right time. To determine the best moment, it is recommended to monitor the state of the resin glands - and this is when a magnifying glass comes handy. At 60x (and under a strong LED light) you will be able to tell when your plants are ready for the axe without touching the precious fruits.

11,95 10,16
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Dexso E.O.E. Oil Extractor

This precision-machined extractor is built to last. A Dexso Oil Extractor should be your first choice for many reasons. You will extract more in the same time. This wicked gadget has an emptying unit, allowing for hassle-free and easy emptying. It is manufactured in the homeland of high-precision watches, so you know it is a solid piece of craftsmanship.

149,99 127,49
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Information About After Harvest Products

Cannabis - Information About After Harvest Products

Harvesting is a crucial stage of cannabis cultivation; one that's just as important as the hard work leading up to it. Taking the time to harvest correctly can improve the potency, taste, and overall quality of your buds—provided you use the right tools and techniques.


Determining The Perfect Harvest Time

After months of care, your cannabis plants are finally ready to harvest—or are they? Harvest too early, and your trichomes will be immature, reducing your plant's potency and yield. Do it too late, and some of the THC will start to degrade into CBN.

Identifying the perfect time to harvest your cannabis plants is challenging unless you know what to look for. A clue rests in your plant's trichomes, but, with every strain being slightly different, we need to rely on more than the naked eye to tell if those bulging buds are ready.

Trichomes exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, they resemble tiny crystalline mushrooms. However, it isn't their shape or size that makes them important, but the cannabinoids and other chemical compounds contained within. Trichomes are the most abundant source of cannabinoids, and without them, smoking weed would be a pointless affair.

A microscope is an essential tool for any grower, regardless of experience. Not only does it allow us to get a closer look at our buds, but with sufficient magnification, you can get up close and personal with the trichomes. Products such as the Carson MicroBite Plus Pocket Microscope, Bud-O-Scope (60–100x), and Trichoscope TSM-30 are essential to any grower’s arsenal in their attempt to determine the perfect time for harvesting.

Monitoring the "cloudiness" of your trichomes is one of the most accurate ways to determine when a cannabis plant is ready for harvesting. When roughly 50–70% of the plant's trichomes appear cloudy-white under a microscope, it's time for the big chop.


Time To Harvest Cannabis

You've kept a careful eye on your plants and established that harvesting time is finally here. However, this stage requires more than just stripping buds by hand. If you've picked the ideal harvesting time, buds will be incredibly sticky (another property of trichomes), and handling your plants bare will create a messy situation.

Now's the time that specialised cannabis plant trimming scissors, gloves, and alcohol wipes come to the fore—no matter if you are dry trimming or wet trimming. While Professional Pruning Shears or Bud Cutter Bonsai scissors are designed to carefully remove leaflets protruding from buds—without damaging them—our Powder Free Nitrile Gloves keep your hands resin-free as you handle and trim your plants.

Related article

How To Harvest Your Cannabis

Once you've gently trimmed all the necessary parts of your plants, it's nearly time to store the cannabis buds, but not before you’ve cleaned down your harvesting equipment! Alcohol Wipes will keep all your tools in prime condition, ensuring they are clean and ready for the next grow.

After several hours trimming and pruning unnecessary foliage, a stack of resin-laden buds sits in front of you—now what? Most growers like to leave their buds hanging inside the grow tent for roughly two weeks. Once they're almost dried out, they'll be ready for smoking. But, if you want to improve them even more, the curing process maximises the flavour and potency.

Although your buds may look ready, to capture every last drop of THC (or CBD), your buds need several weeks to mature, and for that, we're going to need the right containers.


Storing Cannabis After Harvest

For buds to achieve maximum potency and flavour, they need to be cured. Having already spent months preparing your plants, a few more weeks is a small price to pay for significantly improved quality. Plus, when your buds are cured, you'll want to keep them in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

The curing process involves managing temperature (approximately 20°C), humidity (approximately 54-63%), and light (stored in darkness to prevent degradation) to help your buds mature.

One of the best ways of curing cannabis is with simple curing jars, or you can use sophisticated containers such as the CVault. The former provides an airtight container for your buds that should be opened for ten minutes a day for the first three weeks of the curing process to maintain freshness.

A CVault, however, prevents the need to keep opening your container. Instead, the stainless steel design uses a Humidipak to maintain the optimal level of humidity—not so damp that buds will spoil, but not too dry either. And, with the CVault available in a range of sizes, it's easy to find one that can store your entire stash.

Don't worry if you have more weed than you can smoke in a few weeks; with the Boveda Humidipak 62 and Integra Boost 55, you can quickly and easily keep on top of humidity levels.

Don't run the risk of your entire stash going to waste—proper storage is essential!


Smoking cannabis flower is just one of the many ways to enjoy the herb. With a few tools and the right expertise, you can transform regular buds into cannabis concentrates, tinctures, and more. And, best of all, each of these derivatives has a unique potency and taste for you to experience.


The 5 Best Ways To Make Hash

Up first is a staple of cannabis culture—hash. In essence, hash is a solidified block of trichomes. You can make hash by simply rolling buds over and over between your hands. The problem, however, with hand-rolled hash is that it'll contain unwanted plant material while also wasting valuable kief—potent resin glands loaded with cannabinoids. Fortunately, Zamnesia has all the tools you need to produce several varieties of high-quality hash.

To prevent losing any precious kief, you can use a pollen press to produce uniform hash pellets. The Super Pollen PressBlack Leaf Pollen Press, and Pocket Pollen Press couldn't be easier to use. Pack your pollen in the loading chamber, and twist or press repeatedly to produce compact hash pellets or tablets.

If you want to take your hash-making game to the next level, you're going to need a series of sieving bags to capture every last trichome. By filtering and refining your cannabis, you'll remove unwanted plant material, improving potency and taste. The Wooden Sifter Box is a straightforward approach, with three separate chambers and a metal screen for you to work your buds over.

An alternative to the Wooden Sifter Box is the Bubbleator B-Quick or Ice-O-Lator Small. Both use ice-cold temperatures to freeze trichomes, making it easier to separate them from the plant material, and both include what you need to get started—all you need to do is bring the ice.

For growers who need to process several plants, the Pollinator P150 makes light work of even the largest haul. Left to run for 2–5 minutes, the automated drum will sift away plant material thanks to its 150-micron screen. And, with a capacity of 150 grams per cycle, it won't take long to produce an abundance of the finest and purest crystals.


How To Make BHO From Cannabis

BHO, or butane hash oil, is a cannabis concentrate made by “washing” plant material with liquid butane. The solvent binds with cannabinoids before being evaporated to leave behind a concentrated cannabis extract. You're then free to dab to your heart's content.

Given that you'll be using a potentially dangerous solvent, you need to make sure you have tried and tested equipment. A key piece in any DIY BHO setup is an extractor tube. This is where your solvent gets to work stripping cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, so it's imperative the chamber doesn't crack under pressure.

The Extractor BHO RollerDexso E.O.E Oil Extractor, and Ehle-X-Trakt Glass Extractor are all excellent choices. Each features high-quality materials, excellent customer reviews, and most importantly, a simple to use design for incredibly pure and safe extracts.


Rosin Hash: Easy, Safe and Potent

Rosin is one of the most straightforward cannabis concentrates to make at home. By compressing buds using a heated press, you'll produce easy, safe, and potent extracts in just a few minutes. But, if you want to get the most out of your buds, you'll need a proper press, some Parchment Papers (by Rosin Tech), and a container to store your concentrate in.

The Oil Black Leaf Rosin Press not only heats to the optimal temperature, but the sizable flat iron design makes it perfect for pressing several buds at once. Or, if you're looking to fine-tune your rosin pressing skills, the Rosin Tech Go is a portable, lightweight, and reliable alternative. When you've finished pressing your buds, our Weed Curing Jars double as the perfect storage container. Made from extra-thick glass, the 100% airtight jars won't taint your valuable extract.


Make Your Own Cannabis Tincture

Another option for home-made concentrates is cannabis tincture. Using a similar principle to other solvent concentrates, cannabis tincture is made from high-proof grain alcohol and buds, leaves, kief, or trim. By leaving buds to steep for a period of time, the cannabinoids within will infuse with the spirit.

Once bottled, it only takes a few drops of cannabis tincture on or under the tongue to feel the effects of THC, CBD, and the dozens of other cannabinoids found inside Cannabis sativa.

To make cannabis tincture, you'll need the previously mentioned alcohol, a blender, strainer, cheesecloth, a measuring jug, and a glass jar with an airtight lid. Fortunately, you can rely on Zamnesia for the latter. Our Weed Curing Jars are perfect for leaving your tincture solution to reach its maximum purity.

No matter your cannabis harvesting needs, Zamnesia has a comprehensive selection of high-quality products for sale. From glass jars to pruning shears, rosin presses, pocket microscopes, BHO extractors, and everything in between, you can trust Zamnesia to meet and exceed your expectations. Browse our After Harvest collection to help your buds reach their full potential!