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How To Make Bubble Hash

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Bubble hash is seen throughout the world as some of the purest and finest available, and the great thing is, it is not particularly complicated to make!

When it comes to the many forms of hash, there are few that can match the sheer quality of well-crafted bubble hash. As the name suggests, when heated, bubble hash melts and bubbles. It is an indication of its purity, and results in a smooth, pleasurable experience. Conversely, hash that burns when heated is an indication of poor quality. It is rogue plant material within the hash causing the burn, and the result is a much harsher, unrefined experience. Bubble hash truly is the best hash can be - as the old saying goes, if it doesn’t bubble, it isn’t worth the trouble!

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So how do you make your own? Well, fortunately, it is not too complicated. The process of making bubble hash is quite a rigorous one, but the difference in quality is phenomenal, making it well worth the effort. At its core, the process of creating bubble hash requires you to push a combination of cannabis, water and ice through a series of progressively finer mesh bags, catching the plant matter while allowing the trichomes that are used to make hash pass through. This is also an excellent way to but trim to good use that would otherwise be discarded, as even trim has an amount of trichomes on it.

Generally, a bubble hash maker will use between 3-6 mesh bags. The fewer bags used, the increased likelihood the plant matter you are trying to avoid will sneak through to the final product. So for the sake of producing the best of the best, we will be using six bags in this guide, but feel free to adjust as you see fit.

The bag sizes we are using are 220U, 190U, 160U, 73U, 45U and 25U. Many specialised bag sets will come with similar sizes.

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In addition to these mesh bags, you will need:

  • 2 large buckets

  • Water

  • Ice

  • Something to stir the mix with

  • Cannabis trim - the better quality, the better the final product will be


1. First figure out how much cannabis you are going to need. A general rule of thumb is that 10 grams produces 1 gram of hash, but will largely depend on the kind of material you are using. For example, trim that contains a lot of large fan leaves is not going to yield as many trichomes as bud trim.

2. Put your cannabis trim in one of your buckets, and add in some ice. Ice is important, and the cold will make the trichomes brittle, making them easier to break off the trim. Also, the ice will act as an abrasive material, helping knock off trichomes when the mixture is stirred. As such, you want to add a substantial amount.

3. Next add cold water. You want quite a lot, so that the cannabis can be fully submerged.

4. Take your stirrer, such as a clean broom handle, and mix everything in a circular motion, changing from clockwise to anti-clockwise in direction every now and again. You want to do this for about 10-15 minutes.

5. In your other bucket, set up your mesh bags. Start with the 25U bag, placing it in the bucket with its top curled over the top of the bucket. Continue to do this with your other bags, placing them within one another in ascending order.

6. Carefully pour the mixture into the first bucket into the second with the bags.

7. Allow the mixture to settle for 15 minutes.

8. Now comes the part where the bags are pulled out one by one. Start with the innermost bag - this should be your 220U bag - carefully lifting it and allowing the water within to drain. You can pour some additional new water over it as you hold it above the bucket to try and dislodge any additional trichomes that may be hanging on. Put this to one side when drained, the majority of your large plant matter should now be removed.

9. Continue this process with the rest of the bags, carefully pulling them up and allowing them to drain.

10. In each bag, you will begin to see some degrees of hash. This is not the best, but still usable, so be careful as you put them aside.

11. The final bag requires the most care. Patience is key here. Carefully pull the bag up, slowly moving it to help it drain, but not so vigorously that the trichome clumps break apart.

12. Scoop all the trichomes out of the final bag and put it on a non-stick surface to dry out for a few hours. Once dry, you will be left with some prime trichomes, ready for use, or to be pressed into hash.

As you can see, the actual process of producing bubble hash is fairly straight forward, you just need to get hold of some bags required for filtering. Once you have these, you will be creating top-shelf hash in no time!

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