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Congratulations, you have made it to harvest! Be sure your precious buds are ready for the chop with a close-up of those trichomes using a pocket scope. Our After Harvest range has got everything you need to convert fresh, raw flowers into perfectly manicured buds. We’ve got the trimming tools you need. Plus, we’ll help you unlock the maximum flavour and potency from your marijuana and preserve it with our fantastic cannabis curing and storage products. Homemade hash-makers and fans of concentrates are not forgotten. Our range of extraction products can help you render your weed and sugar leaves into connoisseur-quality bubble hash, pollen, BHO, and wax. Get the most from your cannabis harvest with our After Harvest collection.Once the whole successful growing cycle is finished, the time comes for the moment most looked forward to - harvest. When you decide it is the time to collect the fruits of your project, there are several simple devices that can make it easier and more effective. Good quality marijuana consist of dried flowers only - therefore you must separate them from the leaves, i.e. trim. Precise, sharp tools called trimmers make it fast and enjoyable. When you are ready with trimming you have to make sure the weed dries properly, not too fast nor too slow (so that no mould get the chance to appear). Good choice is the use of dedicated drying boxes or adapting your existing growing tent to that purpose. The ventillation system, toghether with smell filter has to be used, as the scent can get pretty intense. Using drying nets allow you to layer the buds to prevent them from rotting.