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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) comes from a tree whose leaves are well known for their relaxing but still very energetic action. It has a well-established history of human use, and these days it is chewed as an opiate substitute and stimulant in Thailand and South-East Asia. The kratom from Bali is reported to be a more mellow experience than other kratom varieties.

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The suggested regular dose is 5-10 grams (half to a whole pack) of leaves made into a tea or eaten directly.


Kratom leaves contain mitragynine, which acts as a stimulant in small doses, and in higher doses becomes more opiate-like.

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Reviews (55)

    I made tea out of the shredded leaves and it helped me with the headache and chill. However the effect was not too strong as I used 2.5 grams only. I will increase the dose to keep discovering the effects. Anyway, I agree that this product is over priced in this webshop. I hope zamnesia can work on this to make a friendlier price.


    One of my favourite
    I prefer the powder than shredded. You should put it in hot water with lemon it is the best way to have more effect. With 3 gr I have effect almost 4 or 5 hours at work. Very best way to be stimulate. Make me happy. Bali is the best kind of kratom. What a pity to have to change kind to protect effect in long use. Perfect product even it is a little expensive.


    Surprisingly bad
    I used kratom many times before so im familiar with how to consume and what to expect from it. This product is slightly over priced and not really potent.


    nice but expensive
    i try first noght to make a tea out of 5 grams, i was alone and i felt almost nothing. second day i tosh n wash 5 grams, some friends came home and i was talking without stop and very fast!! I think you need to try 2-3 times before you notice the full effects. nice quality but far more expensive than other stores


    Great taste
    This product is amazing. It's the first time I have enjoyed Kratom this much. The shredded form is awesome, it tastes nice if you mix it with your rice and vegetables. The powder form really tastes horrible. The effect is nice anyway, pain relief, stimulant at low doses and sedative at high doses. It's addictive. If you take multiple grams a day for a long period of time and then quit, you will have severe symptoms like fever and trembling.


    A very nice painkiller
    My girlfriend uses it to sooth her chronic pain after tripping and it's very effective.


    Bali is great from stopping opiates
    O use opioids like 20years 1month of bali and da manga. Not need anythig anymore


    Correct but expensive
    good quality product. The effects of kratom are there, no doubt about its effectiveness. But the price is far too high, 2.5 times the normal market price. moreover why to charge 1 euro more to have powder?


    Definitely lifts energy
    Felt like I had more energy and better mood with this. I've only tried in small doses but it does seem to help pain and mood.


    Works well
    This is very relaxing when consumed as a tee.

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  • Video: How To Use: Kratom
    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali