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White kratom is a stimulating strain that is perfect to mix into your morning beverage of choice. White kratom powder can give your day a major kick-start, and can save you from that devastating post-lunch crash.

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Quantity: 25 grams € 17,50 In stock
Quantity: 100 grams € 52,47 In stock
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JetpackKratom - Kratom White Powder: One For Working Days And Social Events

Kratom can be compared to cannabis in that there are multiple different strains that produce varying effects. White vein kratom is one strain associated with energising and mood-enhancing benefits.

Kratom White Powder by JetpackKratom is a condensed form of this strain that offers a fast-acting and long-lasting jolt of energy. Take 1–4 grams of white kratom in the morning or throughout the day to blast your mood into the stratosphere and boost productivity to new heights. Reading and typing become smoother and more streamlined, thoughts become rapid yet clear, and you'll have the motivation required to complete necessary tasks.

The elevating nature of white kratom also makes it useful to consume before social events, hanging out with friends, and networking in the business world. It helps to bring the mind into the present moment, boost concentration, and make words flow clearly.

Mix 1–4 grams into water, juice, or tea. The effects set in within 30 minutes and last up to 6 hours.

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Reviews (19)

    Mon préféré
    Le meilleur des kratom pour moi


    Leckeres Kratom?
    Ok der Titel stimmt nicht, jede Sorte Kratom schmeckt furchtbar. Weißes Kratom ist allerdings am ertragbarsten. Dazu ist es sehr stimulierend und gibt dadurch viel altivierende Motivation und Euphorie. Man kann es auch höher dosieren ohne zu sehr sediert zu werden. Es ist allerdings schwierig bei der Dosierung eine genaue Empfehlung abzugeben, da muss jeder für sich selbst das Optimum herausfinden. Persönlich bevorzuge ich 3 - 4g


    Muy bueno
    Eficaz para un pequeño extra de energía para las actividades diarias. A consumir con moderación :)


    Me Gusta


    A pro tip: kratom powder mixes well with fruit smoothies sold in those bag-like bottles. Smoothies for babies works as well.


    Kratom blanc
    Effet proche du maeng da mais en plus léger


    6h pm. Took à tablespoon in a mig, add some boiling water... 1h later, felt dizzy. Had some vertigo, litlle anxiety, and felt more and more nauseous till I puked. Then I felt asleep and I had à few naps. 23h, still rather weird but out of that curious bad trip. I tried différent kind of kratom, never as powerful as this one: be careful ! À tablespoon was to much for me !


    Relaxed en verbondenheid
    Voor mij milder dan red powder, meer relaxed warm gevoel, rustgevend en toch oppeppend. Aangenaam in contact met anderen. Vaak het gevoel dat ik mensen wil troosten, knuffelen ... zeer fijn gevoel. Ik ben fan!


    Hatt mich komplett überzeugt


    Funktioniert gut
    Habe das Pulver gekapselt und bereits knapp über 1 g reicht bei mir total aus. Ich werde jetzt eine größere Menge bestellen.

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  • Video: How To Use: Kratom
    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

JetpackKratom Kratom White Powder
JetpackKratom Kratom White Powder