Fum Box

Want an easy way to keep your weed fresh and moist? The B4CC Fum Box is made of okoumé wood and includes humidity sponges, a hygrometer, silica gel, and a ventilation system, which will ensure that your weed maintains an ideal level of moisture. With the Fum Box, you can say goodbye to dried-out weed!

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Size: Small€ 140.00
  • Size: Small € 140.00
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Fum Box: A Sleek And Efficient Humidor

Dried-out weed getting you down? Try the B4CC Fum Box to keep your bud mouth-wateringly moist! The Fum Box is a hermetically-sealed humidor, and contains an interior humidity circulation system. It’s made of African okoumé wood, which is non-porous, non-aromatic, and humidity resistant—it’ll keep in moisture, and won’t add unwanted aromas to your bud. The Fum Box weighs 4 grams and is 14 x 25 x 23cm in size. It can hold up to 60 grams of weed and fits easily on a desktop, in a backpack, or in a drawer. Its sleek and simple design will make it at home wherever you put it.

The Fum Box contains a hygrometer, so you can monitor your weed’s humidity with precision. Two adjustable-density humidity sponges provide the ambient moisture needed to keep your weed fresh. An interior silica pouch helps maintain homeostasis by absorbing excess moisture when levels get too high. The box is strategically ventilated to ensure that your weed gets the exact amount of moisture it needs. The Fum Box also includes a removable “kief-catcher” so you can make the most of your hard-earned cannabis!

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Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box
Fum Box