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What are Pen Vaporizers?

Vaporising cannabis has always been a popular option for those who seek the delights of cannabis, but without the toxins and harmful chemicals that are found in smoke. Traditionally, most vaporising required the use of a large desktop devices, but with the constant advances in technology, we‘re seeing the rise of vape pens.

Pepita P1 PenA vape pen is, you guessed it, a portable vaporiser in the shape of a pen. Current technology has allowed the creation of portable vaporisers that are small, efficient, easy to use and discreet. The combination of these conveniences has led to an explosion in the popularity of vaping, as they allow cannabis users to smoke pretty much anywhere in any situation. One the of main advantages of vape pens is how quickly they are ready to use. Instead of waiting 2 minutes for the heating chamber to get up to heat, most vape pens are ready in less than 5 seconds. That makes them ideal to keep up the THC levels on the go, when you‘re not looking to get loaded but to just keep riding the wave smoothly.

A big positive about vape pens is that they look like e-cigarettes, so no one has a reason to question what you‘re doing; and because it is a vapour being inhaled instead of smoke, the smell dissipates within seconds without reaching anyone but those very close to you. It means it is possible to vaporise cannabis in broad daylight, in view of everyone. Although this is one of the main reasons for their rise in popularity, it is still wise to use as much discretion as possible, they do not make you invisible!

A vape pen will usually consist of three different components: the battery, the heating element and the vape chamber where your weed or concentrate is placed.

What can be vaporised

The ever growing trend of vaporising on the go offers a lot of versatility into exactly what kind of products are vaporised. It is possible to vape standard dry herb and concentrates such as oil and wax. In some vapes you can only use one of these forms, others can combine them or offer exchangeable cartridges for dry herb and concentrates.

Dry herb

When vaporising straight up bud, it is possible to get a pleasant and pure experience that rivals smoking a joint. Of course, the experience all depends on the strain being vaped, and the quality with which it has been grown; but on the whole, vaping cannabis plant matter is the most flavourful and economical way to enjoy bud. As it is not as strong as oils and concentrates, it tends to be the day to day use for a cannabis vape pen.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is a liquid concentrate of cannabinoids. It can be highly potent stuff with THC levels in the 70% range, packing a much stronger punch than its straight herbal counterpart; and that‘s why its so beloved.
Using cannabis oil in a vape pen can sometimes be a messy experience, with it being quite tricky to clean out the pen’s chamber. That‘s why many pens have disposable cartridges that can be replaced quite cheaply, offering an alternative to cleaning.

Cannabis Wax

Although wax has been around for years, it‘s only been catching on recently. Much like oil, wax is a cannabis concentrate and is extremely potent, but it has a different consistency. It‘s commonly extracted with Butane (BHO). Similar to oil, it lacks the smell and flavour of natural marijuana. The difference here between oil and wax, is that the wax is pliable in the hand, making it much easier to handle.

As you can see, vape pens offer a lot of versatility and freedom. The discretion and mobility always allows for a stealthy hit of potent goodness in almost any situation.