The Many Benefits Of Cannabis
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The Many Benefits Of Cannabis

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Love cannabis? Well, we do too! But did you know that cannabis can do a whole lot more than get you high for a jolly-good time? Read on to find out the many benefits of cannabis consumption.

Maybe you enjoy cannabis just for fun—not that this is a bad thing! After all, what could be better than enjoying a bowl when hanging with friends or having a lil’ smoke to go with watching a movie. On the other hand, we do think cannabis deserves more credit, as it has many benefits that go beyond just providing a good time.

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From lifting you up when you’re feeling down to boosting appetite, creativity, and your sex life, there is a whole lot to cannabis that some may not even know about. Moreover, if you enjoy cannabis, chances are you've already found your own personal perks that we haven’t even listed. Let’s take a look at a small selection of the great benefits of cannabis consumption.

Cannabis Can Increase Creativity

Cannabis Can Increase Creativity

As many artists are aware, cannabis can really get the creative juices flowing. Cannabis causes the brain to fire in different patterns than it does when sober, with some parts that are usually active subdued, and some parts that are rarely active firing excitedly. Many artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians have sung paeans to cannabis’ creativity boosting abilities; Bob Marley was quoted as saying, “Music and herb go together. It’s been a long time now I smoke herb. From the 1960s when I start singing". There are even specific strains that are celebrated for their creativity-boosting properties.

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That being said, the research on this is mixed. One study divided participants into three groups: one that received a high dose of cannabis, one that received a low dose, and one to act as the control. While the low dose group performed equally to the control group—with their performance being neither improved nor impaired—the high dose group experienced impaired creative abilities. More research is needed to gain a deeper understanding of whether cannabis really does improve creativity, or whether it only appears to.

Cannabis Improves Appetite

Cannabis Improves Appetite

A common side effect of cannabis reported by recreational users are “the munchies”, or a dramatically increased appetite. While they may just seem like a fun element of the recreational experience, they actually have some serious practical applications, especially for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

People being treated with chemo can suffer from a loss of appetite and other digestive issues. During a time when health is already fragile, a proper intake of nutrients becomes increasingly important. Cannabis can increase one's appetite, to better fuel the body.

Cannabis Helps To Relieve Tension

Cannabis Helps to Relieve Tension

Many potheads will light up after a long day to help unwind. But is cannabis really effective at putting you at ease after a long day, or is this just an old stoner myth? Research says that, yes, indeed it is effective. There is evidence that cannabis helps when feeling nervous, and that enjoying the herb is good at relieving tension.

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However, there is a minor caveat: While the researchers found that small doses of weed had a relaxing effect, more potent varieties may have just the opposite outcome. So, what does that mean? Easy: If you want to enjoy a nice chill time in the evening, don’t go for the strongest weed you can get, but try a mild variety. A powerful high, even if it’s fun at other times, may not be the best if you want to casually relax a bit. On the other hand, your mileage and preferences for cannabis may vary. Since not all weed strains have the same effect and can vary in potency, some experimentation with different strains can be a good idea.

Cannabis Promotes A Good Night's Rest

Cannabis Promotes a Good Night's Rest

The effects of cannabis on our slumber are not well understood, mainly because slumber itself is not well understood. However, there is no question that many cannabis users swear by a little smoke right before bed. They say it makes them dose off nicely and helps them wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning. Of course, these are anecdotal reports, and your experience may vary. Here too, strain selection and finding just the right dose are key to taking full advantage of cannabis’ effects.

Cannabis Can Help When You Are Feeling Nervous

Cannabis Can Help When You Are Feeling Nervous

There are two kinds of cannabis users: those who say that smoking weed (or vaping or taking edibles) helps them when they're feeling nervous, and those who say it has just the exact opposite effect on them. Now, research is again suggesting that it may all come down to the right dose. In other words, a low dose may be better when you’re feeling tense, as opposed to taking a mega bong rip that you’ve loaded with super potent bud.

The good thing is, when you’re looking for cannabis seeds these days, you can find plenty of great strains with a milder psychoactive effect. This may be just what you want if you have a low tolerance but desire the chill vibes cannabis can deliver. Today, there really is a strain for everyone, and experimenting a bit with different varieties can be well worth it.

Cannabis Has A Soothing Effect On The Body

Cannabis Has a Soothing Effect on the Body

A lot of folks who use cannabis say it has a marked soothing effect on the body. Indeed, this beneficial effect is one of the most commonly cited reasons for enjoying the herb, second only to pure recreational use. As well as providing a physically (and mentally) soothing effect, the side effects associated with cannabis are far milder than those of other drugs, such as opioids.

Cannabis Can Support Weight Loss

Cannabis Can Support Weight Loss

Given that the appetite-boosting effect of cannabis is widely known, weed helping with weight loss may at first seem contradictory. Think about the old stoner stereotype of raiding the fridge after a good smoke, a phenomenon known as “the munchies”. But not so fast—cannabis is always good for a surprise!

Although research in this area has only been conducted on animals, cannabis has indeed been shown to benefit weight loss. In 2012, researchers conducted a study[1] on cannabis and losing weight, finding the weight-shedding effect of weed to potentially be dependent on the strain and the levels of certain cannabinoids.

Spoken differently, if you want to smoke to lose some unwanted pounds, it may be a good idea to try different varieties until you find one that does the trick. Otherwise, you may be smoking up with the best intentions, only to still fall victim to the munchies. Maybe not the best if you want to keep an eye on your weight…

Cannabis Can Improve Your Mood

Cannabis Can Improve Your Mood

Feeling down is just an all too common occurrence in our hectic everyday lives. For that reason, it’s good to know that the active substances in cannabis can possibly help to stabilise our mood for a more positive outlook on life. 

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Even more intriguing is that cannabis may not just temporarily affect our mood, but could have long-term beneficial effects on how we feel too. The research suggests that cannabis can help “rewire” our brain for a positive long-term effect on mood and cognitive function. Said differently, there is some evidence that smoking weed may make folks happier!

Cannabis Helps Control The Fight Or Flight Response

Cannabis Helps Control the Fight or Flight Response

One other area where cannabis appears to work well, at least according to anecdotal reports, is in helping people who’ve had traumatic experiences. Weed-smoking veterans come to mind, but any individual can go through trauma. As cannabis is being legalized in more places, this is one area where research has increased significantly. One way cannabis may be effective is by helping to control the fight or flight response, preventing it from going into overdrive. So, instead of bringing on a full-fledged panic, for example due to memories from traumatic experiences, cannabis may help to keep things manageable.

Cannabis Might Help You Open Up And Become More Talkative

Cannabis Might Help You Open Up and Become More Talkative

When you’re super-stoned from enjoying a particularly potent strain, you may feel great, but not especially social. But people find that weed can also have the opposite effect, helping them ease through a social setting. Not all weed varieties are the same; there are couch-locker strains, and strains that can loosen your tongue and let the words flow. So, instead of feeling like spending the next few hours on your couch with a movie and a bag of snacks, these strains will promote an uplifting and outgoing effect, similar to enjoying a bit of alcohol.

One thing you'll want to look into is the distinction between indica and sativa strains. Indicas tend to produce a relaxing stone that keeps you in, whereas sativas are for going out. But know that this isn’t always so straightforward. In other words, not all indicas will lock you to the couch, and not all sativas will have you bouncing off the walls. What’s more, even the exact same strain can have different effects on different folks. So, once again, the best thing you can do is experiment to find the social strain for you.

Cannabis May Increase Lung Capacity

Cannabis May Increase Lung Capacity

Everyone knows that smoking tobacco isn’t exactly the most healthy thing to do. But what about smoking bud? Surprisingly, there is evidence that smoking cannabis doesn’t harm the lungs as much as tobacco does, and that it may even increase lung capacity.

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In a 2012 study[2], researchers tested the lung function of more than 5,000 adults over the course of 20 years. They found that while tobacco smokers showed the expected drop in lung function over time, marijuana smoke had unexpected and apparently positive effects.

However, the researchers point out that the increased lung capacity was only observed in moderate and occasional marijuana smokers who blazed a few times per month. The positive effect was most likely due to the habitual action of taking long, deep tokes and holding their breath. On the other side, though, they didn’t see an improvement in the heaviest users. Here too, moderation is key to exploiting cannabis' benefits.

Cannabis Can Function As A Harm-Reduction Tool

Cannabis Can Function as a Harm-Reduction Tool

It’s possible that cannabis can function as a harm-reduction tool, helping people stay away from harder, more harmful drugs. Researchers surveyed[3] 350 cannabis users and found that 40% reported using marijuana as an alternative to alcohol, while 26% used it as a substitute for other drugs. The most common reasons people preferred cannabis over other substances included fewer adverse side effects (65%), better symptom management (57%), and less withdrawal potential (34%).

While it isn’t difficult to understand how cannabis would be a better alternative to other drugs, this doesn’t mean one should overdo it with cannabis either. Moderation, once again, is often the best way to go about it.

Cannabis Can Help In The Bedroom

Cannabis Can Help in the Bedroom

Do you want to spice-up your sex life? How about incorporating some cannabis? If you’ve ever made love after smoking some good weed, you’ll know it can make for an outright orgasmic experience!

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But cannabis doesn’t just enhance you and your partner’s senses in the bedroom for a great, sexy experience. A survey[4] conducted on 317 adult women found that more than two-thirds of those who smoked cannabis before sex reported it made the experience more enjoyable. They reported an increase in sex drive, more enjoyable orgasm, and less discomfort.

Cannabis Can Bring On Euphoria

Cannabis Can Bring on Euphoria

According to Wiki, euphoria is a “feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness”. In other words, it’s when you are feeling outright awesome. And, not too surprisingly, this is one of the most common feelings reported by cannabis users.

Interesting here is that this isn’t just stoner lore. Indeed, a 2003 review[5] looked at 12 self-report studies where they confirmed this effect of consuming cannabis. Euphoria, along with deep relaxation, were the two most common feelings reported by users. However, the researchers point out that the effects of cannabis can vary. Whether cannabis produces a euphoric effect or puts you into a relaxed state may depend on all kinds of factors, including the strain you’re enjoying. After all, weed can have a different effect on each person.

Cannabis: The Bigger Picture

Cannabis: The Bigger Picture

Many, often quite silly, stereotypes are still associated with cannabis consumption. The old stoner image will likely stay with us for some time before it’s completely shaken off. Only recently, with cannabis laws gradually becoming more relaxed, has more serious research on cannabis really made headway. Already, the results are supporting something cannabis lovers have known for a long, long time: Cannabis has many real-world benefits.

Yet, let us not forget that we’re still only just beginning to understand how exactly cannabis works its magic. More and more potential uses are being presented every day, so we just have to continue to stay up to date on the developments.


Written by: Georg
Based in Spain, Georg spends a lot of his time not only geeking out at his computer but in his garden as well. With a burning passion for growing cannabis and researching psychedelics, Georg is well versed in all things psychoactive.

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