Ways To Smoke Cannabis
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The 10 Best Ways To Smoke Cannabis

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Whether you prefer smooth and easy hits or big gulps of smoke, you can find more than one way to toke on your favorite herb.

Smoking weed has no limitations. In fact, there are many ways to smoke cannabis. Although some methods aren't as healthy as others, it still doesn't hurt to spice things up here and there. Whether you prefer smooth and easy hits or big gulps of smoke, you can find more than one way to toke on your favorite herb.

When it comes to the ultimate best way to smoke cannabis, that's hard to say. At the end of the day, it's all about what works best for you and what you enjoy. If you are looking for new ways to smoke pot, or simply want to see what your options are, here are the ten best ways to smoke cannabis.


Smoke Cannabis Bong

If you're a cannabis connoisseur that enjoys massive hits, bongs are an excellent way to smoke cannabis. Not only do they come in many shapes and sizes, but bongs also provide lots of smoke in a single hit.

The main benefit of this consumption method, in particular, is the water it contains. Aside from cooling off the smoke, the water also works as a filter by minimizing things like resin and nicotine. Another advantage of a bong is the fact that you can make your own. However, if you prefer to buy a high-quality piece, check out the excellent selection at Zamnesia's headshop. From glass to acrylic, the possibilities are endless.

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Smoke Cannabis Glass Pipe

Glass pipes are an excellent way to consume cannabis. Not only are they easy to carry, but they also provide an easy way to smoke. Not to mention, they come in many colors and styles. As a matter of fact, some even change colors as you smoke them. Moreover, some pipes glow in the dark.

Although they tend to be on the smaller side, you can still get some pretty nice hits. Because of their portability, pipes are a popular choice for the consumer that stays on the move. If you're looking for a quick way to get high, a glass pipe may be best for you. Luckily, Zamnesia's headshop has plenty of options at affordable prices.


Smoke Cannabis Apple Pipe

Why not add a little fruit into your smoke session? Well, it just so happens to be a creative and convenient way to smoke weed. It may sound odd, but it's actually one of the more popular ways to consume cannabis. As a matter of fact, making an apple pipe is pretty simple. First, you grab an apple and carve a bowl in the top.

Equally important, you must create a chamber for the smoke to roll through, which you can do by slightly coring out the apple. After that, all you have to do is make a hole on the side for your mouth, dry the bowl, and you're all set. If you're wondering if your smoke will taste like apple, the answer is yes, and the flavor is exceptional.


Smoke Cannabis Joint

Ah, the joint. Most every cannabis enthusiast knows and loves the joint. Joints, in particular, are one of the more low-cost ways to consume cannabis. Not only are the papers cheap, but you also don't need to use a lot of weed. Moreover, you don't have to worry about them breaking.

Furthermore, you can conveniently smoke using only one hand. Depending on the papers you purchase, which can be both natural and not so natural, joints aren't as harsh as other cannabis consumption methods. Even cooler is the fact that you can create works of art when rolling joints, from crosses to cones.

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Smoke Cannabis Blunt

Although blunts are a tobacco product, many people use them strictly for weed. For the most part, people smoke out of blunts for the discreetness. Moreover, blunts come in many flavors, which is another reason why people love them.

Equally important, they last longer and are easy to roll. Plus, you can fit a lot of weed in them, which means you can share with your buddies, or not. However, do remember that blunts contain tobacco. Thus, making them a less healthy cannabis consumption method.


Smoke Cannabis Vaporizer

Vaporizing isn't smoking per se, but it's a consumption method nevertheless. In fact, vaporizing isn't harsh on the lungs, because no flame is required. In general, vaporizers heat your cannabis enough to enjoy the THC without the unnecessary smoke.

Speaking of THC, vaporizing allows you to reap 100% of it. Even better, there are many different types of vaporizers. Whether you're an on-the-go toker or an at-home smoker, check out Zamnesia's vaporshop for a wide variety of top notch vaporizers.

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Smoking Cannabis Steamroller

Looking for big hits but not from a bong? If so, try a steamroller. Steamrollers, in particular, are usually simple long tubes. However, there are other unique designs out there. The good thing about steamrollers is, that you can quickly and easily hit your green. Unlike a bong, steamrollers contain no water or any other extras.


Smoke Cannabis Hookah

Hookahs are just awesome, period. Not only can multiple people smoke from them at one time, but they also house a ton of smoke. In fact, the hookah has been around for hundreds of years. Like a bong, a hookah contains water in which the smoke is filtered through. Moreover, the bowls are much larger than that of a bong. Rather than hitting from an open tube, the hookah provides a hose, which lets you smoke more casually.


Smoke Cannabis Gas Mask

Smoking from a gas mask isn't exactly something you see every day, but it's guaranteed to fill your body up with smoke. All you do is slide on the mask, light the bowl, and enjoy the weed filling up your face. If you want to enjoy pot smoke as much as possible, this consumption method is a way to do just that.


Smoke Cannabis Gravity Bong

If your everyday bong isn't hitting as well you want, the gravity bong will surely step up to the plate. In fact, no fancy instruments are required for this rig. You can actually make one using household items.

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To make a gravity bong, you'll need a 2-liter bottle and another bottle or container of a much larger size. Or, you can use your bathtub or kitchen sink. Then, cut slightly less than half of the bottle off the bottom and insert it into the larger body of water. Next, make a bowl using the 2-liter's cap. Finally, pack the bowl and light it up while slowly lifting up the bottle, filling it with smoke. As a result, you'll be inhaling a pretty massive cloud of smoke.


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