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There are various ways of ingesting Kratom, but in the Western world fresh leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa Korthals plant are rarely available, so we will limit our little "menu card" to dried, crushed and powdered leaves.

If you ordered dried or crushed leaves, you are well advised to make a powder out of them. Not only does it remove the stems and veins, but it also allows for easier dosing and it increases the size of the surface area, which facilitates dissolving of the active substances from the plant matter. Keep the stems and veins though, they are not garbage, set them aside and use them later to make a concoction.

To make your own Kratom leaves powder, you need a whirling blade blender or something similar (such as an electric spice mill) to crush the dried leaves and a fine mesh colander to screen out the veins and stems; you want to use the powder that passes through the colander, preferably with the consistence of baking powder.

These methods of ingestion are only suggestions ... you can always come up with your own idea (and send it to us via email).

Kratom Gel-caps

The taste of Kratom is not really enjoyable or pleasant and some say it tastes "earthy and bitter", others simply dub the taste as obnoxious. To get around the flavor, you can gel-cap your Kratom powder with a capsule making machines. Don't worry, non-commercial manual encapsulating machines are rather inexpensive. Now you have the advantage of skipping the taste, but on the downside you have to invest some time to prepare your caps.

Kratom Tea (with cinnamon and ginger)

The term "tea" is a wild exaggeration when used in the context of Kratom ingestion; the better term would be concoction because the taste of the brew is far from the savoring experience of drinking tea. For a tea (shudder) you can use the stems and veins (the ones you set aside when we told you to), crushed leaves or powder. Powder works much better than crushed leaves or the stems and veins. To make the concoction add your crushed dried leaves or powder (how much depends on individual preferences, tolerance, desired effect etc.) to about 1 liter of water and let it boil for 5-15 minutes before adding a cinnamon stick (NOT powder). Let the brew simmer for at least 10-15 minutes more or until the original volume is reduced by about 50%. Now add a sweetener of your choice and a bit of ginger root or powder. The result is a fairly good-tasting tea resembling Chai-tea. If you want a clear tea, use a tea strainer. You can experiment with this recipe of course, some people add Linden blossoms, chamomile, Lotus stamens, Blue Egyptian Water Lily or Red Poppy flowers and others prefer a good pinch of maté or black tea, the choice is totally up to you. The alkaloids are not easily soluble in water, so the residue you filtered out still contains active substances - re-use the residues by repeating the steps mentioned above or add them to the next concoction. The procedure is relatively time consuming and the potency of the brew varies, but the big advantage is the enhanced taste.

Read more about how to make the ultimate Kratom tea

Kratom Water - Juice

A fast method to ingest Kratom powder is probably by simply rinsing it down. But, "simply" is not simple in this case, because if you do it wrong, you will end up like one of those jesters who dared to try to swallow a spoon full of cinnamon powder ("the cinnamon challenge") and inhale the powder, which is rather unpleasant and definitely not wise, to say the least. So, to safely swallow Kratom powder, hyperventilate several times and then take a deeeeep breath and hold it, before you exhale very slooooowly through your nose and while doing so, you put a teaspoon of the powder in your mouth and have a small sip of water or a juice of choice, but DON'T swallow yet. Now you mush the matter around in your mouth until it is thoroughly mixed with the liquid you used and then rinse it all down with a glass of water, respectively juice of choice. Fruit juices like lemon or grapefruit sap work great, because the Kratom alkaloids become soluble in certain acids and the effects come on much faster. Repeat this procedure for every tea spoon.

Kratom Applesauce

Mixing Kratom powder with chunky applesauce is a fairly palatable and very quick way to ingest Kratom. Add your Kratom powder, a sweetener such as honey or sugar and a tad of cinnamon to the applesauce and stir thoroughly before consuming it. Don't let it stand too long or the bitter taste of Kratom will ruin the "sweet sensation" you originally wanted to achieve. We recommend chunky applesauce because if the powder is not fine enough, it can make the applesauce gritty.

Kratom Sandwich

Another quick method of consuming Kratom powder is by mixing it with honey and then spreading it over a slice of dark bread. Another slice on top is optional.

Kratom Booze

The alkaloids in Kratom are soluble in alcohol. To make your own "Kratom booze" use some high proof alcohol such as vodka, whiskey or rum (some claim warm Sake works best) to mix your crushed leaves or powder into. After some time, the leaves are strained and the resulting brew can then be improved in taste by adding sweeteners or spices. "Kratom booze" can be stored for months.

Kratom Milk Shake - Kratom Ice

You can mix your Kratom powder with milk shakes or ice, but the big disadvantage of this method is that the effects not only come on slower, but they are also weaker. The problem is that the milk proteins coagulate around the powder particles and prevent leaching out of the alkaloids. Inefficient and hence not recommended.

Smoking Kratom

YIKES! Sufficient explanation? OK, let's delve a little deeper into this ... Smoking Kratom is not known to produce any of the desired effects (or only to a very little extend). Some people with a very low tolerance may feel a "touch" of short (most likely only about 30 minutes) and subtle effects, but the disgusting taste and texture of the smoke and its impact on the lung are a high price for being "touched" by Kratom. Not recommended, although, some tribes in South-East Asia traditionally smoke Kratom.



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