How To Pick The Best Kratom For You

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How To Pick The Best Kratom For You

Kratom comes in three types: Red, white and green. To find the Kratom that best suits your taste, understanding the sedative or uplifting nature of the vein colors is essential.

Similar to what sativa and indica are to cannabis, the vein colors of Kratom largely influence the effect of the herb. Besides vein color, the dose is the other important factor deciding wether the Kratom puts you to sleep, or gets you going. Interestingly, the effects of Kratom swing from one pole to another once a certain threshold has been passed: In low doses Kratom is stimulating and uplifting, while in higher doses the sedative effects dominate.

Regardless of the color of the vein - red, white or green - the effect of the Kratom will still be stimulating in small doses and sedative in higher doses. However, the color of the vein indicates which effect in particular this type of Kratom will bring out most:

Red Vein

This is the most commonly sold type of Kratom. Red Vein tends to be the most sedating type of Kratom and is therefore preferred by those looking for a tranquil mood and reduced stress. Renowned for its calming effects, the Red Vein strand establishes a sense of overall well-being and a tranquil mood.

However, in small doses, Red Vein can still act as a stimulant boosting mood and energy, but it is often used in larger doses to bring out its sedative qualities. Red Vein Kratom is the preferred Kratom to support sound sleep, as well as fight insomnia.

Further, Red Vein is the strain most suited for pain reductio, as it displays the strongest analgesic properties. Though Kratom is not an opiate, it stimulates the same part of the brain an opiate would, triggering similar effects of pain reduction.

White Vein

In contrast to the red variety, White Vein Kratom is particularly suited to heighten the mood and enliven the senses. While not quite a replacement for the morning coffee, White Vein Kratom induces a brightening vitality and alertness.

People who have tried Kratom have touted its benefits in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. While Red Vein Kratom can create a state of elation and euphoria, increases feelings of optimism and lower inhibitions, it is not necessarily the preferred strain for those looking to boost the mood. Since White Vein is generally more uplifting in character, it is the preferred choice for those looking for a mood elevating effect.

White and Red Kratom are often mixed for a better balanced energy aid. White Vein is more rare than Red or Green and will be slightly more difficult to obtain.

Green Vein

The effect of Green Vein is somewhere between Red and White Kratom. Unlike Red Vein Kratom, which has a pronounced sedative effect, or White Vein Kratom which increases energy, Green Vein Kratom has a milder effect on energy levels and relaxation. It is the ideal Kratom for a mild and enjoyable effect, neither feeling too alert or too tired. By itself, Green Vein is the most balanced variety.

All color veins can be safely mixed with one another. Because of its gentler effects, Green Vein is often used as a balancing ingredient when mixed with Red Vein or White Vein. This mixture can help balance the impact of the effects from one or the other of the veins: Green Vein can counteract sedation from the Red Vein or take the edge off the effects from the White Vein variety if the dosages were too strong.

What is your favorite type of Kratom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!