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Keen to use kratom but stuck on choosing the right strain? In this article, we explore some of the most popular kratom strains and their various effects to help you find what's right for you.

Kratom is a powerful plant with a long history as a folk medicine. So with the many varieties of kratom now available, how can you find one that best suits your needs?

Whether you’re keen to try kratom as an alternative medicine or just as a recreational substance, we’ve gone ahead and created a guide for choosing the right kratom strain. So, get reading to learn more.


Before we walk you through the process of choosing kratom strains and highlight a few popular strains, in particular, it’s important to go over some basics of kratom first.

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family, along with coffee and a bunch of other plants. It is native to Southeast Asia, where it is traditionally used as a folk medicine to treat pain, fight fatigue, and more.

Kratom produces a mild inebriation, similar to cocaine and other stimulants in small doses, and narcotics like opium in larger quantities.

As with all other folk medicines and remedies, legitimacy and safety are obviously big issues. There has been little scientific research into the effectiveness of kratom as a medicine, and the fact that kratom abuse over long periods of time can lead to a variety of adverse effects (ranging from frequent urination to psychosis) have lead it to be listed as a controlled substance in a variety of countries, including the US, Thailand, and Malaysia.

This regulation makes it more difficult to study the substance and fully understand how it works, and how it could possibly be used safely. If you’re still interested in using kratom, either as a medicine or recreationally, it is really important you do so safely.

Always follow the instructions on the package and never increase the recommended dose. Also, do not use kratom if you suffer from depression, anxiety or chronic respiratory problems.

Similarly, it is important to check with your local authority to see if kratom is legal in your area prior to purchasing it. The author of this article does not promote the use of kratom or other similar substances.


Pain Relief

Kratom can offer extremely effective pain relief. In fact, in Thailand and other parts of Asia, pain relief is one of the main reasons kratom is used medicinally. However, as with many plant-derived products, some kratom strains serve as more effective painkillers than others.

Below are 3 of the most effective kratom strains for pain relief. Whether it be a sports injury or chronic pain from another condition, these kratom strains are made from plant varieties that promise to offer deep relief from even the toughest pains.


In Malaysia, kratom is often used to treat muscle soreness and pain produced by prolonged physical labour or exertion. Hence, while all kratom generally has pain relieving properties, your best bet for persistent, difficult-to-manage pain is this Malaysian strain.

Effects can be felt with doses as small as 2 grammes, and one package contains 10 grammes of powdered plant material. Simply measure your dose, add it to your favourite tea or flavoured infusion, and you’re on your way.


Maeng Da is a special variety of kratom. It is easily one of the most popular kratom strains and held the title as the most powerful variety of kratom for a very long time. Its origins are shrouded in mystery. The name “maeng da” means “pimped” in Thai, leading many to believe it is a special Thai variety. However, some online sources claim it first made its appearance in Indonesia, leading to speculation that it may be an Indonesian variety instead.

Maeng Da kratom is treasured for producing both strong pain relief and stimulation. It can take effect in small doses of only 1 gramme and, like all other varieties, is best mixed with a tasty tea/infusion. Packs contain 10 grammes of shredded or powdered plant material.


Bali Kratom is another extremely popular variety. In fact, for many years it was considered the “standard” kratom strain. It is often believed that Bali kratom originates from the Indonesian island of the same name. However, Online sources suggest that Bali kratom may not necessarily be produced in Bali, and only got its name because it was shipped out of Bali's port. Either way, this is still a quality kratom strain which offers great all-round pain relief.

Bali kratom is often reported to produce slightly mellower effects than some of the other strains on this list, making it an attractive option for new users or those looking for subtle effects. The recommended dose is between 5-10 grammes. Packs contain 10 grammes.


Energy Boost

Kratom can be a powerful stimulant, which is why kratom leaves are commonly chewed by farmers and labourers to give them a “boost” and help fight off feelings of fatigue and overexertion.

Below are 3 strains of kratom that generally produce more uplifting, energetic effects. Remember that kratom works best as a stimulant in small doses, so try to reduce your doses slightly more than if you were using for pain relief or sedation, for example.


Maeng Da kratom, as we saw earlier, can be a powerful painkiller. However, cut down your dose and you’ll find that this unique strain can produce big energy boosts as well. Some may find it particularly mentally stimulating, producing a kind of clarity that might help with focusing on one particular task. Others might find it produces more of a physical stimulation that helps to wean of signs of fatigue caused by physical labour. Either way, Maeng Da is known to produce a strong energy boost that’ll help get you through a long day.

As we mentioned earlier, Maeng Da is known to be very powerful. So, to avoid taking too much of it and experiencing more sedative, opiate-like effects, try to start your dose at about 1 gramme or less and work your way up based on your needs.

Kratom Maeng Da


Thai kratom is a unique kratom strain. While it may not be the most popular, it is especially loved among users looking for strong stimulating effects. Many users report that it leaves them feeling motivated, productive, concentrated, and persistent, making it ideal for anyone looking for an extra push to get things done.

That being the case, it's not surprising that this particular strain is often used across Thailand as a stimulant by workers, especially manual labourers. While the recommended dosage for Thai Kratom is between 5-10 grammes, we recommend cutting those figures down for guaranteed stimulating effects. Packs contain 10 grammes of shredded or powdered Thai kratom.


Similar to Maeng Da kratom, Malaysian kratom, while offering powerful pain relief, is also a great strain for those in need of an instant energy boost. In fact, Malaysian kratom is one of the best-selling varieties precisely for this reason. Think deep concentration and focus, mental alertness, and an underlying feeling of euphoria.

Packets contain 10 grammes of powdered or shredded product. Remember, smaller doses are best for stimulating effects.


So, we’ve covered the stimulating and pain-relieving effects of kratom. But what if you’re after a strong set of sedative effects? Well, we recommend trying Bali kratom.

This strain is renowned for being a great sedative which can help to treat pain and muscle soreness, as well as promoting relaxation and sleep. Stay away from this if you’re trying to get stuff done, but keep it close when you’re ready to completely unwind.

The recommended dose for Bali kratom is 5-10 grammes. Packs contain 10 grammes.


Mood Boost

Another treasured effect of kratom is its ability to improve one’s mood. In fact, many users find that, apart from offering specific effects like pain relief or a boost in energy, the effects of kratom are usually underlined by a powerful feeling of euphoria.

The ideal dose for mood-boosting effects vary from strain to strain, and you’ll probably have to experiment around to see what best works for you. However, for an all-round strain like Malaysian kratom, mood enhancing effects are usually felt at doses of 3-6 grammes.

Below are 3 kratom strains that are particularly renowned for boosting mood.


We’ve seen that Maeng Da, often considered one of the most powerful kratom strains circulating the market, is extremely versatile and popular. One of the reasons behind its popularity is due to the strong euphoria it produces.

The effects produced by this variety are usually characterised by strong feelings of well-being and happiness that are sure to put a smile on your face. Plus, you’ll also benefit from the overall energy boost that this strain is so well-known and loved for.


Unlike Maeng Da and Malaysian kratom, both of which are known for being uplifting, the Bali variety is best known as a powerful sedative. However, while you sit back in your chair and let its powerful effects kick in, you’ll also notice very notable feelings of euphoria and well-being that’ll instantly lift your mood.

If you’re worried about being too sedated, try to keep your doses low with this strain. We suggest using doses below 3 grammes.


Kratom Malaysia

The unique mix of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine give Malaysian kratom a whole variety of unique effects. Apart from being a powerful painkiller and stimulant, this kratom variety is also particularly good at producing strong feelings of euphoria and overall happiness.

While Zamnesia’s Malaysian Kratom comes in 10-gram packs, we suggest using a dose of roughly 3-6 grammes for the most effective mood enhancing qualities.


So, we’ve taken a look at all of the kratom varieties and listed them according to their unique benefits But what about kratom extracts?

These powerful concentrates harness all of the properties found in kratom leaves in very high concentrations, allowing you to achieve the same effects as you would with regular kratom powder but in much smaller doses.

Below are 3 of our top-selling kratom extracts. For more information, check out the Kratom page of the Zamnesia smartshop.


This kratom extract harnesses all of the properties of Bali kratom in an extremely concentrated powder. At doses as small as 0.5 grammes, this extract can start producing a strong sedative, painkilling, and relaxing effects.

Kratom Bali 15x Extract


This is an extremely powerful kratom extract made from Thai plant varieties. It also comes in a powdered form, making it extremely easy to administer, and can produce effects at doses as small as 0.02 grammes.


This extract is unique because it comes in a soft resin form. However, don’t be intimidated by its dark, almost tar-like appearance. This extract is completely chemical free, using only boiling water to extract the desired compounds from the kratom leaves. Made from Thai plant varieties, it boasts the same effects as our regular kratom powders, just in a much stronger concentration.


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