GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser

You can now discover the THC and CBD content of your buds without sending your flowers off to expensive labs. Simply place a bud into the device and receive a reading on your smartphone within a minute.

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GemmaCert - Cannabis Analyser: Cannabis Testing Made Simple

The GemmaCert offers a revolutionary way to test weed. Growers, dispensaries, and customers can now measure THC and CBD levels at home or at the store using GammaCert and a smartphone.

The designers of the device hope to bring transparency and decentralised testing to the cannabis world. Growers used to have to send batches of bud off for expensive laboratory testing. Not only was this expensive, but samples had to be destroyed during the process.

The GemmaCert is posed to change the game entirely. The machine only requires a small sample—a single bud—and doesn’t damage the contents. Plus, it doesn’t cost a fortune every time you want to find out the major cannabinoid content of your crop.

The creators behind the device have also pointed out the rampant mislabelling of cannabis flowers on the current market. It’s in the interest of recreational and medicinal users to know exactly what they are buying. Dispensaries often mislabel buds because of poor testing procedures or skip testing altogether. The GemmaCert device offers a way around this. Cannabis users, sellers, and growers can now test for THC and CBD levels on a desk or kitchen countertop.


The patent-pending device gathers spectral data from flower samples and generates results in less than a minute. Optical sensors scan dried or ground flowers that are inserted into the device. The spectra of the sample is collected and analysed by the GemmaCert cloud server. Shortly after, the accurate composition of THC and CBD levels is sent to the user's smartphone.


  • Purpose: Cannabis Analysis.
  • Results: Total THC and Total CBD.* **
  • User interface: Android Smartphone; iOS coming soon.
  • Components: Spectrometer, Illumination, Camera, Motion System, Control and Communications Module.
  • Accuracy: The result has an accuracy of 1% RMSE.
  • Portability: Portable desktop unit.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth.
  • Power source: 6vdc by standard 110/220 ac2dc power supply.
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +45°C (14F - 113F).
  • Operating temperature: +10°C to +35°C (50F - 95F).
  • Dimensions: Height 224mm; Diameter top 144mm; bottom 166mm.
  • Weight: 1958g (including power supply).
  • Regulatory compliance: CE , UL , ROHS.
  • Maintenance: Dispose of bud particles.
  • Warranty: 1 year. Applies to electronic, mechanical and optical failures not related to physical damage because of device mishandling.

* Total THC = 0.877 THCA + Δ9THC; Total CBD = 0.877 CBDA +
** Analysis of additional cannabinoids and moisture with
upcoming software updates.


What products does it test?

Dry flower buds. (Future upgrades will test for ground flower buds and cannabis oil.)

What technology does it use?

NIR Spectroscopy, Image Analysis and Data Analytics.

How long does an analysis take?

Between 2 to 4 minutes.

Is any sample preparation required?

No. The machines uses a nondestructive way of testing and thesample is left intact after analysis.

Are there any calibration requirements?

No, there is no user input required before the test.

Height 224mm
Diameter top 144mm | bottom 166mm
Weight 1958g

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GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser
GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser
GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser
GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser
GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser
GemmaCert Cannabis Analyser