Ceramic Bongs

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When a bong maker has the notion to create a work of art, ceramic is the material of choice. Sculpted, painted and glazed, these look as good empty as they do when packed full of sweet bud.

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Ceramic Bong Kneeling Woman

Adds new meaning to the phrase ‘getting head’. Just remember to suck not blow when you’re using this functional erotic sculpture. Bear in mind that you’ll be inhaling from an orifice not normally associated with smoke!


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Ceramic Bong Serene Green

When you are on the hop and want to take a quick little toke, then a big bowl simply does not cut it. This little ceramic bong enameled in metallic green is endued with a small aluminum bowl, just big enough for a hard rip of pure weed. Height: 10.5cm

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Ceramic Bong Cock 'n Balls

Masterfully crafted to look like a big erect penis, this Cock 'n Balls bong could be a dream come true for those women who have always fantasized about their man being with another dude! Hilarity is guaranteed whenever someone takes a hit. The 30cm tall ceramic penis bong also makes for an ideal conversation piece, for example when your in-laws are visiting!


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Ceramic Disguise Bong Mushroom

No, it’s not a kitschy ceramic collectible although it may well fool anyone that it is. No one will know about the Ceramic Disguise Bong Mushroom until you remove the mushroom caps. This cleverly disguised stealthy bong/water pipe features a metal bowl and a carb hole in the back. The bong measures about 12cm in height.


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Ceramic Bong Alien

Attention earthlings and members of the Galactic Weed Federation: this is one seriously attractive bong. Consisting of four smoke inhalation tubes and one alien skull, this is a bong for close friends, of any planet.


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Ceramic Bong Grim Reaper

Packed and lit, this Grim Reaper bong is sure to turn you into the grin reaper.


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Ceramic Boob Bong

What can be better than boobs? Nothing, that’s right! But this masterpiece of ceramic naughtiness isn’t just an eye-catcher. Yes, you may find yourself staring for some time but then you’ll realize that those boobs are really excellent for smoking your herbs. The boob bong measures 21cm with a neck width of 45mm. It takes standard drop pipes and the recommended gauze sizes for it are 15mm or...


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