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Dating back thousands of years, ceramic bongs still have their place in the modern smoker's collection. Here at Zamnesia, we have a fine selection of ceramic water pipes ready to purchase right now. Made from resilient and robust ceramic, these strong bongs are available in a wide range of designs, from the minimalist and contemporary to the truly wild and eccentric.

Using a ceramic bong is largely the same as operating any other type of water pipe. By filling the chamber with a little water and packing the bowl with your chosen herb, you're ready to go. Simply light the bowl and take a long pull of the water-cooled smoke. Easy to use, clean, and maintain, ceramic bongs are perfect for any smoker.

As soon as you take that first hit, you'll know that purchasing a ceramic bong was a great choice. Ideal for first-time smokers and the more experienced alike, these bongs have a wide variety of user-friendly features that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Hexagon (BRNT Designs)

The Hexagon will spice up your bong collection. In contrast to conventional designs, the Hexagon brings a minimal aesthetic and unique shape to the table.

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Ceramic Boob Bong

What can be better than boobs? Nothing, that’s right! But this masterpiece of ceramic naughtiness isn’t just an eye-catcher. Yes, you may find yourself staring for some time but then you’ll realize that those boobs are really excellent for smoking your herbs. The boob bong measures 21cm with a neck width of 45mm. It takes standard drop pipes and the recommended gauze sizes for it are 15mm or...

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