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As one of the more unusual types of water pipes, silicone bongs are still a hugely popular choice amongst smokers. Here at Zamnesia, you can find all silicone bong types, from the small and discreet to the large and outlandish. All serve a purpose, and one is bound to suit your personality and preference while providing a cool, smooth hit. There are many reasons these bongs are just as good as their glass, ceramic, and acrylic counterparts. Of course, like all things related to cannabis, it comes down to personal taste.

Made from premium-quality food-grade silicone that won't negatively impact the flavour of your smoke or produce unwanted odours, these bongs are ready to go straight out the gate. Using a silicone bong is an easy process, and perfect for newcomers as well as the more experienced. You also have the luxury of being able to take these bongs with you everywhere you go, as many designs can quite literally be folded and put into a bag. However, make no mistake, silicone bongs are completely durable, robust, and practically indestructible. It makes them an easy choice for those who want a long-lasting water pipe without the worry of it cracking or smashing.

Silicone bongs are easy to clean and maintain. Just a little TLC after each smoking session will go a long way and keep it fresh for the next time you decide to light up.

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Kahuna Silicone Bong (PieceMaker)

When you absolutely have to bring out the big guns, the Kahuna from PieceMaker has got you covered. This near 22-inch (~55cm) bong is equipped for any situation. Boasting great looks and even better functionality, there's plenty to love about this water pipe. Perfect for parties, hangouts, or if you're just feeling courageous during a solo session, check out the Kahuna. You won't regret it.

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Kirby Silicone Bong (PieceMaker)

If the Kirby doesn't blow you away at first glance, a few smooth hits might do the trick! Combining incredible looks with effortless functionality, this water pipe is suitable for all types of cannabis enthusiasts. Made from high-quality silicone, it's ideal to use as a main bong, a backup, or one to take with you on the move. The choice is yours!

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PieceMaker Kermit Silicone Bong

The PieceMaker Kermit is certainly unique as far as bongs go. It offers something much safer than glass, and something much prettier and more functional than plastic.

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Silicone Bong Tilted Beaker

This small silicone bong boasts a loud, contrasting colour profile and high functionality.

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PieceMaker Kube Silicone Oil Bong

The Kube is an oil bong like no other. The cube-shaped design is visually stunning, and all of the removable parts make it the ultimate portable piece.

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Silicone Bong Beaker

The Silicone Bong Beaker is a durable piece made for the smoker who likes to incorporate some adventure into their smoking sessions.

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Silicone Bong Tall Beaker

This bong was made for festivals and outdoor activities. It offers large lungfuls of smoke, and it simply doesn't matter if you drop it.

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PieceMaker Unikorn

The Unikorn by PieceMaker is a limited special edition silicone water pipe that’s compact, fun, magical, functional, and quite simply fantastic! The unicorn-shaped pipe isn’t just a great conversation piece, but is especially engineered for some magical blazing. Virtually unbreakable, and very easy to use!

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Eyce Sidecar

Combining silicone with glass sounds like it might be a risky venture. However, the team at Eyce has pulled it off with the Sidecar. This rig's stylish looks are second only to its customisable features, resulting in a pipe that is not only fun to use, but effortless to clean and maintain. The Sidecar is sturdy and robust, making for a rig that will serve you well for many years to come.

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Klutch Silicone Mini Bong (Piecemaker)

Portable. Unbreakable. Functional. The Klutch Silicone Mini Bong by Piecemaker offers all of the benefits of a standard bong wrapped up in a small and robust package. Its food-grade silicone body makes it almost impossible to break. It's small enough to use anywhere, but still features all of the perks of a good bong, including a filtered bowl, percolator, and curved mouthpiece.

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K9 Silicone Water Pipe (Piecemaker)

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of dogs or not when you check out exactly what the K9 Silicone Water Pipe from Piecemaker has to offer. This unique, stylish and robust piece is bound to put the fun in smoking sessions. Whether enjoying with friends or just a solo smoke, let K9's cutesy design make it an unforgettable time. Easy to care for, effortless to use and completely portable.

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PieceMaker Kali Silicone Bong

The PieceMaker Kali silicone bong doesn't require a delicate hand like larger glass bongs. Dropping this bong is no big deal.

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PieceMaker Kolt Silicone Bong

The PieceMaker Kolt combines comfort and resilience. Make sure your aim is on point when holding the pistol grip base and covering the carb hole!

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Silicone Bong Glass Hybrid

Can't decide between a glass bong or a silicone bong? Why not choose one made of both!?

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Alien Silicone Bong

The Alien Silicone Bong is a portable mini-bong that's perfect for both smokers on the move as well as stoners that enjoy a hit at home. With a cute design that's reminiscent of a hugely popular TV character, this is a bong that's ideal for sci-fi fans as well as those looking for light-hearted fun in their smoking sessions. Simply load up, fill with a bit of water, heat the bowl and enjoy....

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