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When it comes to water pipes, the acrylic bong is a hugely popular choice, and our selection only serves to prove that. From the discreet to the ornate, there is almost certainly an acrylic bong to suit all preferences and requirements. Available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and configurations, these durable and robust water pipes will provide as good a smoke as their glass and ceramic counterparts.

Smoking a bong is a simple process. Designed to provide larger, water-cooled hits, acrylic bongs offer an easy-going method of smoking, regardless of your experience. Perfect for first-timers and the more experienced, acrylic bongs are ideal for all. Whether you're looking for a backup bong or want something special to replace the one you have, you're sure to find it here.

Acrylic bongs are easy to clean and maintain, and, best of all, they can withstand the occasional drop or knock with ease—another huge plus if you're looking to share your bong with that friend who's a little clumsy at times...

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Gas mask Bong

Running out of conversation topics? Don’t panic, this Gas mask Bong will get the conversation going! This unique smoking piece creates an airtight seal around your face (adjustable head straps fit around all head sizes) and—as you inhale—the mask fills up with smoke for the ultimate hit. Keep your eyes closed unless you want that red-eyed, puffy look. The

€ 49,95 € 42,46
In stock

Acrylic Bong Large

Size isn’t everything, but this mega-bong will certainly create an impression when you whip it out. With its acrylic water chamber and stem, this giant stands at 52cm-tall on its sturdy rubber base.

€ 15,95 € 13,56
In stock

Acrylic Bong Straight Grip

No matter how high you get, you won't lose your grip on this colourful bong. Four bulges provide a perfect haptic and comfortable grip without slippage. The bong stands 26cm tall and is equipped with an aluminium-alloy down-pipe and small bowl for pure kicks. The rubber in the carb hole can be removed for even harder tokes. Available in various (non-selectable) colours.

€ 16,95 € 14,41
In stock

Small Acrylic Skull Bong (Champ High)

These bongs from Champ High come in one of four colours randomly selected by our team. Made from tough and easy-to-clean acrylic, they are highly effective little pieces that will make for many satisfying clouds of smoke!

€ 6,95 € 5,91
In stock

Budsy Water Bottle (Puffco)

Stealthy and discreet, Puffco's Budsy Water Bottle isn't your ordinary flask. This is a secret water pipe you can carry around everywhere you go–no one will bat an eyelid when looking at it. To use, simply fill with 420ml of water, pop the top, load up your finest herb and light. The flip-up mouthpiece is guaranteed to give some fat rips.

€ 79,95 € 67,96
In stock

Acrylic Bong Serpentine

Whether you're looking for a water pipe you can use at home or on the move, the Serpentine Acrylic Bong has got you covered. With a unique combination of looks and functionality, the bubble-shaped bong is bound to impress all those that try it. This robust water pipe is just waiting to be packed with your favourite herb. Why delay any longer?

€ 17,95 € 15,26
Out of stock

Acrylic Bong Mini

There was a time when acrylic bongs were considered unsuitable. However, this is simply no longer the case! Get introduced to quality acrylic water pipes with the outstanding Acrylic Bong Mini. This is the perfect jumping-off point for those seeking a robust travel-sized accessory. At home or on the go, you can't go wrong.

€ 6,50 € 5,52
Out of stock

Acrylic Bong Double Bowl

Double the fun with this straight bong and its two spheres. The lower sphere is—obviously—for the water and the upper one allows for extra air movement and cooling. The extra-long down-pipe and small bowl are made of aluminium-alloy. Need a bigger airflow when inhaling? Simple solution: Remove the rubber from the carb hole. Size: 26cm.

€ 18,95 € 16,11
Out of stock

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