Why You Should Hit A Gravity Bong At Least Once
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Why You Should Hit A Gravity Bong At Least Once

2 min
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Gravity bongs are popular among smokers looking for a large hit of cannabis all at once. Not for the faint of heart or uninitiated, gravity bongs can get you higher than you've ever been, while saving you a lot of weed.

Gravity bongs are just one of those “things.” If you have not encountered this fun way of consuming or sharing weed (especially with your friends), read on. If you have, but are stumped on how to recreate the experience easily, stay tuned.

These ingenious devices can get you super high, super quick. Even if you are a seasoned toker, these bongs will bring you out to the stratosphere with just a few hits.


A gravity bong is basically a water powered funnel for highly concentrated smoke. It is made by using two empty funnels to push smoke through the water and into the exit passage. Technically, the effect is a combination of both gravity and increasing water pressure. Unlike a regular bong, these actually push smoke into your air passage and lungs. Essentially, It delivers a powerful hit of THC all in one go. For this reason, it is not a recommended method of consumption for novices.

Further, many people make these bongs with plastic materials. This is not a good idea as it will result in inhaling hazardous chemicals. Instead, simply use a glass bong.


More Fun For Less Money

There are quite a few advantages to smoking your weed this way. First of all, it is one of the most streamlined ways to get blazed. Surprisingly, gravity bongs actually help you conserve cannabis. How? You can actually burn less weed. If you do it right, of course.These bongs can also be inexpensive to make.

Resist the temptation, however, to engage in do-it-yourself projects involving plastic bottles. No matter how tempting this idea looks on the internet, turn your back to it. Why? This is a one-way ticket to breathing in all those noxious chemicals along with your natural cannabis smoke.


Gravity bongs require a lot of cannabis to work optimally. The process involves vaporising a whole bowl of cannabis with every hit. If you cannot take this level of smoke into your lungs, you are wasting valuable weed.

If you can't take the hit without immediately coughing out all the smoke afterward, this method may not be right for you. Many regular smokers rely on this intense consumption tool to feel "higher" again after constant use. However, like any method, the effects of gravity bong hits do dull over time.

Then of course, there is the ultimate downer. Gravity bongs are bulky and hard to hide, making them a worrisome choice for those trying to keep their smoking habits a secret. For the unabashed connoisseur, though, a gravity bong might as well be their house’s centerpiece.


Should I Make My Own Gravity Bong?

The sad reality is that gravity bongs can be hard to locate in regular head shops. They are illegal in many countries, starting with the United States. Lack of understanding of how consumers use medical cannabis is at the forefront of this decision. Medical users in particular could benefit from the potent doses administered with this method of intake. Gravity bongs are not just party devices.

There are plenty of websites where you can find instructions on how to make your very own gravity bong. Essentially, you submerge an empty bottle with no bottom into water (usually held in another bottle or bucket).

Theoretically, you could also do this with a glass siphon. The idea is to create a kind of suction that forms a vacuum in the upper bottle. You then place a screen holding your cannabis over the top of this upper bottle. Flash burn the cannabis and pull the bottle up through the water, allowing the cavity to fill with smoke. When you have created enough smoke, remove the cannabis and place your mouth on the top of the bottle. The pressure will push the smoke into your lungs.

This is precisely why you should not use plastic bottles to make gravity bongs.


The alternative to making your own is to buy a gravity bong online. This way, you receive a product especially designed for the experience. The logistics tend to be a little easier too. Homemade versions are often unwieldy and sometimes downright unsafe. Home versions also tend to waste a lot of weed.

Gravity bongs are inexpensive, easy to use and even better, re-usable. Looking to bring the party back to your cannabis routine? Next time, try a gravity bong!


Written by: Zamnesia
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