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Bongs can be made from a variety of materials. We have a top selection including ceramic bongs, glass bongs, acrylic bongs, and silicone bongs. Their primary function is to cool the smoke, allowing for larger hits to be taken. The water also filters out some of the particulates and tars produced in the smoke for a healthier, smoother toke. A bowl holds the smoking mix, and sucking on the mouthpiece draws the smoke down through the water reservoir. A small hole or “choke” is kept covered while drawing the smoke, then is uncovered for inhalation.

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Woodstock Beaker Bong (EHLE)

If you're looking for a great way to enjoy your favourite herb, you've found it with EHLE’s Woodstock Beaker Bong. This water pipe embodies the hippie culture and includes intricate patterns and psychedelic colours on various parts of the bong. Easy to use and perfect for those group sessions.

£1,127.71 £958.55
In stock

Metal Bowl (Zamnesia)

The Zamnesia Metal Bowl is a 14mm device that will fit with practically any bong or glassware. This bowl has plenty of space for the finest weed and works well with a 20mm brass screen to ensure hits are smooth and flavorful every time. Complete with an eye-catching cobalt blue color and emblazoned with the Zamnesia logo, this bowl will bring any bong to life, making sessions even more fun.

£5.08 £4.32
In stock

Triple Percolator Bong (Black Leaf)

Why have one percolator when you can have three!? The Triple Percolator Bong from Black Leaf takes your smoking experience to the next level with unrivalled cooling and smoothness. Even better, the splash guard and ice chamber provide even fresher hits while preventing any water from being inhaled. For a bong that has it all, look no further.

£101.68 £86.43
In stock

Mr. Twister (Zamnesia)

Exclusively made by Ehle for Zamnesia, the Mr. Twister ice tube combines pure beauty with outstanding glassblowing craftsmanship. This elegant bong is made from highly-durable borosilicate glass and has a glass down stem and bowl. The carb hole is optional. Each Mr. Twister has been inspected and signed by Mr. Ehle himself! The bong has a height of 450mm and features the white Ehle logo.

£169.42 £127.06
In stock

EHLE Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator

The Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator by EHLE impresses with a classic build in miniature form. Wearing the EHLE logo in a luscious red, it cowers at a height of only 22cm, but beware of its smoky breath! It induces a magic intoxication! Wall thickness: 3.0mm. Joint size: 14,5mm. With carb hole.

£63.51 £53.98
In stock

Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

The Gravity Hookah by Stündenglass is the premium smoking accessory you've been looking for. A high-quality hookah that's geared up for both cannabis and herb smoking—complete with many special features—this pipe is a real showstopper in every sense of the word. Not only does it have the looks, but it's also fun, easy to use, and sure to impress all who lay their eyes upon it.

£508.37 £432.11
In stock

Mystery Bong

Get your hands on a Mystery Bong. Available in both ceramic and acrylic, these water pipes are functional and accessible. They're also at a price point that's not going to break the bank! So be sure to pick one up before they're gone for good. Easy to use, just add your bud, fill the chamber, then light. Enjoy hassle-free hits of flavourful herb.

£12.67 £10.77
In stock

Glass Bong Smooth

Classic clear glass bong without any needless embellishments. Snugly fits into the hand with its smooth and unsophisticated surface. Perfect gift for fans of true simplicity. Height: 18cm, Joint: 14.5mm.

£8.43 £7.17
In stock

Glass Bong Clear Straight

When it comes to water pipes, functionality will always win. With this Straight Glass Bong, you can enjoy ease of use and, best of all, a great, flavourful smoke that's completely hassle-free. Whether you're looking for your first backup or replacing your main bong, this is a product that's got you covered. Add a little water, load with your favourite herb, then light.

£16.90 £14.36
In stock

Glass Bong Double Bowl

Watching this bong fill up with creamy smoke never loses its magic. The double orbs take on the appearance of a snowman as cannabinoid-rich gas passes through. Once you remove your finger from the carb hole, the remaining smoke will rush out of the piece and the obs will regain their transparent appearance. The angled mouthpiece makes this bong easy to hit.

£8.46 £7.19
In stock

Glass Bong Sense

Clear glass bong with a rather unusual shape. The lying "T" shape allows for the use of an extra long down-pipe and the spherical intersection functions as a swirling and smoke-collecting chamber. The non-centrally located carb hole provides an extra swirling effect while inhaling. Height: 17cm, Joint:...

£8.43 £7.17
In stock

Mini Glass Bong Push Bowl (Breit)

The Mini Glass Bong by Breit comes in an attractive green and pink and is an essential piece of kit. Coming with a push bowl, there's no need for a mesh screen, so you can get smoking straight away. And if you're into concentrates, swap this bowl out for an oil banger and, thanks to the bong's size, you can start dabbing too!

£21.18 £18.00
In stock

e.motion MINZZZ Glass Bong (EHLE)

For a quality smoke from an elegant bong, look no further than the e.motion MINZZZ by EHLE. With supreme attention to detail and a simplicity that stops it from seeming garish, this bong is at once a statement and a piece that can fade into the background when necessary. Update your arsenal today!

£381.20 £324.02
In stock


What do you look for in a bong? If you're searching for something with a fierce and futuristic look, you just found it! The EHLEMINATOR will steal the show in your bong cabinet. But it offers more than unique aesthetics. The deep bowl and diffuser make for large, creamy, and smooth hits.

£254.15 £216.03
In stock

EHLE Glass Bong 420 Bazooka With Carb Hole

The bellied glass chamber of the straight Glass Bong 420 Bazooka by EHLE makes it lie comfortably in the hand, while your mind is at ease, knowing this high-quality piece of craftsmanship is Made in Germany. Add water, a screen and smoking blend, light up and then take off! Height: 37cm. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm.

£110.11 £93.59
In stock

Glass Bong ROOR Dealers Cup 7mm

True cannabis connoisseurs gather round: the ROOR glass bong Dealers Cup is the be-all and end-all of heavy-duty, high-quality smoking accessories. Standing a majestic 55cm tall and fortified with 7mm-thick borosilicate glass, this show-stopping centerpiece will endure the test of time. Experience luxury “made in Germany” to the utmost standards of quality and design.

£507.53 £431.40
In stock

Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm

The Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm is one of the largest bongs around for volume (over 1L)! The vibrant orange logo indicates the glass thickness and is a guarantee for a high-quality product. No ice notches or carb hole deface the look of this 50cm tall and 65mm in diameter mammoth. It has a joint diameter of 29.2mm. Down-tube included. Are you ready for the coup de grace?

£253.34 £215.34
In stock

Smoked Glass Water Pipe (Marley Natural)

Perfect for any setting, the Smoked Glass Water Pipe is destined to provide a great smoking experience. Get ready for cooler and smoother pulls that will really bring out the best from your favourite strains. A sturdy water pipe that will soon be the centre of attention, no matter where you put it.

£118.62 £100.83
In stock

Bowl Cleaning Station (ROOR)

Cleaning your bowl and water pipe needn't be a big ordeal; and, with the Bowl Cleaning Station, why let it be? This easy-to-use station offers a streamlined way to give your bowl a thorough clean, keeping it gleaming. The station also serves as a great way to display your bowl until you next need it.

£11.78 £10.01
In stock

e.motion Belly Ice Bong (EHLE)

Finding the perfect water pipe can be an arduous task. However, thanks to the e.motion Belly from EHLE, the search is over. Coupling a unique curvy design with a smooth and flavourful pull makes this pipe top of any serious smoker's list. Constructed from sturdy borosilicate glass, it offers up peace of mind as well as great functionality. As a special-edition pipe, it's best to act fast!

£398.19 £338.46
In stock

Glass Dabbing Bong Malachite (EHLE)

With an interchangeable head, this glass dabbing bong can be used for dabbing oils and smoking herbs. Small, attractive, and from a top-quality brand, this versatile EHLE product is the perfect addition to your blazing arsenal. Comes with a carb hole!

£211.78 £180.01
In stock

Invincipole Infinity Shatterproof Downstem (Invincibowl)

Tired of the hassle of handling fragile glass smoking gear? The Invincipole is an indestructible downstem made to fit almost any glass bong or rig. Order yours today to update your smoking accessories and make them that extra bit durable.

£42.32 £35.97
In stock

Infinity Shatterproof Bong Bowl (Invincibowl)

Most bong smokers have broken at least one bowl in their lifetime. Now, however, you can say goodbye to broken glass bowls forever with the Invincibowl.

£29.61 £25.17
In stock

PieceMaker Kube Silicone Oil Bong

The Kube is an oil bong like no other. The cube-shaped design is visually stunning, and all of the removable parts make it the ultimate portable piece.

£51.64 £43.89
In stock

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