Head Spliff Adapter ROOR

Want to use your bong but forgot to clean the bowl? Well, with the use of the Head Spliff Adapter, simply switch it out and slot this amazing product into place. Then, just pop in your joint, light, and take a pull. Sounds simple, because it is! One try of this adapter is sure to change how you see your water pipe. Perfect for solo and group sessions, the options are limitless.

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Size: 14.5 mm € 16,06
  • Size: 14.5 mm € 16,06
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ROOR - Head Spliff Adapter: Combine a Joint and Bong With Ease

Finding it tough to decide between sparking up a joint or smoking a bowl? Well, why not combine the two? With the Head Spliff Adapter by ROOR, you can use your perfectly rolled blunts with your bong for a unique smoking experience.

Available in 14.4 and 18.8mm sizes, the Head Spliff Adapter will easily and securely fit into your water pipe. Once in place, it's simply a case of filling the chamber with a little water, lighting your joint, and taking a hit from the mouthpiece. With its tight fit, you'll be able to take longer, cooler, and smoother pulls without the risk of smoke escaping.

Providing maximum potency and flavour, this adapter is ideal for the true cannabis connoisseur, or those that want to change up their bong experience with ease. Able to house hand-rolled joints as well as the chunkiest pre-rolled cones, the Head Spliff Adapter will see you right.

With a simple swab of a cotton bud and some cleaning alcohol, you can keep your adapter gleaming and ready to use the next time you reach for it. And, believe us, once you try this adapter out, it'll soon be part of your smoking setup every time you fancy a blaze.

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Head Spliff Adapter ROOR
Head Spliff Adapter ROOR
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