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All cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that male plants don’t yield any smokable bud, and have to be removed from the grow area ASAP. Among our hard-hitting feminized picks are White Widow and Royal Haze, both High Times Cannabis Cup winners, and countless other favourites like Royal Cheese, OG Kush, Bruce Banner #3, and Jack Herer. Take a look around; you’ll be surprised at some of the feminized finds in our fully-stocked catalogue!

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Black Russian (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Black Russian (feminized) by Delicious Seeds is the lovechild of a spectacular Black Domina motherplant and a White Russian, creating a strain with awesome THC contents and very high medicinal value. With its high share of Indica genes, it has a good resistance to molds and bugs, making it an ideal plant for novice growers. Fruity and sweet flavour combined with a very intense smell.


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Cotton Candy (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Cotton Candy by Delicious Seeds has been created by marrying one of South Africa's best yielding plants, the Power Plant, with Lavender, one of their best mother plants. Cotton Candy unites the sweetness of candy with the softness of cotton, reaching high THC Levels and maximizing the yummy characteristics of the best marijuana.


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Critical Kali Mist (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Critical Kali Mist (feminized) by Delicious Seeds is a hybrid (Sativa 80%, Indica 20%) with an incredible THC level and astounding productivity. Bred from crossing Critical Mass and Kali Mist, it carries the taste of pure Kali, but has a remarkably shorter flowering period than a Sativa. Good resistance to pests and molds, plus medicinal value make this strain probably the best Kali around.


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Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Critical Sensi Star (feminized) by Delicious Seeds, the child of Critical Mass and Sensi Star, pairs the untameable power of Indica with delicious citric fruit fragrances and an incredible yield. The smoked marijuana provides a strong cerebral high with a very high medicinal potential. Very easy to grow and highly recommended for novice cultivators.


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Fruity Chronic Juice (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Fruity Chronic Juice (feminized) by Delicious Seeds is an Indica (90%) dominated hybrid with a very short flowering period. The plant combines the almost untameable growth of Chronic with the medicinal potential of the original White Widow. It is highly productive and delivers weed with a more than nice THC level.

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Marmalate (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Marmalate (feminized) by Delicious Seeds combines Sativa and Indica genetics in a very special way. Its parents are the famous Critical Mass and Lavender and both are exceptional cannabis plants carrying both Sativa and Indica characteristics. With lady Marmalate you'll see incredible yields and remarkably quickly!


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Northern Light Blue (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Northern Light Blue by Delicious Seeds, the result of crossing Northern Light with Blueberry, is a 100% Indica strain with an incredible THC level. Finishing within the typical 7-8 weeks, it produces a more than generous harvest with a very intense odour and a flavour that resembles the taste of forrest berries.


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Kuchi (Devil's Harvest) feminized

Devil's Harvest Seeds have just added a rather interesting hybrid into their collection. This fruity female combines UK favorite Cheese with US superstar San Fernando Valley OG Kush, resulting in a fast flowering, high yielding and remarkably potent specimen. Packing an Indica punch (courtesy of the Kush), Kuchi also harbors an array of authentic flavors and rich aromas.


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Shoreline (Devil's Harvest) feminized

Super strong and super Skunky Shoreline is a Texan specimen with a musical past. Brandishing a very pungent aroma she develops large, hairy buds of equally potent effect. With a flowering period of 60-65 days, she is a notably speedy and vigorous plant. Being an easy to grow strain, Shoreline manages to appeal to a wide range of cannabis growers and connoisseurs alike.


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Dinachem (Dinafem) feminized

Dinachem, feminized by Dinafem is their version of the famous ChemDog. Dinafem teamed up with ChemDawg (the breeder!) to create a successor of the original, so they took an original ChemDog mother from 1991 and a lot of GuavaChem (a stable descendant of ChemDog) seeds ... and introduced their outstanding result to the public on the 14th of September 2012. A Chemdog revival?

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Kush-n-Cheese (Dinafem) feminized

Kush-n-Cheese by Dinafem is the kid of two real flavor queens: Exodus Cheese, the most popular strain in the UK and OG Kush, the most expensive, most popular and best selling strain in the USA. This breed is a real winner with its special, complex and strong flavor and high potency. Kush-n-Cheese is more powerful than the pure Cheese strain and produces great amounts of resin.


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Cataract Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

Excellent crossing of two legends, the notorious OG Kush and the LA Confidential. A serious smoke with a long-lasting and growing high.

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Holy Grail Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

Holy Grail Kush is a masterpiece and a fine example of the talent over at DNA Genetics. It is the child of two multi award winning strains that have come together to make the ultimate strain. If you are looking for that one strain to make your favorite then this is it. Easy to grow, with strong highs, ample yields and exquisite tastes, this strain will please every type of smoker and...


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Kushberry (DNA Genetics) feminized

Kushberry is an award-winning flavorbomb that will satisfy your mind and your body.


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LA Confidential (DNA Genetics) feminized

Multiple award winning crossing of an old school Afghan and the OG LA Affie. Great smoke for pain relief and insomnia.


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CBD Skunk Haze (Dutch Passion) feminized

CBD Skunk Haze, feminized, by Dutch Passion is the outcome of a joint venture with the CBD Crew and is intended for the medicinal users of marijuana. It has a very moderate THC level of only 8%, but its CBD level of 8% is outstanding. Relaxation and nausea alleviation, anxiety reduction and sleep improvement are only some of her nice effects. A Skunk that cures even the healthy.

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Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) feminized

A rare opportunity to taste the true South African cannabis, created by Dutch Passion exclusively by selective inbreeding of pure Durban Sativa s. A great choice to experience some of the world's best cannabis genetics - as close as possible to the all natural marijuana one can think of.


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Euforia (Dutch Passion) feminized

Another great strain from the gene pool that delivered Skunk #1, Skunk Passion and Orange Bud, to name just a few. With 18% of THC, crops well above average and short flowering period, it is one of the most popular strains, recommended by the Dutch Passion team.


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Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion) feminized

Designed as an outdoor variety, Dutch Passion's Frisian Dew is a guarantee of generous crops and a lasting smile on the smoker's face. 50/50 Indica-Sativa, a real beauty to look at, with dense, light purple buds. Little leaves allow the plant to concentrate all its energy to develop the dense, shiny flowers.


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Hollands Hope (Dutch Passion) feminized

Cultivated in the moderate climate of the Netherlands since the 1980's, Hollands Hope is a stable strain that fares great even in the northern latitudes. Close to 15% of THC makes it one of the stronger Indicas, with a heavy body stone, valued both by recreational and medical users.


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Jorge's Diamonds 1 (Dutch Passion) feminized

With over 30 years in the business, Jorge Cervantes - author of numerous growing guides and a professional cannabis grower - knows just about everything about cultivating your own weed. Working on the seeds gathered throughout the decades by Dutch Passion, he put his whole experience into practice and created Jorge's Diamonds 1.

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Master Kush (Dutch Passion) feminized

A much acclaimed strain derived from the pure Indicas brought from their Afghan homeland. A high yielding, potent plant with very high levels of both THC and CBD. Don't get mistaken by the smooth, sweet aroma - the Dutch Passion feminized Master Kush is a real killer weed that produces a lasting stone.


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Mazar (Dutch Passion) feminized

A popular old school hybrid with roughly equal share of genetics of Indica and Sativa. Direct descendant of the original Afghan species, one of the strongest strains and a hallmark of the Dutch Passion breeding geniuses. The name comes from one of the world biggest hashish production regions Mazar-i-Sharif in the Northern Afghanistan.


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Orange Bud (Dutch Passion) feminized

A strain you will most definitely come back for - once you're in it, you'll love it. Orange Bud from Dutch Passion was derived from the 100% original Skunk parents, thus drawing from the noble genetics going back to the groundbreaking breeding developments of the 80's and the 90's. Several well deserved Cannabis Cup awards and 16,5% of THC - enjoy!


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Information About Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Information About Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When tackling a homegrow project for the first time, it can be a little tricky to figure out what seeds will work best for your setup. Feminized is a word you’ll often see when browsing for cannabis seeds. Alongside regular seeds and autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds are one of the most common types available on the market today. But what are feminized seeds? And how do they differ from the other types? We've put together a guide that will get you clued-up about feminized cannabis seeds in no time.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are a specially bred type of cannabis seed that is modified to remove the male chromosome (Y chromosome). This allows for exclusively female plants, which are the types most home-growers are looking for. Female plants produce more THC and CBD compared to their male counterparts, making for more potent and higher-quality bud. However, if you're looking to produce seeds, feminized plants won't be viable without initially being pollinated by a male plant.

While feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female plants, there is a separate term known as "photoperiod" that is often lumped into the "feminized" description as well. See, photoperiod simply denotes cannabis plants that bloom according to the light cycle, rather than age. This is as opposed to "autoflowering" varieties. So, when you hear someone speak about feminized seeds, it's likely they're automatically including photoperiod within that description as well. From here on out, our description of feminized seeds will also include the photoperiod designation.

Feminized cannabis seeds, no matter which ones you choose, are usually straightforward to cultivate, produce high-quality buds, and can be grown indoors or outside, making them ideal for first-time growers and the more experienced alike.

Information About Feminized Cannabis Seeds

🌱 What are feminized cannabis seeds?
High-quality feminized seeds are created by treating female plants with colloidal silver to produce female pollen for breeding. Thus, 100% female plants are to be expected from a pack of today’s feminized seeds.
➕ What are the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds?
The biggest advantage is that feminized seeds produce female plants. Next to that female plants are the ticket to the heaviest harvest. Feminized seeds deliver bigger yields from fewer seeds.
🕓 How long does it take to grow feminized cannabis plants?
There's no unambiguous answer to this as it differs for each strain and if one is growing indoors or outdoors.

Indoors the grower is in full control and can decide when to flip the plant into flowering phase. Outdoors growers are fully dependent on weather circumstances and the amount of daylight. Plants will enter the flowering phase when the days get shorter. The average flowering time of a feminized plant is about 8-9 weeks.
🌳 Is it difficult to grow feminized cannabis seeds?
Growing feminized cannabis seeds is not difficult although they need to be taken care of properly. The most important things to consider:
  • Quality seeds
  • Good quality substrate
  • Pure water with correct ph value
  • Enough light
  • Fresh air
  • Nutrients for both vegetative and flowering phase
💡 What is the meaning of photoperiod when talking about cannabis seeds?
When a plant is photoperiod-dependent, it means it reacts to the length of the dark period. Depending on the amount of light hours it receives, the plant will know when to enter a different phase in its life cycle.

When growing outdoors, once the nights get longer and the days get shorter, a cannabis plant will enter the flowering phase. Indoors, the grower is in full control of the light schedule and can decide when to flip the plant into the flowering phase.

How Are Feminized Seeds Made?

By default, regular cannabis seeds will produce both male and female plants. For the longest time, it really came down to luck as to whether your seeds sprouted more females or males. It wasn't until the 1990s that new methods for cultivating solely feminized seeds were created.


Rodelization - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds are produced using one of two methods. The first involves stressing the female plant during its flowering cycle. Known as Rodelization, it can be achieved by extending the time a plant takes to flower, usually via disruption of its light cycle.

As a rule of thumb, flowering cannabis plants should receive 12 hours of sunlight and 12 of darkness. Decreasing or increasing the light cycle will inflict stress on the plant, causing it to grow pollen sacs and self-pollinate in a final act to fertilise itself. This stress is harmless to the plant overall, and ultimately increases the chances of producing feminized seeds.

Although Rodelization is seen as the most natural way to produce feminized seeds, it is not always the most reliable method, at times resulting in a mixture of male and female seeds. While the chances are higher using the Rodelization method compared to letting the plant flower naturally without interruption, there is another, more reliable way of producing feminized seeds.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This method of creating feminized seeds involves spraying the flowering plant with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a combination of pure silver and distilled water. This concoction offers a safe and stable way of producing feminized seeds without any untoward genetic modification. While this has become the industry standard, many have taken to using this method on their home-grown plants.

This is achieved by simply applying the spray to the plant for a few days during the flowering cycle. Much like the Rodelization method, the plant will begin to form pollen sacs which will contain all-female pollen, giving her a near 100% chance of the resulting seeds being female. It is important to note that once the plant has been sprayed with colloidal silver, it should not be used. Dispose of it once the seeds have been harvested.

The Advantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

As mentioned, feminized seeds are often highly sought-after by novice growers and the more experienced alike. There are many advantages to feminized seeds compared to regular or autoflowering.

Perfectly Suited for Indoor Growers

Perfectly Suited for Indoor Cannabis Growers

Feminized seeds are often best suited for, and most popular among, indoor growers. Knowing that each plant is guaranteed to produce buds is a huge benefit, as it allows growers to set up their grow room to maximise health and output. This makes for little to no wasted space, and no failed attempts at germinating.

Moreover, through the use of a consistent lighting setup, growers have complete control over how long their feminized plants stay in the vegetative stage. Plants require at least 13 hours of light each day to stay in veg. Allowing the plant to stay in this stage longer will increase its size, and potentially its production later on. Unlike the time-based autoflowering varieties, by decreasing the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, feminized (photoperiod) plants will enter the flowering stage.

Couple that with the fact that most feminized varieties are hardy and low-maintenance, and it’s plain to see why growing feminized seeds is the most obvious choice for the budding indoor cultivator.

Suited for Applying Training Methods

Suited for Applying Cannabis Training Methods

As feminized seeds don't automatically progress into bloom (without a change in seasons outdoors or grower interference indoors), many growers choose these specimens to test out training methods. After all, feminized seeds have time to recover from any stress before moving into the flowering phase.

Plus, rather than wasting time defoliating and super cropping plants that may end up turning out male, feminized seeds allow growers to dedicate all the time and energy they can to maximising the results of their female plants.

There are many tried and tested techniques available, as well as some newer techniques. All methods have the end goal of producing the highest quality and quantity of buds possible.

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HST And LST Techniques For Training Your Cannabis Plants

An elevated form of LST (low-stress training) is known as ScrOG (screen of green). This technique involves weaving branches through a mesh screen to control the height and development of the plant. ScrOG allows the plant to grow laterally with more branches and potentially more/bigger buds. Given the energy needed to execute a successful ScrOG, you don’t want to waste your time with anything but feminized seeds.

There are also HST (high-stress training) methods you can use on female plants. These include topping and super cropping. Both methods involve “damaging” the plant to some degree, either by removing part of the plant entirely (as with topping), or by bending and breaking the inside of branches (super cropping). The goal of topping is ultimately to create two main branches to support more buds, as well as general height management. Super cropping is often combined with other training methods, and encourages the plant to grow bushier and, hopefully, bear more buds.

Relatively Large Yields Are Possible

Relatively Large Cannabis Yields Are Possible

Large yields are entirely possible with feminized strains, especially when you consider there are no male plants to deal with. The fact that growers can keep feminized strains in veg for an extended period doesn't hurt either. The correct use of any of the above training methods will undoubtedly provide a much higher return than plants left to grow as normal. However, yield potential depends on the experience and circumstances of the grower, as well as genetics. For example, a restricted grow space will automatically limit the amount each plant can produce.

That said, picking the right feminized seeds can help you make up for any limitations. Find strains that are naturally predisposed to churning out massive hauls. Or, if you really can’t accommodate super-productive plants, choose some highly potent strains instead. That way, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

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Top 10 High Yielding Feminized Cannabis Strains

High-Quality Cannabis as a Result

High-Quality Cannabis As A Result

Feminized seeds have the potential to offer up increased potency. With consistently higher levels of THC and CBD than autoflowers, seeds are available in a wide variety of strains. High-quality cannabis is surely in the cards. Similar to a plant’s yield potential, its exact potency is determined not only by genetics, but by the grower’s ability, environment, and experience. Still, thanks to innovative breeding efforts, high-quality feminized seeds should ultimately deliver reasonably potent and flavourful buds regardless of the grower’s experience level.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While growing cannabis isn't always a walk in the park, feminized seeds are completely on your side to make the job easier. With marijuana seeds that are guaranteed to produce female plants, half the battle is already won. With no wasted plants, it's just a matter of choosing whether to grow the plant indoors or outdoors. If you're a little stuck on which option might be best for you, we've put together a little guide to help you make sense of the choices available.


How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Feminized seeds have soared in popularity due to their ability to be grown at home with relative ease. Whether you're looking at a simple home setup, hydroponics, or thinking of trying the training methods mentioned above, these seeds give you the freedom to do what you will. Plus, since you don't have to rely upon the weather, you can grow cannabis at any time of the year!

Getting started is simply a case of allocating a grow space. However, there are some initial setup costs that you’ll need to consider to maximise your growing area fully. Investing in pots, a lighting kit, fans, carbon filters, nutrients, and a grow tent will ensure your homegrow is ready to flourish. Additional costs such as electricity will also play a role in the upkeep of your plants.

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How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

Now that you have your grow kit, you're ready to begin your venture into growing feminized cannabis seeds. While some cannabis plants just require a little watering and can be left to grow by themselves, other plants will need a bit more of a hands-on approach. While water is essential, light, nutrients, and temperature all play significant roles as well. Getting these variables right will help your plants immeasurably.

Many growers will opt for an 18/6 light cycle during the vegetative growth stage to help maximise growth without spiking the energy bill. This cycle replicates the typical light cycle of the summer and keeps feminized plants in the vegetative stage until the grower is ready to induce flowering. Many use the 18/6 rule for 4–8 weeks before switching to a 12/12 light cycle for flowering.

As the weeks pass, you'll see vast changes in your cannabis plant. Be active with upkeep and maintain the branches with occasional pruning if your strain is prone to growing out. Each strain has its own recommended flowering time, so keep an eye out, and you'll be enjoying those buds in no time at all.


How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

Growing feminized marijuana seeds outdoors could also be a viable option. Many opt to grow inside because it offers more discretion and control over the light cycle; but, if you have the luxury to do so, and the climate and environment to accommodate, it's worth growing outside.

Much like growing indoors, it is crucial to find a suitable space for your plants to develop: somewhere they will get lots of sun, but will also be protected from strong winds and storms. Outdoor growing projects generally require a little less kit than those indoors. Natural light and weather conditions will help your plant flourish, so there's no need for any additional lighting or accessories.

Once you've decided on where you'd like to grow your plants, you're practically good to go. It's time to germinate those seeds. Planting your feminized cannabis seed in nutrient-rich soil will give it the best start possible.

Do be aware that growing feminized plants outdoors gives you less control over when they enter the flowering stage. If you time things right, you can still train your plants during veg and have them recover before they enter bloom, but you ultimately can't control the natural light cycle.

Moreover, factors such as pests can potentially impact the healthy development of your plants. Be extremely vigilant by routinely checking for any wayward looking leaves. Removing them by hand before they affect the entire plant will save you a lot of headaches in the long-run. So, protect your plants, and they'll look after themselves.

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How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Whether you're looking for straightforward growing outside or something more adventurous with training, patience is key when growing feminized cannabis. Just provide some support when your plant needs it, and those sweet buds will be yours before you know it.

Where to Buy Feminized Seeds?

Now that you have the information, where can you pick up your feminized seeds? For an extensive selection of cannabis seeds, head straight to the Zamnesia Seedshop. Here you can find the latest and highest-rated strains of feminized cannabis seeds available. Whether you're after an uplifting sativa hybrid, a relaxing indica, or anything in between, the Zamnesia seed bank has got you covered!