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Our Top 10 Feminized Outdoor Strains

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Spring is here and it is time to start putting some seeds in the ground. To help out, we have put together a list of our top 10 feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor growing.

Cool sun, fresh morning air, and sporadic showers can only mean one thing: Spring is here, and the outdoor growing season is upon us. But what to grow? That is the question on many a cultivator’s mind right now, so we have put together a list of what we consider to be the top ten feminized outdoor strains.


Kushberry (DNA Genetics) Feminized

Kushberry is an award winning powerhouse packed to the brim with flavour. It is the combination of the famous OG Kush and Oregon Blueberry – both of which have a solid reputation for producing out of this world flavour and smoke. The combination is a strong berry taste with some fuely, lemony undertones. For this reason, as you can imagine, we highly recommend Kushberry to those who like a bit of palette pleasing marijuana. Kushberry is also one of the strongest strains in DNA Genetics’ range – so buckle up.

In terms of growing traits, Kushberry can reach to heights of around 2.5 meters, and produce a lot of side branching. She is extremely easy to grow, and just as well suited to novices as she is to the more experienced growers. She generally yields around 400-500g/plant when outdoors, and is ready for harvest in October.


Critical (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Critical by Royal Queen Seeds is an excellent mix of indica and sativa genetics, bringing together the best of both skunk and Afghani – although it is 2/3 indica dominant. It produces a mellow and relaxing smoke, working through the body whilst inducing a mild cerebral high.

Critical has some pretty outstanding growing traits – producing large yields in a very short amount of time. Outdoors, Critical grows to heights of up to 2.2 meters and can produce yields of 600-650g/plant. The great thing about this strain is though it can get reasonably tall, it does so whilst staying compact. Combined with the fact that Critical is usually ready for harvest by the end of September, you can quite safely say you are on to a winner when it comes to outdoor growing!


Northern Lights Xl (Zambeza) Feminized

The result of mixing Afghani, Skunk, and Ice, Northern Lights XL is a classic strain that has been knocking around since the 70’s. But don’t let its age fool you, Northern Lights XL still has the energy and power to compete with its younger counterparts.

When grown outdoors, Northern Lights XL generally reaches up to 2 meters in height and can produce yields in excess of 100g/plant. Although this is quite a small amount compared to the others on this list, where Northern Lights XL really excels is its ease of growth. It is extremely low in maintenance and produces some excellent quality bud – very well suited to the outdoor grower not bothered by gigantic yields. Northern Lights XL is normally ready to be harvested in October.


The Church Cbd (Greenhouse Seeds) Feminized

The Church from Greenhouse Seeds is a high yielding, high potency behemoth made from a complex mix of genetics: Swiss Sativa x Super Skunk x Northern Lights. It produces a very motivational and bubbly high, making it excellent to share with friends.

Outdoors, The Church becomes quite a bushy plant, growing vigorously and dominating its surroundings. She is also highly mould resistant, and carries a forgiving nature, making it well suited to novices less experienced in the art of cannabis growing. In terms of yields, you can expect anything up to 900g/plant! When combined with the fact that she is usually ready for harvest by the end of September, The Church becomes a serious contender for your time.


Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion) Feminized

Specifically designed to be grown in the great outdoors, Frisian Dew by Dutch Passion is a mighty weapon in the arsenal of any outdoor cultivator. It is the result of breeding Super Skunk with Purple Star for many years and produces a very a mixed mind and body high, uplifting the mind whilst relaxing the body.

Being tailored for outdoor growing, Frisian Dew is extremely easy to look after and grows with healthy vigour. We will warn you now, this beauty is huge! Reaching up to 4 meters high and 3.5 meters wide when grown under optimal conditions. It results in yields of highly resinous bud, weighing it at up to 2kg per plant! This is of course, when grown by professionals, but it gives you an idea of Frisian Dew’s potential. Frisian Dew is usually ready for harvest around late September/early October.


Laughing Buddha (Barney'S Farm) Feminized

Laughing Buddha is a sativa dominant strain of cannabis that will have you in hysterics. Created by crossing some exotic Jamaican and Thai strains, the resulting plant is one well suited to basking in the sun, as it produces its sweet, resin-laden nugs.

Outdoors, Laughing Buddha can reach heights of up to 2.5 meters and produce yields in the region of 400-500g/plant. She grows pretty compact and straight, leading some growers to prefer pruning or tying her down. Either way, she is a treat to work with in the garden. She is usually ready for harvest towards the end of October.


Biddy Early (Serious Seeds) Feminized/Regular

Biddy Early by Serious Seeds is an award-winning, extremely popular strain of cannabis when it comes to outdoor cultivation. It has been specifically designed to deal with colder climates, making it very appealing to growers throughout Northern Europe. When smoked it produces a sweet, fragrant aroma, and induces a strong cerebral high.

When grown outdoors, Early Biddy usually reaches up to heights of around 2 meters, and is known to produce quite generous yields. She is extremely easy to grow, and has a high resistance to mould and pests – making it quite a good first strain for novices. Under an experienced hand, Early Biddy can really be pushed to the limits. She is usually ready for harvest in early October, and can yield red/purple bud when exposed to colder conditions – but don’t worry, she can handle it.


Cream Caramel (Sweet Seeds) Feminized

As the name suggests, Cream Caramel by Sweet Seeds is a very tasty variety of cannabis. It is well known as a strong outdoor strain and produces generous yields of some top-shelf stuff. It’s pretty damned strong, inducing a potent indica dominant body stone – excellent for relaxing at the end of a hard day.

Outdoors, Cream Caramel tends to grow with a bush like stature, rapidly fleshing out with vigorous speed. She is usually ready for harvest around mid-September, and can produce yields in excess of 550g/plant. If you are in the market for a sweet, potent little beauty, then Sweet Caramel is well worth considering.


Moby Dick (Dinafem) Feminized

Moby Dick by Dinafem is an all-time favourite, and cult classic, when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors. It is the famous cross between White Widow and an original Haze, and the result is an absolute leviathan, worthy of its namesake – expect a high THC content and a knockout cerebral high.

Moby Dick is not just a leviathan in her effect, but one in stature too. Outdoors, she can reach heights in excess of 3 meters, and produces overwhelmingly enormous buds. She really is a monster of the outdoor world! But don’t let this intimidate you; much of the love for this strain comes from its extreme easiness to grow, and great versatility on offer. When it comes to actual yield quantities, Moby Dick has the potential to produce anything from 1-1.5kg of bud per plant, and is usually ready for harvest mid/late October. She is an all-star worthy of any outdoor cultivator’s time.



No list would be complete without one of our own strains! Afghan OG is an original landrace strain, offering up some pure bred heritage to your grow site. It exemplifies all the traits that have led to Kush varieties of cannabis becoming so popular. It is the ideal chill strain, and produces a taste and aroma to die for. Afghan OG will show you what legendary genetics are really all about!

When grown outdoors, Afghan OG can reach up to 2 meters in height and produces resin covered nugs of goodness. She is an extremely well rounded and resilient plant, able to deal with pests and mould, as well as the occasional mistake from novice growers. Generally speaking, Afghan OG is usually ready for harvest in October, and produces yields in the region of 400g/plant. If you love Kush and want a living piece of Kush history, look no further.

There you go! There are of course, many other strains out there well suited to growing outdoors. These are our current favourites, and reflect what we believe to be well-rounded traits. If you are unsure of what to grow, or want to try something new, they are well worth a go.

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