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Top 10 Feminized Outdoor Cannabis Strains

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Spring is here and it is time to start putting some seeds in the ground. To help out, we have put together a list of our top 10 feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor growing.

Although outdoor cannabis cultivation comes with a host of challenges, the return makes it more than worthwhile. Plus, it’s a much more pleasant environment in which to watch your crop develop. Nothing compares to watering, feeding, and pruning under the warm rays of the sun, with birdsong in the air.

But not all strains are suited to life in the great outdoors. Some can’t handle the slight shifts in temperature, much less the torrential rains, that outdoor cultivation brings. It's vital to start out with the right genetics to obtain an optimal outdoor harvest. Outdoor plants are also much more susceptible to pests and fungal diseases. It’s important to select cultivars partly based on their hardiness and resistance to these threats.

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With that said, it’s not all about defence. Outdoor growers often have the luxury of more space, and with this comes bigger yields. Part of the strain selection process for an outdoor grow involves assessing the production potential of a particular variety.

Below are the top 10 feminized cannabis strains to grow outdoors in 2020 for best results.


Gelato Zamnesia Seeds

Zamnesia’s Gelato is a descendant of the original taste-loaded strain stemming from San Francisco. Gelato rose to fame riding on the waves of its delicious, sugary terpene profile. Zamnesia breeders put their own spin on this legend, further enhancing the taste by breeding it with an in-house phenotype, Gelato 33, alongside Wedding Cake. This genetic marriage resulted in a slightly indica-dominant variety that achieves a mind-melting THC level of 26%. The effects are smack bang in the middle of stoning euphoria and cerebral stimulation.

Gelato is well suited to growing outdoors. Fertile soil and adequate sunlight send terpene production into overdrive, bringing her flavour to new heights. She grows to a height of 50–200cm, but can be kept shorter using LST. Gelato produces a rewarding yield of up to 400g/plant and will be ready to harvest in October.


White Widow Ministry Of Cannabis

White Widow is a name known all throughout the cannabis world—and for good reason. Since emerging from the Netherlands in the 1990s, this legendary lady has scooped up plenty of awards, becoming a firm favourite among smokers, growers, and breeders alike. Her sativa dominance and high THC level make for a satisfying high that raises the mood and eases aches and pains. Her colas are tall and tapered, and ooze a resin loaded with the terpenes limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

White Widow’s abundant resin production makes her an ideal outdoor strain, especially for beginners. This viscous layer protects her—to some degree—against pests, fungal infection, and high temperatures. Although her yield isn’t the largest, her pleasant effects make up for the lack of volume. She’ll produce 300g/plant, ready to harvest during October.


Hulkberry Royal Queen Seeds

Hulkberry is a go-to cultivar for outdoor growers seeking a mammoth yield. This strain was created by RQS breeders with a simple goal in mind: optimal returns. Their search for maximum output led them to cross OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. Sure, the progeny of this pairing yields heavy, but she also offers a THC content of 27%. A small toke from this sativa-dominant beast will send a stimulating high charging through the nervous system. Handle with care!

Hulkberry’s dense and colourful flowers are far from a scarce resource. This plant will soar to a height of 2m and churn out up to 700g. Prepare to start harvesting and trimming this bounty toward the end of September.


Northern Lights Sensi Seeds

New strains come and go, but some stick around forever. Northern Lights is one such timeless classic. This 90% indica variety is prized for its heavy stone, a trait that has earned it many competition wins. Despite her popularity, the precise origins of this legend remain shrouded in mystery. Regardless, she came onto the scene during the mid-1980s and blew minds with her sedating and musclemelting properties.

Northern Lights is a superb outdoor variety. Her short flowering time makes her a viable strain in areas with a short growing season. She’ll ripen fast and avoid the first frost in northern latitudes. She grows tall for an indica specimen, often peaking at 2.5m, and produces large flowers with beautiful orange pistils.


Moby Dick Dinafem Seeds

Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant strain that thrives outdoors; her immense size and huge yield make her ideal for such conditions. This garden giant was born out of crossing two legends: Haze and White Widow. The merging of these premium genetics resulted in a towering beast that produces 21% THC. The fast-acting high zooms straight to the head, where it boosts focus and kindles creativity. Her large colas are also ideal for rendering into edibles and extracts, and provide intense aromas of wood, citrus, and pine.

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Moby Dick requires a fairly spacious garden. She does well in large containers or when cultivated directly in the soil. She’ll provide a massive bounty of up to 1.5kg/plant after a flowering time of 65–70 days. Left untamed, she’ll ascend to a height of 3m.


Fast Eddy Royal Queen Seeds

Fast Eddy Automatic is named after her most desirable trait: speed. This compact autoflowering strain is ideal for outdoor growers looking to harvest as quickly as possible. Her small height enables her to blend into surrounding companion plants, keeping her securely out of sight. Her haste and size also make her suitable for guerrilla growing operations. Fast Eddy Automatic is a slightly sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Cheese, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and a Cannabis ruderalis variety. She produces a THC level of 9% alongside large quantities of CBD. The high is subtle, clear-headed, and well-suited to daytime use.

Her hardy genetics can easily tolerate temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions. She grows to a maximum height of 120cm and puts out a yield of 130g/plant. You won’t be waiting long to sample these flowers; she races from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks.


Durban Poison Dutch Passion

Durban Poison stems from a lineage of South African landraces. Her genetically stable ancestors—the result of generations of natural inbreeding—were brought to the US during the 1970s. Ed Rosenthal, the so-called “guru of ganja” was the one who introduced these seeds to the West. The genetics were passed along to several different breeders before eventually ending up in Amsterdam, where they have since become a coffeeshop favourite. This 100% pure, unadulterated sativa provides a pleasant high that's unparalleled in its clarity and lucidity. A modest THC content of 8–9% is ideal for the daytime when looking to remain fully functional.

Her towering height and mould resistance make her suitable for outdoor cultivation. She’ll provide rewarding yields after a brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks.


CBD Therapy CBD Crew

CBD Therapy is the result of a rigorous breeding programme that sought to broaden the gap between THC and CBD concentrations. The strain set the standard for up-and-coming CBD varieties, and was one of the first in the world to reach a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. This cultivar provides massive amounts of cannabidiol and doesn’t induce any psychotropic effects. The strain is effective when smoked, but can also be used to make high-potency CBD extracts.

CBD Therapy performs well outdoors, providing colourful colas endowed with sweet aromas. The strain produces a medium-sized yield after flowering for 8–9 weeks.


Super Silver Haze (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Super Silver Haze is a straight-up icon. This sativa-dominant progeny of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights is a productive wonder. After all, it would be impossible for such a stellar array of genetics to produce subpar results. She puts out large colas decorated in orange and white pistils and layered in shimmering resin. These flowers produce a lively and active high that prompts users to get outdoors and move their bodies. Shining Silver Haze is an excellent wake-and-bake strain to get the day started off on the right foot.

Super Silver Haze is easy to manage, reaching a medium height outdoors. She’ll churn out a yield of up to 550g/plant in October after a flowering period of 9–10 weeks.

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Money Maker Strain Hunters

Money Maker will earn commercial growers some serious cash, and provide home growers with a substantial stash. The globe-trotting, landrace-seeking Strain Hunters created this behemoth by breeding Original Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Skunk. She features a genetic makeup of 70% indica and 30% sativa—a ratio that provides a soothing body high.

Money Maker displays a typical indica growth pattern and maintains a short height. Despite her size, she’ll pump out a colossal yield of 1kg/plant outdoors. All of these buds will be ready to harvest after only 8 weeks of flowering.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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