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Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca

 4/5 (184)

    Palliatif au tabac
    Bon palliatif au tabac et plus économique.


    Excellent, belle découverte un très bon moyen pour se rendre compte que le tabac n'a rien de bon!!!


    Nice smoke
    I really like this, it's a nice flavour, I grind it with my weed and roll into a premade cone which is easier. I feel after this I'm quite chilled out and relaxed. I mix this up with Skullcap too which is a nice smoke, can be a bit harsh on my throat but i roll a thick roach in. I have smoked this as a fag and it does give an affect but it's not easy to roll and the little sticks rip the rizla. I'd buy and use this over as I like the smoking experience.


    Very smooth to smoke but lots of sticks in it


    very tasty to be honest : D
    have read alot of reviews that this would taste bad.. but in all honesty? it tasts good and helps to relax


    Bon produit, surtout en tisane avec un peu de miel, ça détend bien. Parcontre en vapo (Arizer Air 2) très peu de vapeur, après un ou deux hits plus rien. Seul bémol, il y a vraiment beaucoup de branches mais en infusion ce n'est pas un problème.


    Belle découverte
    L'odeur est agréable, en vapo c'est sympa, les effets sont plutôt light. Par contre en tisane, c'est top, ça relaxe bien. Je la passe au grinder mélangée au Greengo et je rajoute le matos. Impeccable.


    Very satisfied costummer :)
    The shipping was fast and the product is great. It's a little bit spicy and strong if you want to smoke it alone, but mixed with other teas it's great!


    Really good product. Does as says in discritpion. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for the little sticks that you need to waste time pulling out.


    not bad
    Added to tobacco, felt more relax

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