Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca


Damiana (Turnera afrodisiaca) has a relaxing effect with a euphoric high for 1-2 hours after taking, and like its Latin name suggests, is a mild but effective aphrodisiac. Damiana may be smoked or made into a tea, and the shredded version is even suitable for use in a vaporizer.

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Damiana: a mild but effective aphrodisiac

A small plant that grows in the southern USA and most of South America, damiana is believed to have been a tonic and aphrodisiac used by the Maya peoples for centuries. It is still used as an ingredient in Voodoo love rituals. Prior to prohibition, the inventor of Coca-Cola developed a wine containing coca, cola, sweet wine, and damiana.


Brew three tablespoons of damiana powder in half a litre (a pint) of water to make a simple but effective infusion.


The active ingredient in damiana is its volatile oil, which contains tannins, resins, and terpenes. Scientists have yet to isolate any specific components that could confer a hallucinatory effect or high.

Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca data sheet
Weight 80 grams

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Reviews (268)

    pour fumer
    bon je connais bien cette herbe je l'ai expérimenté plusieurs fois. Le goût est prononcé et plutôt agréable. les effet ce font ressentir mais c'est bcp moins puissant que du cannabis.


    Muy buena para infusión


    En tisane les effets sont relaxant parfait après une bonne journée de boulot, à fumer, le goût est très prononcé.


    Sabor suave para fumar
    Lo uso para fumar en lugar del tabaco y funciona bien, tiene sabor propio pero no demasiado fuerte


    Nice, but short
    Yes, it is aphrodisiac with very pleasant taste/smell, that gives you relaxation. The only problem for me - even in infusion form effect lasts no longer than 15 minutes.


    Very versatile plant, but not very strong
    Positively surprised by the fragrance, it makes it really versatile. It can be smoked in a herb blend, or brewed into a tea (it's really bitter though), I even made a liqueur mixing it with vodka. The effect is very mild, I only felt something when I made a tea with about 10 grams of damiana. I felt relaxed and a little drowsy, I can compare the effect with a strong lavender or camomile.


    Super goût en bouche, mélanger à la weed c'est top.


    Pour ce qui est de la poudre je déconseille, pas du tout efficace, j'aurai peut être dû prendre les feuilles :)


    Subtle relaxed feeling
    I make tea of this product and after 2 or 3 cups it gives a subtle relaxing happy feeling. Especially after a long working day . I also use it as "cold tea". I keep it brew for a few hours until the drink is pretty drank and then cool it down in the fridge. I use it later as fresh drink, a nice thirst-quencher. Very satisfied


    Pour moi un peu fort en goût pour substituer le tabac seul, mais avec du lotus bleu et/ou autre.. Ça marche mais... Je le préfère dans ma boule à thé quand même

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Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca