Eucalyptus globulus (20 grams)


Eucalyptus leaves possess a potent mix of aromatic terpenes that light up the olfactory system and put the mind at ease. The leaves of this towering tree make a great addition to a relaxing vaping blend. 

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Optimal Vape Temperature

Zamnesia - Eucalyptus globulus: Aromatic Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus globulus—also known as southern blue gum—originates from southeastern Australia. The evergreen tree features smooth bark, glossy green leaves, and peaks at towering heights of 90–100m. Although absolutely huge, you can often smell eucalyptus trees before you see them. The leaves of these botanical giants possess an essential oil composed of pungent terpenes.

Eucalyptus oil primarily contains the terpenes pinene, sabinene, camphene, and limonene. Interestingly, several of these compounds are also found in the cannabis plant, where they can help to elevate mood and reduce tension.

Vaping eucalyptus leaves is a great way to experience the benefits of these terpenes. Heating the leaves to between 125–150°C targets the primary terpenes without overheating or degrading them. Vape eucalyptus leaves for a refreshing hit that lights up the taste buds and soothes the mind.


Bag with 20g of Eucalyptus globulus leaves, shredded

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Reviews (12)

    Love it


    Eucalyptus, very usefull
    vaporized it is very useful for the purification of places, even essential, it can be used with other fragrances, guaranteed comfort.


    super à vaporiser


    Pleasant flavor
    Good to mix with other herbs


    Mild vape herb
    There is very slight taste and effect to these leaves. I think I'll vape some more of these if I get sick and need some clearing of the lungs


    Was expecting more...
    ... taste. Used it as tabacco alternative, in search of a gentle substitute. Didn’t burn too good and I didn’t get the expected eucalyptus taste. Peppermint tea leaves worked better for me. Quality seems good though. Could try it in a tea and see how that works. I any case, Zamnesia has a really good customer service and I love trying out their product line.


    It's a really nice quality but..
    It's a really nice quality but.. I got quite some sticks in my bag, but the taste and quality is really great, almost my new favorite. heat it up for 120-140 celsius or 248 - 284 fahrenheit to get most taste/effect out of the leafs

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Eucalyptus globulus (20 grams)
Eucalyptus globulus (20 grams)