Mulungu (80 grams)


Traditionally used in South America, mulungu offers up soothing and relaxing properties. Easy to use, there's little wonder this supplement has found an audience in the modern world. Commonly used in the evening to promote a healthy night's sleep, and with a wide range of intake methods, mulungu has plenty to offer those seeking relaxation.

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Mulungu: perfect solution for those looking to unwind after a long day

Native to Brazil and Peru, mulungu is derived from the Erythrina mulungu tree. A tall-growing, eye-catching tree that blooms impressive orange "coral flowers", it's actually the shredded bark from which this all-natural relaxing supplement is made. Not only soothing, mulungu promotes sleep readiness and is packed full of natural antioxidants.

Using mulungu could not be a simpler task. With a wide variety of intake options, some will look to create a tincture to administer, whereas others tend to boil the extract into a tea and enjoy it that way.

Place two heaping teaspoons into 250ml of boiling water, cover, and allow the water to infuse for 20 minutes. It is then just a case of straining the mixture. Once cooled slightly, it is ready to drink. Described as having a slightly aniseed-like taste, mulungu also has a pleasing, mildly spicy aroma. Because of the relaxation it offers, mulungu is a perfect solution for those looking to unwind after a long day, rivalling many other soothing teas.

Available in an 80g packet, a little goes a long way with mulungu, making it a long-lasting supplement that can be used daily.

Mulungu (80 grams) data sheet
Type Loose-leaf tea

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Reviews (44)
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    En tisane, le goût est très agréable, assez doux. La détente promise est bien au rendez vous. Je la trouve bien plus efficace que la camomille.

    T. C.

    Très bien
    Me permet vraiment de m'endormir rapidement.

    E. E.

    mauvaise qualité, peu d'odeur.
    tres peut d'odeur comparé à d'autre source, d'habitude sa sent fortement l'encent,pour ce qui est du dosage j'ai due multiplier, je ne recommande pas! j’ai bien sur tester en décoction et pas en infusion, l'infusion étant ineficasse.

    C. G.

    Superbe découverte
    Superbe découverte. Infuser 2 cc dans une tasse d'eau bouillante avec un peu de thé vert et laisser refroidir. D'abord c'est bon, c'est rafraichissant et en ce qui me concerne relaxant avec un effet immédiat et un rêve très particulier dès la première nuit qui me suit encore. Vraiment très intéressant, je vais un peu checker les herbes à rêve de Zamnesia et suis curieux.... Merci

    B. J.

    Does indeed work
    Small but worthwhile effect (for the price).

    R. V.

    This actually works, not a placebo. Funciona de maravilla para dormir.
    It helps to fall asleep in an effective way, the effect is quite noticeable and has nothing to do with traditional infusions such as valerian or lime blossom. Ayuda a conciliar el sueño de una forma efectiva, el efecto realmente se nota y no tiene nada que ver con las infusiones tradicionales como la valeriana o la tila.

    J. L.

    Love it!
    Pefect for calming down and relax. Helped me a lot! Definitely recommended!

    R. M.

    Très relaxant !
    Effet relaxant très agréable. Agréablement surpris ! Plutôt bon au goût. Belle découverte !

    M. M.

    Bien arrivé..
    Colis bien arrivé..etat impeccable..pas encore testé..merci..

    P. D.

    Very nice strong effect
    1 of the only naturals that gives a strong effect. i used to make tea of it but needed alot for a good effect, so i decided to try it oral and its way more potent! Not really pleasent to wash down with water but only 2 teaspoons gives a very strong sedative buzz!

    J. C.
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Mulungu (80 grams)
Mulungu (80 grams)
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