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How To Save Money With A Vaporizer

There are many advantages to using a vaporiser - it‘s healthier, cleaner and more flavourful than smoking a joint. The price tag can be hefty, but what is often overlooked is how much money a vaporiser can actually save you.

The difference between an expenditure and an investment is wether you expect a return or not. In essence, both are simple outflows of cash, but in an investment you‘re looking to not only get your money back, but to start making more on it. If you look at it from that perspective, vaporizers are actually a pretty decent investment, depending primarily on how much weed you‘re going through.

How Vaporizers Save Herb

Vaporisers work by heating up the bud precisely to the point where cannabinoids are evaporated into the air, without actually causing the plant matter to combust. When cannabis is burned, as it is in a joint or bong, a large percentage of the THC and other cannabinoids are getting destroyed. As this is not the case with a vaporiser, less marijuana is required to achieve the same high.

It is general consensus that most vaporiser users use 30 – 40% less bud to get the same effects they would from combusting cannabis. Of course, this depends on a number of factors, such as the efficiency of the vaporizer, temperature settings, vaping technique etc. But in general, it is safe to say that vaporizers save 30% herb.

This means that those who use vaporisers get a lot more for their money. If vaporisers save roughly a 1/3 in efficiency, it means that you get an extra 1 gram for every 3 bought! While some vaporisers are an expensive initial investment, this saving allows for the vaporiser to effectively pay for itself over time.

The Return On Investment (ROI) Of Vaporizers

The ROI largely depends on 3 factors: how much marijuana you use on average, how much a gram costs in your area, and the price of the vaporiser.

To figure out how long it takes, until a vaporizer has paid for itself through the weed saved, let‘s look at some examples:

If you‘re going through an average of 10 grams a month, an efficiency of 30% means you‘ll only be using 7 grams with a vaporizer. At a price of 10 euros per gram, these 3g will save you 30 euros per month. A vaporizer that costs 200 euros, like the PAX 3, will then have paid for itself in just over 6 months. And after that time, you just keep saving money from the bud you don‘t have to buy.

Another example is also based on spending 100 euros a month on marijuana and using the Digital Volcano Vaporiser which costs 459.00 euros and is calculated to be even 40% more efficient over combusting cannabis.

Spending on cannabis monthly = 100 euros
Efficiency of Volcano compared to combustion = 40%
Effective saving compared to combustion = 40 euros
Cost of vaporiser divided by monthly saving = 459/40 = 11.475

This means that after 111⁄2 months the Digital Volcano has paid for itself in the amount of weed saved through its use compared to combustion. It should be noted that the Digital Volcano is at the top end of the vaporiser market, and is one of the most expensive available.

Obviously, the time it takes to pay for itself is largely dependent on how much you smoke, and how much weed costs in your area. But these examples show how you can save money with a vaporizer, and how you can calculate the savings yourself, based on your actual monthly spending.

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