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The Journey Lifts Off


Depending on the dose, method of administration (chewing, swallowing, drinking a brew...), stomach content and various other factors, you will start feeling the first symptoms anytime between 10 minutes and one hour. Some people find this period unsettling, others enjoy it. You might experience some dizziness, illogical thinking and a touch of anxiety – these are all signs of an approaching trip to the inside of your mind. “Do you feel it?” might be an often question, and probably you won't know the answer. Don't get impatient – give mushrooms and your body some time to get accustomed to each other. This is probably the last time to double check if you locked the doors and switched your mobile off.


Many people mention a degree of physical ailment at this stage – raw mushrooms, after all, are not what homo sapiens is meant to consume. You might experience a mild nausea, sometimes shivering. Best lay down and wait until your stomach is done digesting the stuff. The less you move and the less you have eaten in the hours prior taking mushrooms, the better. If you feel like vomiting, try waiting at least 45 minutes, it will most probably pass.

Since tripping takes some energy, even if it happens only inside your mind, it might be a good idea to provide some sugars to your body. Eating some fruits, drinking fruit juices will reduce the risk of feeling cold, which could be unpleasant during the experience.

First moments

Close your eyes and begin to relax... As you drift away, you might start seeing slight visions and hallucinations. About one hour after taking mushrooms you will begin to really feel the thing. Colours will get brighter, patterns more complex – don't be surprised, if you see a rainbow somewhere... Sounds become deeper and all your senses are exposed to new sensations.

Since your brain must get used to the new state of mind, you might experience some rigid moments, when the mental obstacles are being broken. Sometimes you might feel like being one foot there, and one still in this world. This might cause some confusion, especially if you are experiencing it for the first time. Don't worry – it is just the natural course of things with psychedelics.

This stage of a trip can have a personal, emotional character. Your thoughts will flow towards memories and feelings, possibly also problems. You will start noticing things that were obvious before, beginning to contemplate them. Pleasure, happiness and overwhelming love can easily mix with religious experience, but also with darker feelings like anxiety and depression – all depends on the state of your mind prior to taking the shrooms.

Bad magic mushrooms trip

If you have taken a higher dose, this might be the time when you think over your whole way of life, relationship with the society, environment etc. Do your best not to go too deep into the negative feelings, as these might cause you a bad trip. Pondering on the anxieties, possible insecurity and regret, usually lead to panic. Panic, in turn, gets our of control, creating a vicious circle that cannot easily be broken. Don't be afraid of the urban legend about flying. It is a myth, that people under the influence of psychedelic drugs think they can fly – the do, but only inside their minds. Even the highest dose of mushrooms, LSD or mescaline, won't make you forget about gravity, and what happens to those that try to defy it. You won't suddenly think, that you are a bird or an angel. If you feel the bad trip coming, try seeking some support with your trip sitter, if you arranged for one.

Even a bad trip, however, can be a good experience (though not pleasant) one it is finished. Taking higher doses of mushrooms is basically about extending your horizons and pushing the boundaries of consciousness – and these things don't always come cheap. Try thinking about it as a learning opportunity, one that lets you get to know yourself better. Experiences users are sometimes able to control bad trips, turning the experience on the right track – often with the help of trip sitter, or by some simple, everyday activities. Take a shower, stroll around, do some housekeeping – as long as you are able to do these safely, it could help you overcome the dark feelings. Dealing with bad trip is all about feeling comfortable, staying in a relaxing, pleasant environment – going out among strangers is definitely not the right thing to do.


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