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Boost Your Sex Life

Everybody wants it - everybody does it - and let's face it, we need it: SEX. While it is not the solution to all problems in a relationship, it can help prevent problems. A sexually AND in everyday life satisfied partner is a happy partner. Here's what Zamnesia recommends:

Hug it out.

It's a fact that a 20-60 hug triggers the release of oxytocin, a so called bonding hormone, providing a sense of emotional binding to your partner. Furthermore is it important how you deal with each other outside the bedroom. Holding hands, kissing and any other physical intimacy you share, will increase the anticipation of sex.

Share your sexual dreams with your partner.

Your biggest sex organ is your brain and a lack of mental stimulation can easily ruin your intercourse. Talk about it - or read out loud an erotic book together, play roles, introduce sex toys to your mattress sport or recapitulate a special sexual adventure you shared - use your brain.

Never get tired of or too tired for sex.

Don't spend the whole afternoon surfing the web or posting and reading at Facebook nor let your partner do or you (or both of you) will not be in proper mental condition for mutually satisfying sexual activities when the bedtime comes.

Sex has an economic value - appreciate it! Besides being free and fun it's a perfect stress reliever. Use sex to restore intimacy and a sense of rejuvenation, it will make your bond much stronger.

Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep and lack of sex go hand in hand. To gain energy and alertness for the next day, you need sufficient rest and what could be better than sex when you wake up, mentally relaxed and full of fresh drive. This power gradually degrades over the day and when you are tired and exhausted, your sex drive will be truncated. Fatigue lowers the testosterone level and has a negative impact on the libido.


A tender touch raises the oxytocin level, a hormone that increases intimacy and decreases the cortisol level, the hormone of chronic stress. In a highly demanding and at times depressing world, the comforting and caressing touch of a lover can make one's prospects and mood much brighter. Touch each other throughout the day and your sexual relationship will benefit from it.

Share your desires.

Your partner can not read your mind, no matter how close you feel. The intercourse will be the most satisfying when your partner knows your desires and predilections and the ability to openly and honestly express these sexual desires is the key to the most intense and sensual intimacy.

Laugh More.

Sex is fun, so don't be too serious. A good method to keep sex from getting boring is to sometimes try something potentially clumsy or precarious. And what's healthier than a good laugh with the one you love?

Make Eye Contact.

More than 80% of the perception is done through the eyes and is the initial communication method humans have and is a vital tool to create intimacy. During sexual activity, eye contact can shift an OK experience to a WOW! experience.

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