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Acrylic Bong Straight

 4.5/5 (11)

    Pas mal
    Joli bang très petit mais efficace. Petit défaut : il fuit !


    Basic "starter" bong
    I recommend people look at the description before giving this a poor review. Due to its low price it's plastic, it's quite small but it works perfectly well so I think if you are new to using a bong it's perfect. Great value for money.


    Terrible bong
    These people who post "5 stars" obviolusly have never used a proper water-pipe. I expected to receive a full-size bong, and boy was I surprised when I saw the size of the package! The column is ridiculously small, and therefore the smoke passes through very little water. Consequently the smoke is very, very harsh! I used this twice and haven't touched it since. A very poor bong which I would not recommend. As for the bowl, it's more of a one-hitter with no screen. The quality is lacking in this product.


    Good product
    Being able to choose between colours would be nice.


    Cheap and good
    Works fine, would be nice if I could choose the colours though.




    bon bang
    produit qui rempli bien sa fonction ,simple ,ne prend pas beaucoup de place


    Gute Bong
    Super Bong für den Preis, tut was sie soll. Gute Verarbeitung.

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