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The Best Herbs To Ease The Nerves

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Zamnesia sees a whole world of possibility in the variety of herbs provided by nature. Their potential for calming the mind and easing the spirit is untapped by many. Here are four herbs with a long history of soothing the anxious.

We all love a good time, and there are plenty of herbs on the market to facilitate this. But sometimes a calm, quiet moment for tranquillity and reflection is what you need. This is particularly true for those with forms of chronic anxiety. If one needs to ease the nerves, there are natural remedies for relieving stress, tension, and anxiety.

Lucky for you, many of these are available from the Zamnesia web shop. Take a look at four of the best herbal remedies we have on offer to soothe restless bodies and troubled minds.

Zamnesia's Favorite Natural Products For Relaxation And Anxiety Relief


Herbs Of The Gods Mulungu

Erythrina mulungu is a large tree which grows in the tropical wetlands of South America. In the rainforests of Brazil and Peru, locals take the bark of the Mulungu tree and cook it in boiling water. The resulting medicine is a powerful antioxidant that also calms the central nervous system. This will briefly impair motor coordination but is said to do wonders for relieving tension and nervousness.

It reportedly tastes better than one would expect from bark stew and can help encourage elevated moods and healthy sleeping patterns. As naturally-occurring tranquilisers go, this is one of the strongest. This could be just the exotic herb you need to help wind down.


Herbs Of The Gods Skullcap

Skullcap is a plant from the mint family that has long been used in Eastern medicine. It also grows in North America where Native Americans have employed it in their traditional remedies. The flowers’ bluish-purple petals are shaped like a human skull, giving this extraordinary flower its name. What happens when you grind up this flower thoroughly and brew it in some tea or render it into tincture form? You get a mild, relaxing high and all sorts of medical benefits.

The Cherokee tribe used it to relieve menstrual cramps. European settlers of North America used it to relieve anxiety and aid sleep. In Nepal, it is used to treat the common cold and insect stings. On top of all this, its anti-inflammatory properties make skullcap well worth trying.


Herbs Of The Gods White Lotus

Blue lotus is a famous herbal remedy from ancient Egypt, known for its sedative, painkilling, and aphrodisiac properties. White lotus is a lesser-known cousin deserving of more attention. If you find it growing along the Nile or in warm, humid parts of India and Southeast Asia, grind it up and see what happens. You'll find that whether you're enjoying white lotus tea or smoking it, you will experience a euphoric, floating high.

Relax with some white lotus for the sake of unwinding or for its medical benefits. White lotus has been used in the treatment of jaundice, gastrointestinal disorders, and erectile dysfunction. Be advised, it also has stimulating aphrodisiac qualities.


Bali Kratom

Be careful using Bali kratom alongside other substances like alcohol or antidepressants. The reward awaiting you is a mellow high like no other. An energetic buzz will remain after you're soothed by the mood-lifting, shredded herbs. As an antioxidant, it has been used to treat diarrhea and alcoholism.

New Zealand even used it in their methadone addiction detoxification programmes to ease opiate withdrawal. As a painkiller, it is anti-inflammatory and works to relax the muscles. One can stir it into a tea for 30-40 minutes or chew the leaves for 10 minutes. The resulting euphoric stimulation may display aphrodisiac qualities for both men and women. Assuming your doctor has no objections to its use, you could get a lot out of Bali kratom.


Selecting an herbal remedy that’s right for you can come down to preference for certain tastes or smells. It can also depend on the severity of one’s condition. For minor ailments and times of discomfort or panic, these herbs can be very helpful. They need to be used responsibly and according to their instructions. Treatment of anxiety issues is a long process of personal development. During the tougher days, have some herbs handy to smooth the surface of stress and anxiety.

Val Watts

Written by: Val Watts
Val Watts is not talented enough to be Reggie Watts and not zen enough to be Alan Watts. But he does what he can writing about cannabis from the Emerald Isle. He hopes some day the green will be accepted everywhere so he loves researching and visiting the places it is.

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