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Mimosa hostilis (10 grams)

Mimosa hostilis (10 grams)

Mimosa hostilis, or jurema, is a bushy tree with white flowers, native to southern Mexico, Central America and Brazil.  Modern psychonauts prize it as a source of DMT for use in analogues of ayahuasca.

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Indians from the eastern Amazon used drinks made from the root to induce shamanic states, but its use decreased in the 20th century as indigenous cultures were destroyed and ayahuasca became popularized, most notably as a ritualistic inebriant by several synchronistic (blending African, Indo-American and Christian ideas) churches in Brazil.

A jurema cult that consumed drinks made from mimosa was described in 1788 and was thought to have died out but is becoming popular once again. Jurema is also used by Afro-Brazilian cults of Candomblé and Macumba.

ACTIVE Compounds

The trunk and (especially) root bark contains the visionary tryptamine DMT, and several saponins that are biologically active.

A pack contains 10 grams of shredded mimosa.


Mimosa tends to be mixed with the MAO inhibitor Peganum harmala to create an ayahuasca analogue, for which 5-20 grams is used.

Taken on its own, as a cold water infusion, higher doses are needed (25-45 grams). Simply soak in water and drink.


Not for use by under-18s, or when pregnant or nursing. Do not use in combination with alcohol, medicines or other stimulants, or if using MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants or other psycho-stimulants. Store in a cool, dry place and of course, out of reach of children.


    By on 27/Feb/2017 :

    Title : au top!!!
    Comment : Bonjour. En quelques phrases. Je me suis donné le plaisir d'en faire une extraction et le résultat était tout simplement d'une puissance inimaginable!!! Après une après midi de travail j'ai pue cristallisé environ 10gr avec 250g. Ta juste besoin d'une pipe,de l'alu et des cendres... Attention de pas en mettre de trop!!!! 0,005 pourrais déjà suffire pour une première... Après pour un voyage puissant tu peux allez à mettre un 0,030 mais accroche toi!! (encore faut-il arrive à le faire, bonne chance)

    By :

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    By on 14/Feb/2017 :

    Title : Recette ayahuasca réel
    Comment : Salut j'ai lu des commentaires ici et j'ai vue que certains ne savaient pas faire la vrai recette. Enfin nous avons plusieurs recette de se types je l'es nommes: -yaruma: Ingrédients: Mimosa Hostilis Powder & Peganum Harmala. 1 perche: 8g mimosa 5gpeganum -cashibo: Ingrédients: Psychotria Viridis & Banisteriopsis Caapi. 1 perche: 25g de chaque -nutabe: 1 perche: 8g Mimosa H / 25g Banisteriopsis C -wayway: 1 perche: 25g Psychotria V/ 5g Peganum H -marubo: 1 perche: 12g Diploterys C / 25g B Caapi -palikur: 1 perche: 25g B Caapi Yellow / 12g Virola -saluma: 1 perche: 25g B Caapi Black / 12g Virola -jebero: 1 perche: 12g Diploterys C / 5g Peganum H -bororo: 1 perche: 25g B Caapi Cielo / 12g Virola sites de recettes: La je peux vous dire le voyage va etre intense et peut-etre sans retour alors ne pas prendre si vous etes mal. S'arreté de mangé 3 jours avant de prendre sa sinom mort assuré. Conseil lire un article complet avec les conditions à prendre avant d'essayé.

    By :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By on 03/Nov/2016 :

    Title : loading up on mimosa
    Comment : i took 10g of mimosa hostilis and boiled it down in 50% alcohol until the alcohol had evaporated entirely and what was left was some licorice like stuff that could be put into capsules (l always try to avoid that bitter awful taste) so this l took after 2 shots of about 4g in lemoned water extracted peganum harmala. it was definitely a strong dose and l'd assume that when you know what is expecting you it takes some courage. but it clears your system - all trash is being dissolved and it downloads you and new and highly advanced operating system. seen it that way it should be a medical treat for the whole society.... but on the other hand, l think that we psychonauts are actually doing a quite good job and as we stick together and are keeping on with that - we will be seeing more and more beautiful changes in our unstoned neighbors. (hell, big words... you see the ayahuasca worked ;))

    By on 03/Nov/2016 :

    Title : Beautiful insights, inspiration and visuals
    Comment : Put the root bark in water, add a little vinegar and heat. Do not boil it. Pour the liquid in a bottle, filtering the plant material. Add more water, vinegar and heat. Repeat a few times. When you cannot brew any more liquid, throw out the plant material and put the liquid back on the stove. Again: Do not boil! It needs to be steamed. When you've steamed most of the water from it, pour it back into the bottle. You now have an excellent concentrated source of DMT. When ingested, eat 3 grams of powdered syrian rue half an hour before downing a shot glass of your mimosa brew. Hold your breath when you drink it and drink water immediately afterwards. It doesn't taste good, but the effect is amazing. Safe journey, brothers and sisters.

    By on 27/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Good Stuff
    Comment : good product!

    By on 24/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Connection to the universe!
    Comment : Thank you Zamnesia for this amazing and one of the most beautiful experiences! Prepared and cooked 3,5gr of Syrian Rue and 5gr of Mimosa Hostilis. Perfect dose for me for the first, 2nd and 3rd time that I tried so far (twice with a friend or two). I drank 1 shot cup of Syrian Rue (of total 2), followed by another 2nd shot cup of Syrian Rue after 30min, then right after, the first shot cup of Mimosa Hostilis (of total 2; 1st shot cup is the 1st extraction of Mimosa), followed by the 2nd shot cup (2nd cooked extraction of Mimosa) after 45min. I found this to be the best recipe for me. It was really a blissful and healing connection with the spirit, mother ayahuasca (eventhough this plant combo isn't the traditional Ayahuasca). Ordered a lot more for future connection communions.

    By on 29/Aug/2016 :

    Title : trés bon produit
    Comment : exctraction 1% de dmt au premier pull donc rien à redire, c'est parfait !

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From pscyn | 2013-05-15 19:02:20

Is this root-bark or stem-bark Mimosa hostilis ?


This product is root-bark based.

From CG | 2013-03-15 16:41:17

È possibile acquistare i semi di questa pianta?


Sorry, we currently do not sell the seeds of this plant, nor will we in the future. Unfortunately there's simply not enough demand for them, nor can we find any suppliers that can guarantee their germination.

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