Mimosa hostilis (10 grams)


Mimosa hostilis, or jurema, is a bushy tree with white flowers, native to southern Mexico, Central America and Brazil.  Modern psychonauts prize it as a source of DMT for use in analogues of ayahuasca.

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Indians from the eastern Amazon used drinks made from the root to induce shamanic states, but its use decreased in the 20th century as indigenous cultures were destroyed and ayahuasca became popularized, most notably as a ritualistic inebriant by several synchronistic (blending African, Indo-American and Christian ideas) churches in Brazil.

A jurema cult that consumed drinks made from mimosa was described in 1788 and was thought to have died out but is becoming popular once again. Jurema is also used by Afro-Brazilian cults of Candomblé and Macumba.

ACTIVE Compounds

The trunk and (especially) root bark contains the visionary tryptamine DMT, and several saponins that are biologically active.

A pack contains 10 grams of shredded mimosa.


Mimosa tends to be mixed with the MAO inhibitor Peganum harmala to create an ayahuasca analogue, for which 5-20 grams is used.

Taken on its own, as a cold water infusion, higher doses are needed (25-45 grams). Simply soak in water and drink.


Not for use by under-18s, or when pregnant or nursing. Do not use in combination with alcohol, medicines or other stimulants, or if using MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants or other psycho-stimulants. Store in a cool, dry place and of course, out of reach of children.

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Reviews (59)

    Powder excellent for extraction
    Nice service from zamnesia! Excellent product used for dimitri extraction. This plant is not for fun! Handle it with true intension and wisdom


    Fantastico, faccio bollire una busta con la ruta siriana e tutto fila liscio


    2 gram peganum harmala seeds were eaten and after about an hour 2 grams of mimosa were drunk as a tea and an additional 1 gram of mimosa was smoked in the bong. This combination has led to a light but very nice tryptamintrip. The tea caused a little nausea due to the high proportion of tannins and the feeling of having to hand me over. a stronger tea and more mao-inhibitor will certainly lead to more nausea and vomiting - I think that is desirable by many people who use ayahuasca or analogue. As far as I can tell, the quality of the kraut is good


    I haven't hound it yet....


    Made great changa
    This product helps to make great changa along with the caapi plant and a couple of bits from your local herb shop. Blast off and meet the gods!!


    good stuff!
    since I have a pretty clean system (no alc or other dirt) I consume all this Aya-related products in small homöopathic doses (I cook 20 cups of tea with one package and even reboil it between 2 and 4 times with great (soft) effects. Of course I doesnt "send you to the moon" but together with ambitious self reflecting work it leads to great long term effects, in a nut shell: get back to better contact with your basic self. I can highly recommend ... ref. ZAMNESIA service, mailing: couldnt be better. Very satisfied. Keep it up, guys!


    the most beautiful/intense experiences of my life
    It's the 6 time I make ayahuasca brew with mimosa and syrian rue from this page. I would recommend to low heat the liquid without boiling to reduce the water and then mix it with Coke or fruit juice if you wanna cover the bad taste (It tastes awful). Also, you can use ginger to reduce the nausea. The package came in well condition and very discreet as always. Very pleased with this product and this page in general.


    Works well
    If you are ready to speak with mother aya, 10g of mimosa is way enough. I have had up to 6hr long journey with 5g of rue and 10g mimosa. Enjoy ;)

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    Yet another outstanding product brought to us by the good people at Zamnesia! On behalf of psychonauts everywhere I thank you very much indeed!

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Questions (2)
pscyn 2013-05-15 19:02:20

Is this root-bark or stem-bark Mimosa hostilis ?


This product is root-bark based.

CG 2013-03-15 16:41:17

È possibile acquistare i semi di questa pianta?


Sorry, we currently do not sell the seeds of this plant, nor will we in the future. Unfortunately there's simply not enough demand for them, nor can we find any suppliers that can guarantee their germination.

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