African Dream Root (5 grams)


Native to South Africa, Silene capensis has served as a catalyst for deep and meaningful dreams since antiquity. The fascinating plant also helps to promote sleep readiness and boost sleep function—setting the stage for vivid dreams to occur. Simply process the dream herb, place it into capsules, and get ready to explore the dreamscape.

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Silene Capensis: The African root for deep sleep and lucid dreams

Originating from the Eastern Cape of South Africa, silene capensis has long been used by the indigenous Xhosa tribe during spiritual, shamanistic rituals. It is also commonly known in the West as Gunpowder Plant, Wild Tobacco and African Dream Root.

Traditionally, the root is reputed to induce vivid and sometimes lucid dreams that are remembered upon waking. This is why it is considered a sacred herb by the Xhosa people, and is widely used by shamans to guide their people. However, inducing lucid dreaming is a secondary effect, and only a selected few are said to be given this experience.


The main effect that everyone taking silene capensis will receive is an improved quality of sleep. Those who take this regularly will find they wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It can also have you waking up earlier, only needing 6 hours sleep to fully rejuvenate – 6 hours is seen as the healthiest amount of time to sleep by general scientific consensus.

Silene capensis can induce vivid and much more memorable dreams when used; but this is much rarer and will only effect some people. It can also induce a stimulating effect in some users, giving them even extra energy upon waking – but this is anecdotal.

Preparation and dosage

Traditionally, the dried root of silene capensis was pulverized into water to create a white foam. This foam was then ingested before sleeping. Because this has always historically been the way silene capensis has been consumed, most places across the internet will recommend you do the same. We have found that the best way to take it is to grind it into a powder and place it in capsules for direct consumption. This is a much more efficient way of administering and absorbing the dose.

When creating tablets, it‘s best to consume 500mg – 3g a day, during the course of a few days. It has been reported that it might take a few days for effects to be felt.
It is also worth noting that when taking silene capensis for the first time, you will want to start at 500mg, or possibly even less, until you have gotten used to it. Also, the effects don’t necessarily increase with higher dosages, for this reason, the most standard dose tends to be 1g of powder.

Chemical Compounds

The active ingredient of silene capensis is thought to be triterpenoid saponins. These not only effect the sleep, but are also known to be a viral inhibitor, an antioxidant and reduce cholesterol.

The exact chemical composition of silene capensis is still under investigation and very little research has done into its active ingredients.

African Dream Root (5 grams) data sheet
Caffeine Caffeine-free
Gluten Gluten-free
Lactose Lactose-free
Type Loose-leaf tea

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Reviews (50)
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    It works
    Actually, I was sceptical, but like to give things a try. As many observed, the first day there is no noticeable effect, but on day two and three. Wow - very vivid dreams of which I have a very good recall days later. I just take a bit of root and chew on it until it is entirely gone. I like the earthy taste. I even swallow the remaining fibres. No messing with brews, and chewing is good for your jaws. If the effect continues this way, I will definitely order more.

    W. V.

    Increased dreams from first dose
    Starting from the first dose, it seems to potentiate dreams by every day taken. After a week the dreams were very interesting and sometimes lucid! Recommended.

    D. D.

    Non male!
    la prima volta che le ho provate ho fatto dei sogni lucidi, le volte successive meno forse perchè non ne ho comprata tanta. comunque super consigliato

    S. B.

    All good, I'm very happy with the product.

    Z. C.

    It was fine quality!
    Notoriously difficult. I wouldn't call it psychoactive at all. Nevertheless it is a truly magical herb from an excellent source. Thank you very much, I was pleased with my purchase!

    A. T.

    Thank You!
    Good nights

    M. W.

    Rêves lucides
    Fonctionne, dépend de votre sensibilité. Peut être utilisé avec un programme d'entraînement de rêve lucide

    L. C.

    More Dreams
    Not what I expected, but in fact I have more dreams and I can sleep better since using this root.

    S. S.

    Très bon produit pour des rêves plus vifs
    J'ai utilisé African Dream Root chaque matin pendant un mois et j'ai eut souvent des rêves très vifs, voir même des rêves lucides parfois... Très bon produit, par contre très difficile à le réduire en poudre

    A. C.

    Richtig angewendet ist die Wurzel ein starkes Mittel um intensivere, tiefgründigere Träume zu fördern. Wirkt erst richtig nach ein paar Tagen kontinuierlichem Konsum. Luzide Träume kommen auch häufiger vor, solange man sich nicht anderweitig zu stark benebelt

    D. W.
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African Dream Root (5 grams)
African Dream Root (5 grams)
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