Peganum Harmala (10 grams)


Peganum harmala or Syrian rue is a perennial bush native to the eastern Mediterranean now found across northern India and as far as Manchuria. It produces white flowers that develop round capsules containing around 50 brown seeds.

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Zamnesia - Peganum harmala - Mystical Seeds With an Ancient History

Reaching no more than a metre tall, it's not Peganum harmala's height that's impressed spiritualists for centuries—but its seeds. Peganum harmala, or Syrian rue as it's more commonly known, contains a complex blend of alkaloids—compounds essential for intensive spiritual experiences. Whether it's chewing raw seeds or grinding them into a fine powder, both methods promise to take you on a journey of enlightenment.

The power of Syrian rue seeds comes from two alkaloid inhibitors: harmine and harmaline. These two compounds alone account for nearly 6% of the seed's dry weight, making them a potent addition to your next visionary experience. Don't take our word for it, though; Peganum harmala has a history of use dating back as far as 60AD, when Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides stumbled across its fascinating effects.

Times may have changed, but the qualities of Syrian rue are just as potent. If you need a rich MAO inhibitor for your spiritual journey, look no further than Peganum harmala seeds.

Peganum Harmala (10 grams)

Peganum Harmala (10 grams)

Reviews (113)
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    Sia da sola che come rinforzo
    Presi circa 5 grammi di semi triturati finissimi in un bicchiere d'acqua e bevuto. Nausea all'inizio, poi E' STRANO!!! Ma giusto. veramente giusto. Non saprei come descrivere gli effetti, potevo stare tranquillamente a chiacchierare con altri e contemporaneamente sognare e vederli come mai avrei immaginato di saper fare. Sentirli, conoscerli davvero. Assieme a 3-4 semi di Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar è il top. Ma attenti che è roba forte per il fisico. Bisogna averci il fisico. Prima digiunate per 24 ore minimo e poi pronti partenza e via Grazie Zamnesia mi hai aperto un mondo

    R. R.

    Works well with mushrooms and truffles
    Tried half a bag of the stuff with about 30 grams of varying truffles, believe me it was good

    P. H.

    I highly recomend to buy this and combined it with shrooms. I took 3g of shrooms with 2g of this seeds and had one of best trips ever. With this seeds visuals are x5.

    T. P.

    goede maoi perfect. wel oppassen met tyramine voedsel of caffiene en medicatie . kan dodelijk zijn

    G. F.

    Pour une première fois
    Je suis tombé dessus par hasard envie d essayer franchement sympa merci zam’esia pour la rapidité !

    A. V.

    alle gekauften Produkte bisher
    Moin, bisher habe ich noch kein Produkt verwendet! Bewertungen folgen! Gruß

    G. S.

    Noch nicht Ende
    5 Spülgänge. Die Gesamtausbeute beträgt 450 Gramm, nass. Ich glaube, ich bin zufrieden. vielleicht werden es noch mehr, denn es ist noch in Arbeit. Danke Zamnesia

    B. B.

    Work good
    Used it for stacking

    H. W.

    Thank You!
    Make aya good.

    M. W.

    Syrian rue
    Perfect to be used as a MAO inhibitor for your AYA

    T. G.
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Questions (1)
stok 2013-09-23 16:54:01

Can i plant?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
Peganum Harmala (10 grams)
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