Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)


Uvuma-omhlope is used by tribes across Africa for its ability to bring you closer to the spirits in your dreams. It is well known to induce lucid dreams with prophetic and enlightening visions. Using Uvuma-omhlope as part of your regular night time schedule will ensure dreams to remember!

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Uvuma-omhlope: This African dream herb has the potential to make sure that your night's sleep is always lucid and memorable.

Uvuma-omhlope is an African herb that is used by both the Zulu and Xhosa tribes to induce lucid dreams and gain prophetic visions from the spirits. Also known as Synaptolepis kirkii, Uvuma-omhlope is a small shrub that can be found growing around the wilds of Africa. It has a midnight black stem and spear shaped blue-green leaves. Whilst it is a very alluring plant to look at, it is the tubular roots of Uvuma-omhlope that are most valued by the indigenous people of Africa. In contrast to the dark colours of the plant, the roots of Uvuma-omhlope are completely white.


The main effect of Uvuma-omhlope is to induce lucid dreams and prophetic visions when asleep or in a trance like state. It has been used by the people of Africa for as a means to communicate with their ancestors and to gain spiritual guidance.

Preparation and dosage

Much like many of the other African dream herbs used by the Zulu and Xhosa people, Uvuma-omhlope can be made into a tea. The actual dosage amount can vary person to person. Usually 300mg is enough to induce a lucid dream, but it has also known for some people to require 400mg. It is safest to start out with the smaller amount and work you way up.

To make the tea put the powdered Uvuma-omhlope root into boiling water. Allow it to infuse for around five minutes, stirring occasionally; then strain the mixture and drink. Take it no more than 1 hour before bed for best results.

Active Compounds

Uvuma-omhlope has been shown to contain a number of alkaloids. Unfortunately not many of them have been identified and it is not known which cause the lucid dreaming effects. However, one alkaloid has been identified; this is kirkinine, a neurotrophic. This alkaloid has been shown to promote healthy nerve cell growth and maintenance within the body.

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Reviews (53)

    Really enjoyed this and the experience. Ive always had quite lucid dreams anyway, but this really boosted things and my recollection definitely improved. As a tea itself I found it didn't have much flavour, but when I brewed it with ginger I was really enjoyable. Would definitely try this again, but there is so much to explore on this site first.


    I prepared 300mg in hot water and let it seep for five minutes. I shared the tea with my husband as we were watching tv. I immediately noticed that I could see the eyes of the people on tv were different, like I could see their spirit and they could see me. I decided to go to bed. I usually remember my dreams very easily but when I woke up at 2am to go to the bathroom, I was disappointed that I hadn't had any dreams. I went back to sleep and awoke at my usual time remembering one dream very clearly. I felt like I had slept very deeply. In fact, I was sleepy most of the day. I also felt like I was in a constant state of meditation for most of the day. I felt in fact, disconnected mentally, from people in general, yet able to feel deeper compassion and even stronger concern for some members of my family including animals. Although the tea was very effective and kept me quite focused internally, I think it was too much for me. I realize that I should not take this tea if I have to attend a meeting the next morning, as I did. I will wait a bit before I try it again as its effects are lasting much longer than I expected. ps. my husband said he didn't remember any dreams but he slept very well.


    Bon produit
    Fidèle aux attentes :)


    Sogni più intensi e più vividi. Riesco a ricordarli. Da provare.


    es cierto que produce mayor actividad o lucidez onírica. En ocasión en que mastiqué los restos de raíz de la infusión he sentido un picor intenso en la lengua.


    Even geduld en daar zijn de dromen.
    De eerste week kon ik mijn dromen niet onthouden. Maar wat ik wel merkte was dat mijn hersenen veel beter begonnen te functioneren. Na de eerste week was ik begonnen met shungite water te drinken. Dit zorgt er voor dat je lichaam de stoffen die in uvuma omhlope zitten beter worden opgenomen wat ook geldt voor andere voedingsstoffen. Het zorgt ook voor een betere werking van de pijnappelklier. Ook eet ik ongeveer 100 gram pistachenoten voordat ik de thee drink. Pistachenoten bevatten melatonine en is ook goed voor... Jawel, de pijnappelklier. En dan gebeurt de magie. Ik heb nu vele heldere dromen die ik allemaal onthoud. En het zijn er redelijk veel. De dag nadien ervoer ik een lucide droom. In de droom wou ik naar het oneindige universum vliegen. Maar toen ik al heel hoog vloog kreeg ik een beetje schrik. Dus vloog ik terug omlaag en heb dan maar een beetje boven mijn dorp gevlogen. Alles was exact hetzelfde als in het echte leven. De straten en de huizen. Mijn doel is naar de ringen van saturnus te vliegen. Daar zitten alle rassen van het universum. Deze nacht ga ik er voor. I Love uvuma omhlope. Volg mijn tips en je zal me geloven. Dus drink elke dag shungite water en eet voordat je de thee drinkt 100gram pistachenoten. Succes verzekerd


    Recibido en perfecto estado, Se retrasó un poco pero mereció la pena la espera... Muy contento con el producto, volveré a repetir!


    Increase my natural functions.
    Since childhood, I am a very good lucid dreamer. With time I was starting to apply specific techniques for increasing lucid dreams. In combination with this plant I reach a new peak. Get better memories.


    Además de mejorar la calidad del sueño (me levanto más descansado), no me despierto durante la noche... y lo mejor: me hace tener sueños muy intensos, claros, que recuerdo perfectamente al despertar. Incluso he tenido episodios de recordar escenas de mi vida cuando era niño. Estoy encantado con la experiencia, aunque aún no he tenido sueños lúcidos (sigo en ello).


    Uvima omhlope
    Para dormir va genial yo consumo 500 mg y duermo profundamente cuando de normal me despierto dos o tres veces con esto duermo del tirón y me suelo acordar de los sueños

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Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)
Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)