Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)


Uvuma-omhlope is used by tribes across Africa for its ability to bring you closer to the spirits in your dreams. It is well known to induce lucid dreams with prophetic and enlightening visions. Using Uvuma-omhlope as part of your regular night time schedule will ensure dreams to remember!

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Uvuma-omhlope: This African dream herb has the potential to make sure that your night's sleep is always lucid and memorable.

Uvuma-omhlope is an African herb that is used by both the Zulu and Xhosa tribes to induce lucid dreams and gain prophetic visions from the spirits. Also known as Synaptolepis kirkii, Uvuma-omhlope is a small shrub that can be found growing around the wilds of Africa. It has a midnight black stem and spear shaped blue-green leaves. Whilst it is a very alluring plant to look at, it is the tubular roots of Uvuma-omhlope that are most valued by the indigenous people of Africa. In contrast to the dark colours of the plant, the roots of Uvuma-omhlope are completely white.


The main effect of Uvuma-omhlope is to induce lucid dreams and prophetic visions when asleep or in a trance like state. It has been used by the people of Africa for as a means to communicate with their ancestors and to gain spiritual guidance.

Preparation and dosage

Much like many of the other African dream herbs used by the Zulu and Xhosa people, Uvuma-omhlope can be made into a tea. The actual dosage amount can vary person to person. Usually 300mg is enough to induce a lucid dream, but it has also known for some people to require 400mg. It is safest to start out with the smaller amount and work you way up.

To make the tea put the powdered Uvuma-omhlope root into boiling water. Allow it to infuse for around five minutes, stirring occasionally; then strain the mixture and drink. Take it no more than 1 hour before bed for best results.

Active Compounds

Uvuma-omhlope has been shown to contain a number of alkaloids. Unfortunately not many of them have been identified and it is not known which cause the lucid dreaming effects. However, one alkaloid has been identified; this is kirkinine, a neurotrophic. This alkaloid has been shown to promote healthy nerve cell growth and maintenance within the body.

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Reviews (47)

    Yo es que siempre sueño mucho y muy intenso durante horas o días entonces cuando tome esto no note ninguna diferencia, es mas no se si soñe menos aquella noche, supongo que conmigo no podia funcionar porque el nivel ya es extremo, una pena :(


    Además de mejorar la calidad del sueño (me levanto más descansado), no me despierto durante la noche... y lo mejor: me hace tener sueños muy intensos, claros, que recuerdo perfectamente al despertar. Incluso he tenido episodios de recordar escenas de mi vida cuando era niño. Estoy encantado con la experiencia, aunque aún no he tenido sueños lúcidos (sigo en ello).


    Uvima omhlope
    Para dormir va genial yo consumo 500 mg y duermo profundamente cuando de normal me despierto dos o tres veces con esto duermo del tirón y me suelo acordar de los sueños


    Sogni vividi
    Cari psiconauti, vi racconto la mia prima esperienza con la Uvuma-omhlope fatta circa 45 minuti prima di andare a dormire. Dopo aver fatto bollire l'acqua, ne ho messo in infusione 0,7 g per circa 6 o 7 minuti mescolando spesso. Poi l'ho versata in una tazza con un cucchiaino di zucchero di canna e l'ho bevuta velocemente una volta semi-freddata. Dopo circa 20 minuti, prima ancora di mettermi a letto, un senso di profondo relax mi ha pervaso (sebbene parzialmente dovuto alla bevanda calda) e dopo altri 15 minuti mi sono lasciato coinvolgere dal viaggio onirico. Al risveglio avevo ben chiari uno spezzone (parecchio significativo) di un sogno e gran parte dei ricordi di un altro sogno. Entrambi, sebbene all'apparenza non profetici, mi hanno fatto riflettere a fondo su alcune questioni esistenziali, dunque hanno segnato uno step importante in questo trip. Prima di dirvi cosa ne penso della Uvuma-omhlope faccio due premesse: 1) la giornata in cui ho fatto questa esperienza non mi sentivo totalmente sereno e ciò credo influisca negativamente sulla riuscita del viaggio 2) Ho provato sulla mia pelle sia sogni lucidi che viaggi astrali, ergo so riconoscerli e distinguerli dal sogno 'comune'. Detto ciò, credo che questa erba del sogno abbia ottime potenzialità anche per raggiungere visioni profetiche e sogni lucidi ma per raggiungere questi stadi, a mio avviso, è necessario essere totalmente in pace con sé stessi e aumentare il dosaggio almeno intorno a 1,5 g.


    Ganz ok
    Es war eine Wirkung wie beschrieben zu spüren, nur nicht so beeindruckend wie beworben. Ganz nette Erfahrung, die ich aber nicht wiederholen muss.


    Remembering dream
    I usually do not remember my dreams. I did start to feel something after I took it and before going to sleep. Next day I did not recall anything of dreams. The following night however, I did have vivid dreams which I could remember. I would not use this again unless I'm practicing a week to remember dreams (setting the intention before going to sleep, writing down the dream afterwards). If you usually remember your dreams, it might be a very good idea to try this.


    It works but takes a while
    For more it worked after 7 or 8 days, but itwas worth the wait!


    Keine Wirkung für mich.
    Zum einschlafen ist das gut. Ich hatte einen tiefen Schlaf aber keine Träume. Löst sich auch schlecht im Tee


    Its like a dream
    8 Stunden Schlaf sind mit dieser Wurzel eine wahre Gönnung . Einfach ein wenig vor der Nachtruhe zerkauen und in die Welt der Träume eintauchen hat etwas für sich . Cannabis mindert den Effekt allerdings deutlich, deshalb sollte man sich vor der Nachtruhe nicht allzu sehr abfetten. Träumt schön meine Freunde :)


    Tried this to "reboot" my dreaming
    I was having very few dreams for the past months. I tried approx 1 gram of this in order to boot them back up but unfortunately that didn't work. Taste of the product is ok. I'll try the remainder of my supply when I'm dreaming consistently again before I make a final judgement on this product.

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Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)
Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)