Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)


Uvuma-omhlope is used by tribes across Africa for its ability to bring you closer to the spirits in your dreams. It is well known to induce lucid dreams with prophetic and enlightening visions. Using Uvuma-omhlope as part of your regular night time schedule will ensure dreams to remember!

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Uvuma-omhlope: This African dream herb has the potential to make sure that your night's sleep is always lucid and memorable.

Uvuma-omhlope is an African herb that is used by both the Zulu and Xhosa tribes to induce lucid dreams and gain prophetic visions from the spirits. Also known as Synaptolepis kirkii, Uvuma-omhlope is a small shrub that can be found growing around the wilds of Africa. It has a midnight black stem and spear shaped blue-green leaves. Whilst it is a very alluring plant to look at, it is the tubular roots of Uvuma-omhlope that are most valued by the indigenous people of Africa. In contrast to the dark colours of the plant, the roots of Uvuma-omhlope are completely white.


The main effect of Uvuma-omhlope is to induce lucid dreams and prophetic visions when asleep or in a trance like state. It has been used by the people of Africa for as a means to communicate with their ancestors and to gain spiritual guidance.

Preparation and dosage

Much like many of the other African dream herbs used by the Zulu and Xhosa people, Uvuma-omhlope can be made into a tea. The actual dosage amount can vary person to person. Usually 300mg is enough to induce a lucid dream, but it has also known for some people to require 400mg. It is safest to start out with the smaller amount and work you way up.

To make the tea put the powdered Uvuma-omhlope root into boiling water. Allow it to infuse for around five minutes, stirring occasionally; then strain the mixture and drink. Take it no more than 1 hour before bed for best results.

Active Compounds

Uvuma-omhlope has been shown to contain a number of alkaloids. Unfortunately not many of them have been identified and it is not known which cause the lucid dreaming effects. However, one alkaloid has been identified; this is kirkinine, a neurotrophic. This alkaloid has been shown to promote healthy nerve cell growth and maintenance within the body.

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Reviews (67)

    Ça relaxer
    Bien avant d'aller dormir ça te fatigue pas mal mais aucun rêve lucide pour le moment ça ma déçu pour ça


    Dope shit
    Echt wel goe gerief! Sws kope man


    Me ha permitido sueños lúcidos
    A la tercera vez de tomarlo 1 hora aprox. antes de dormir en la noche pude tener sueños que me impresionaron mucho. Repetiré la compra y lo recomiendo a aquellas personas que quieran trabajar desde su mundo onírico.


    it works!
    My partner and I tried it together. I had rather nice dreams, one of which was revisiting a happy memory of going greenhouses with my dad when I was a little kid. My partner had an insane haunted house trip.


    Pas concluant
    Je suis mitigé sur les effets : La première nuit, je prends 300mg -> J'ai fait un rêve lucide mais pas non plus extraordinaire La deuxième nuit, je prends 300mg -> Rien La troisième nuit, je prends 400mg -> Rien La quatrième nuit, je prends 500mg -> Rien Je ne vais plus en recommander. Je mets 2 étoiles car il faut peut être ne pas le faire toutes les nuits ?


    Amazing little root
    I bought 2 packets and brewed one into a tea before bed and It was an incredible experience! It was like being locked in a state of euphoria and calm surprisingly didn’t have to much sleep paralysis so overall I’d definitely recommend every man and women needs to try it for themselves so they can explore the realms and find themselves


    Strong Dreams
    I boiled about 600ml of water. Krushed the root in a grinder. Put the powder in the Water and mixed it with a spoon. The liquid looked very milky. But it tasted like nothin. Drank it all up within an hour. After 1:30h I went to bed. I was already dreaming after 1-2 hours I slept. Woke up and falling in trance very quick again. That happened a couple times when i got scared or was to energetic. However I'd buy this again.


    Doux rêves
    Placer sous la langue, elle aide à s'endormir, doux rêves au rendez-vous


    It works. Used by african tribes.
    In order for it to work, most people take it everyday for a week aprox. Some people notice it when they discontinue it's use. So if you take it for 7 days, you may notice the stronger effects on the 8th day. 300-400mg seems like an active dose, but for some people 700mg is the way to go. I tried 300-400mg the first days and I felt like my body had a natural tolerance to it (I smoke cannabis daily so that interferes with any dream herb), so I started dosing 700mg. Nights became strange. I made teas with Valeriana officinalis bags (another dream herb, which facilitates a state of drowsiness, where the kirkii effects are mostly noticed) I just open the valeriana bag, drop the previously powdered white roots in it and tie it. Some people report having more clear effects by actually chewing it throughout the day. Uvuma Ohmlope (Synatolepis Kirkii) contains the active ingredients: ·kirkinine ·kirkinine B, C, D, E ·synaptolepis factor K7 ·excoecariatoxin > "Excoecaria agallocha has been found to have various medicinal and pharmacological benefits, including the treatment for epilepsy, ulcers, leprosy, rheumatism, and paralysis. Owing to its complex chemistry, the plant may have many new medicinal uses." ·yuanhuadine ·12β-acetoxyhuratoxin This dream herb (root) is used by african tribes in large quantities when taken alone. Most of the times it is used in Ubulawu (a mixture of dream herbs, like a dreamy equivalent of ayahuasca).


    Kann man gut ein nehmen

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Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)
Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)