Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher


It’s golden and reputed to be a teacher – it’s Golden Teacher! A classic cubensis, and very domesticated, its origin is unknown but it was probably discovered in the Gulf region of the USA. Some Golden Teachers grow to be quite large and may develop a nipple on the top of the cap. Colonization and fruiting times may be a little slower than average.

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Reviews (42)

    attente de fruit !
    seringue complete les premiere on été difficile pour le mycelium de ce developper mais c'etait de m'a fautes la mes pains sont en periode d'incubation !


    Ganz toller Mist
    Ich weiß nicht was da falsch gelaufen ist. In der Spritze war lediglich Wasser keine Sporen. Muss man nicht verstehen , ich finde es schei….e .Kann ich nur einen Stern für geben , lieber wären mir 0 Sterne weil Wasser habe ich selber genug im Wasserhahn.....


    Magnifique !!
    Quelques cl suffisent a inoculer un max de bocaux. Je passe en fruitaison bientôt !


    PF TEK Jars
    This is growing insanely, you just need to be careful with contamination, follow best practices and inoculation should be fine.


    3 tandas
    Primera tanda utilizando metodo pftek despues de 3 semanas ya ha colonizado perfectamente. Segunda y tercera tanda contaminadas (aunque es probable que no se hiciese correctamente del todo el proceso de esterilización del sustrato).


    Idéal pour une innoculation sans contaminants
    Parfait pour l'innoculation de mon substrat préalablement stérélisé par vapeur d'eau chaude. J'ai remarqué qu'un excès de pulvérisation d'eau provoque l'apparition de moisissure. Pour une colonisation du mycélium blanc sans apparition de moisissure il faut pulvériser l'eau qu'une seul fois. Mon mycélium colonise bien mon substrat après avoir rectifié le nombre de pulvérisation d'eau à une seule pulvérisation.


    Bought sterile rye so as not to make mistakes, everything well disinfected and instructions well followed. First contamination visible after 2 weeks. Everything just thrown away. I think it was bad liquid spores.


    Perfect for 1st grow
    This is my 1st grow so I cannot really compare to other products out there. But I can say that the spore syringe is clean, I've got 0 contam in any of my 10 inoculated Jars. Now, everything is sitting in a monotub and hopefully will be fruiting soon. If you're thinking about growing, go for it. It's fairly simple and cheap, but please, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Ps:the jar colonisation was quite slow but apparently it's to be expected with GT (also my 1st grow so everything is not perfect from my side).


    Arrived very fast and is working charms
    All cakes are growing beautiful mych. Easy and great for a first-timer like me too, No problem whatsoever


    as a first timer I used it with the uncle bens tek. 2 out of 10 bags got a contamination (prolly my own fault) so Im happy with the result

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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher