Truffle Cultivation

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Let's get one thing straight - purchasing ready-to-eat magic truffles via our website is trustworthy, convenient and an awesome way to burn your salary, but growing and caring for your very own magic truffles will make you appreciate ingesting these psilocybin nuggets that much more! This set of truffle grow boxes - exclusive to Zamnesia - allows you to cultivate three entirely different strains. Follow the instructions carefully, put in some good old TLC, and watch your babies grow!

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Zamnesia Magic Truffle Cultivation Set

The Zamnesia Magic Truffle Cultivation Set brings the power of magic truffle cultivation right into the comfort of your own home. Each set comes with three individual kits, offering users three unique strains to enjoy. All it takes is a little patience, and you will soon be on your way to a potent psychedelic experience!


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