Blue Honey: Hallucinogenic Honey With Magic Mushrooms
2 min

Blue Honey: Hallucinogenic Honey With Magic Mushrooms

2 min
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Ever heard of blue honey? For those who love magic mushrooms, but can’t stand their taste, it is the ultimate way to dose yourself for a trip. It is psilocybin infused honey, and here is how you make

That’s right! We have another mushroom based recipe for you. This time it is ‘blue honey’, a magic mushroom infused honey concoction that makes every trip a taste sensation. It is extremely versatile, and can be used as a topping, as a tea sweetener, or even eaten just as it is. What makes it so very appealing is that it is extremely easy to make, all you need is mushrooms, honey, and time.

The premise behind making blue honey is simple: you cut up your mushrooms, put them in a jar, and fill it with honey. After being stored a few months, the psilocybin and other compounds within the mushrooms will start leaking into the honey, often (but not always) turning it blue – hence the name. What you are left with is a potent, sweet and tasty treat that lasts pretty much indefinitely. It is a great alternative for those who hate the taste of mushrooms, and can be enjoyed at your own leisure.


Before we get to the recipe itself, it is first important to know that any magic mushroom used in this recipe should be thoroughly dried before it is used. If there is any moisture in the mushrooms when they are placed in the honey, they may ferment, which can be dangerous. Always properly dry your mushrooms first – if you don’t know how, then check out our handy guide here.


You will need:

Thoroughly dried magic mushrooms
Store bought runny honey
An airtight glass jar
A sharp knife
A coffee grinder


1. Cut up your mushrooms as finely as you can, even consider grinding them up further if you have a coffee grinder. The smaller the pieces are, the larger the overall surface area exposed to honey, equalling more potent results.

2. Layer your jar with your cut up/powdered magic mushrooms and honey. Start with a layer of mushrooms, then pour over some honey, then another layer of mushroom, and so on, until you have filled it. Obviously, the more mushrooms you put in, the more potent it will be. Also bear in mind that the more mushrooms you put in, the less honey will fit. This will make the honey that is present even more potent, as it will contain a higher concentration of psilocybin.

Note: do not heat up your honey to make it runnier. Excess heat can cause psilocybin to breakdown.

Alternatively, you can mix your desired amount of honey and mushrooms up in a bowl, and then pour it into the jar. Both methods work just as well as each other, it just depends if you want mushrooms throughout the entire jar, or easy to manage layers.

3. Seal the jar, and place it in a dark, cool, and dry place for 1-4 months. The longer you leave it, the more psilocybin will seep out and infuse the honey. It may be hard to resist, but this is a long term investment!

4. Enjoy! As the potency will be unknown, we recommend starting with a small amount, such as a teaspoon full, and working your way up. Dose at your own discretion.

Note: The blue in "blue honey" is caused by the blue bruising of fresh mushrooms. If your mushrooms are not bruised when they are dried, then the honey will not turn blue. This will not affect the potency, it is more of a cosmetic feature. So if you truly want blue honey, make sure some of your mushrooms are bruised before you dry them.

Video: Mushrooms Bruising

And there you have it! Making psychedelic blue honey is extremely easy. All you need is a bit of patience. But trust us, like all good things in life, it is worth the wait. Being able to dose yourself with a sweet and flavourful honey is amazing, and its versatility means it can be used with all kinds of treats, and even discreetly on the go. We like it best in tea, as opposed to making a mushroom tea - as it is already active in the honey, so you don’t have to leave it to steep and potentially lose potency!

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