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Bongs have been a staple of the artisanal head shop since the 1970s, and glass is the preferred medium, being simple to clean, colourful and easy on the mouth. Find all cannabis bongs made from glass right here on our website. Of course the bongs can also be used for your other favorite herbs.

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Zamnesia Mr. Twister

Exclusively made by Ehle for Zamnesia, the Mr. Twister ice tube combines pure beauty with outstanding glassblowing craftsmanship. This elegant bong is made from highly-durable borosilicate glass and has a glass down stem and bowl. The carb hole is optional. Each Mr. Twister has been inspected and signed by Mr. Ehle himself! The bong has a height of 450mm and features the white Ehle logo.

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Heavyweight Glass Ice Bong (9mm)

A classic glass ice bong without any bells or whistles but this doesn’t mean it’s bad. Not at all! This heavyweight glass ice bong is extremely strong since it is made from 9mm thick glass, something you won’t often find if you’re looking for a simple and practical bong. It’s also very easy to clean. This glass bong has a height of 35cm.


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Session Goods Glass Bong

The Session Goods Glass Bong is something different. It stands apart from other bongs both visually and functionally.

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EHLE Glass Bong 420 Bazooka With Carb Hole

The bellied glass chamber of the straight Glass Bong 420 Bazooka by EHLE makes it lie comfortably in the hand, while your mind is at ease, knowing this high-quality piece of craftsmanship is Made in Germany. Add water, a screen and smoking blend, light up and then take off! Height: 37cm. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm.

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Zamnesia Fat Boy Glass Bong

Custom-made by EHLE for Zamnesia, the Fat Boy glass bong features thick 5mm glass which makes it exceptionally sturdy. This awesome “Summer Sun Beach Holidays” type-of bong has a hollow shisha style foot and measures 34cm in height. The joint diameter is 14.5mm. Each EHLE bong is carefully inspected and signed my Mr. EHLE himself!

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Zamnesia Pipe Bomb Glass Bong

This explosive bomb of a bong with carb hole is custom-made for Zamnesia by EHLE, one of the most-respected brands for quality bongs. The bong features the Zamnesia logo on the side and the EHLE logo on the hexagon-shaped foot. The bong is made from extra-thick 5mm glass and has a height of 35cm with a diameter of 50mm. Joint size 14.5mm. Each bong is inspected and signed by Mr. Ehle...

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Glass Bong Handmodel

The Glass Bong Handmodel is a perfect little bud burner for the die-hard veteran of smoking pure marijuana. Only 13cm small, but with a big round water-bowl and a carb hole to provide tough kicks. Some green decoration is almost mandatory (some red-eyed people tend to overlook transparent devices hence the leaves on the tube as a contrast).


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Glass Bong + Acces. Deluxe in Wooden Case

The primary smoking device in this attractive boxed set is a large (31 cm tall) glass bong with a round bowl. The bong is accompanied by a simple glass tube & integrated bowl pipe, an enameled metal stash box, a keychain pipe (metal), extra screens for the big bong, and a brush to clean it with. All packaged in a purple-lined, carved wooden box.


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EHLE Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator

The Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator by EHLE impresses with a classic build in miniature form. Wearing the EHLE logo in a luscious red, it cowers at a height of only 22cm, but beware of its smoky breath! It induces a magic intoxication! Wall thickness: 3.0mm. Joint size: 14,5mm. With carb hole.


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Glass Bong ROOR Dealers Cup 7mm

True cannabis connoisseurs gather round: the ROOR glass bong Dealers Cup is the be-all and end-all of heavy-duty, high-quality smoking accessories. Standing a majestic 55cm tall and fortified with 7mm-thick borosilicate glass, this show-stopping centerpiece will endure the test of time. Experience luxury “made in Germany” to the utmost standards of quality and design. 

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Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm

The Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm is a giant lung volume testing brain buster bong! The boastful orange logo indicates the glass thickness and is a guarantee for a high quality product. No ice notches or carb hole deface the look of this 50cm tall and 65mm in diameter mammoth with a joint diameter of 29.2mm. Glass screen and down-tube included. Are you ready for the coup de grace?

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EHLE Glass Ice Bong Minus 42º With Carb Hole

You are looking for a really cool experience? Then the slightly bent Glass Ice Bong Minus 42º by EHLE is the perfect choice. Fill it with the proper amount of water, then carefully slide a few ice cubes into the tube, light up your smoking blend and enjoy the extra smooth smoke filling your lungs. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm. Seal of quality: Made in Germany.

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Glass Herb and Oil Bong Black Leaf

This bong for herbs and oils by Black Leaf comes with all the bells and whistles. Packed in a foam-rubber-cushioned carrying case, it is equipped with a six-armed percolator with splash protection, an adapter with diffusor slits and dents to hold ice cubes. Bowls for herbs and oils included.


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Glass Bong 'Triple HoneyComb'

The Triple  HoneyComb by Black Leaf features 3 honeycomb percolator discs placed throughout the body of the tube. Each of the percolator discs filters the smoke and breaks it up into bubbles, making for an extraordinarily smooth toke full of flavour. The bong is made from durable 4mm borosilicate glass with blue rims and measures 255mm in height.


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EHLE Glass Ice Bong Black Hole With Carb Hole

The EHLE “Black Hole” Glass Ice Bong has a unique design: The hole in the middle of the tube holds ice cubes and also makes holding the bong in your hands easier. The carb hole of this straight bong is located in front, so there is no spill when you tilt the bong. The bong comes with a funnel-shaped bowl.

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Pink Glass Percolator Icebong with Dome Diffusor

Whether you're a guy or a girl, this awesome pink ice-bong with kickhole is a welcome addition to any bong collection. A real eye-catcher !


14,95 12,71
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Tsunami Glass Bong Donut Recycler

The Tsunami Glass Bong Donut Recycler is clearly the result of significant innovation and creativity. The striking shapes and edges of this beast are truly stunning.

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Tsunami Glass Bong Twist Perc Recycler

The Tsunami Glass Bong Twist Perc Recycler might just replace your favourite glass piece. As well as looking simply spectacular, this bong provides a cool and smooth hit.

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Tsunami Glass Bong Shower Head Jelly Fish

The Tsunami Glass Bong Shower Head Jelly Fish is an example of just how detailed glass pieces can get. Glass tubes are used to carefully extend the distance smoke travels before cooling down and entering the lungs.

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Tsunami Glass Bong Sprinkler Donut

If you're looking for a unique bong to add to your collection—look no further. The Tsunami Glass Bong Sprinkler Donut adds flare to any bong cabinet.

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Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Globe

The Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Globe is a concentrate rig containing a large glass globe designed to hold serious volumes of smoke.

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Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Honey Turbine

The Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Honey Turbine is a concentrate rig that is easy to handle. This small but powerful piece is easy to store when travelling, and offers enough oomph to be considered for serious home use.

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Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Side Neck

The Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Side Neck features a bowl on top of the rig itself, and a mouthpiece that sits externally to the main body of the piece.

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Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Inline Tree

The Tsunami Glass Oil Rig Inline Tree merges beauty with efficiency. This piece looks the part and delivers a smooth cloud of smoke with every hit.

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