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Supa Gro Kit 100% (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200ml

 4/5 (58)

    Ready to grow
    Everything worked perfekt! Only Problem: I do not know the strain.


    Hawaian , Mexican & B+
    Ho ordinato 3 kit , sono soddisfatto ma supa gro ha i sacchetti filtro peggiori , questo può influenzare la produttivitá. consiglio di acquistarne dei nuovi per garantire maggior sterilitá e minor lavoro (Fabbisogno minore di acqua).


    Easy grow, plenty of shrooms


    Very pleased
    Package arrived quickly, I got the Panama strain this time. The substrate didn't look fully colonized, though the mycelium looked strong and healthy. I sat the box in a 23C room and misted and fanned 3-6 times a day. In about ten days I could harvest about 210g. Second flush not going quite as good though ~70g. All in all I'll have a jar with at least 25g dry cubensis that my wife and I are looking very much forward to communing with.


    Super growkit I have got " PANAMA" I love it 1st flush 240g 2nd -140 3rd -70 4th - 35 waiting for 5th :D so much mushrooms i shared with friends :)


    Nice kit
    It's growing well but slow because temperatures are low, I'm hoping for some nice protein to come out of it!


    Zamnesia! My favorite place to blow some money


    Comme d'habitude livraison super rapide. J'ai reçu des albinos A+, jamais fait encore ont vas voir ce que sa donne


    Got the colombian
    Couldn't care less for the strain, chose this kit as it's a little cheaper because of the random strain. Got the colombian, it's been a while since I grew so many and such big mushrooms. On the second flush I harvested a mushroom that weighed over 35g's wet (3g+ Strong dose dry). Will always go for the random Supa Gro kits (favo brand out of them all on Zamnesia)


    Déçu mais rassuré
    J'ai commender 3 kits "zamnesia choice" mais malheureusement ils m'ont envoyer 3 fois des "thick dick" qui n'ont pas pousser,j'était deçu car j'esperai découvrir 3 variété différente, mais j'ai écrit au service après vente et ils m'ont proposer de m'envoyer 3 nouveau kit de variétés de mon choix, donc je suis très satisfait de leur service et de leur rapidité de réaction.

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