MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA


You are new to growing your own magic mushrooms and have no clue which strain you should choose or simply want to compare them? The Grow Kit Variety Pack by MushMush is the answer - it contains three different grow-kits, each with a content of 540ml of colonized substrate. All kits can be grown side by side in the same grow bag.

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MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA- Cambodia, Mazatapec and Moby Dick

You are not familiar with growing your own magic mushrooms and want to test your skills before you order a big grow-kit? Or, if you have no clue which strain you should settle for or simply want to compare a few? Now what? Then the Grow Kit Variety Pack by MushMush is the answer - this set contains grow-kits of three different magic mushrooms strains, Cambodia, Mazatapec and Moby Dick, each with a content of 540ml of fully colonized substrate and ready to grow. All kits can be grown side by side and at the same time in the same grow bag.

The grow-kits in this set contain a layer of perlite to retain water, fully colonized substrate and vermiculite as a casing layer. The grow-kits are readily usable when they arrive at your doorstep - all you need for your mushrooms to grow, is a little patience. To achieve the best results, please read our manual.

Scope of delivery:
3x Grow-kit 540ml
1x Large filter bag
4x paper clip

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Reviews (87)

    Ces champignons sont pas mal puissant, j'ai pu les tester frais et sec, mais à chaque fois que j'ai pu commander des kit contenant les 3 petits pain, ce kit ne m'a jamais rentabiliser, au niveau du prix et des récoltes. Je possède deux tapis chauffant, je suis assez équipé pour la culture, avec ce kit j'ai seulement eu 2 récoltes et les champignons de couleur blanc n'ont jamais poussent. Je recommande plutôt des kits de 1200mL, une récolte vous seras plus importante et le nombre de flush que vous ferais vous seras rentable. Bonne chance


    tres mauvaie
    tres mauvaie produit déconseillé petit champignon


    Sweet mushh
    169g dry shrooms in ~7 weeks


    Excellent service, good communication and staff availability, I have found excellent quality of goods, shipping is fast and the package is anonymous. What more could you want?
    I bought this set of three single-portion trays containing three different species of mushrooms ... I was at my first experience and, to my surprise, all three trays gave fruits! The albino species spent more time colonizing the substrate, then they are matured all together. The other two species have brown hat, but then all the mushrooms are scramin of blue, because they are actually good! Well-being is perceptible even at low dosage. I think I'll buy this set again, and I highly recommend it to everyone . Hello from Italy!


    Mushmush alpha
    C'est la première fois que je fais une culture de champignon et j ai chosiis le kit pour débutant. Je dois avouer que la mise en place est extrêmement simple si on lit bien le manuel disponible sur le site. Cependant seulement 1 des mes 3 pots n a abouti (le cambodia en plus, celui que j attendais le moins). Bref un des pots n as pas poussé du a une erreur de t emperature mais les moby dick non juste pas voulu sortir (cela fait maintenant 3semaine et 7 jours que le bac est en culture). Cependant le bac qui a fructifie était bien plein et charnu


    It can and will spank your posterior
    Don't be afraid to give the mycelium some fresh clean air if it does not seem to start pinning. Do not overdo it with the heating mat, don't heat it at all during summer. Something very simple and pleasing to watch in its growth. Nonetheless, the fruits can and will spank your booty if not respected


    Overall i was satisfied, 2 of 3 boxes produced awsome 4 flashes, 1 box was kinda iffy. Shrooms kick in good, i was quite pleasently surprised. Worth buying


    Yield: 30-40g dried You can expect anything, as always when buying growkits. Fanning was essencial, fan atleast once a day. But overall I am pleased with result. Definitely would buy again. PS: customer service is overpowered.


    Compared to BigBoxes
    I like the variety, but.. After 1 flush, the colony shrinked and there was some space between the plastic tray and mycelium, so the mushrooms started to growfrom the sides , not on the top. Ok no problem, take them out of the plastic tray and what do i find ? about 20-30% on the bottom is not substrate for the colony ,but a material (perlite or something) to keep the humidity in check. So it is not really 540ml of colonized substrate per tub. Product still great.


    My Opinion
    The package arrived fast in about 4 days, then I follow the instructions and also I ask some questions to the customer service and they answer me always in less than 24h I am really happy for that, then it took like 15 days to grow 2 of the 3 mushrooms packs, I was worried about the Moby dick because it was the one that didn't grow but around the 22nd day, they grow more or less when I have a second harvest of the cambodian. I think is worth it, quite simple and you will have plenty of mushrooms, you will have to share them. I repeat, so happy with the customer assistance, and all the information in this website

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MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA
MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA