MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'


Science can work wonders ... Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Gold is not a naturally found magic mushroom, but rather a hybrid crossing of Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher and Cambodian. The result is a mushroom with a thick and meaty ivory colored stem (sometimes 25-30mm and more!) and dark brown/maroon caps. The veil can remain intact until the caps are almost completely opened.

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MushMush - Grow Kit Cambodian Gold: An 'unnatural' magic mushroom

Science can work wonders ... and when a true mycologist is patient enough it is possible to create a mycel miracle. Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Gold is not a naturally found magic mushroom. Actually it is a hybrid crossbreeding of Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian and Golden Teacher. The result is a mushroom with a meaty very thick and ivory colored stem (sometimes 25-30mm and more!) and maroon/dark brown caps. The veil does not tear until the cap is almost completely opended.

These grow-kits are filled with perlite (bottom layer, to retain water) fully colonized substrate (middle layer) and vermiculite (capping layer) and are ready to grow when they arrive at your doorstep (if you plan to grow the mushrooms at a later time put the grow-kit in the fridge at 4°C). Simply follow the steps in our manual and after only a few days (usually you should see the first tiny mushrooms between 7-14 days) you will see the first flush growing - for the fastest results, try to keep the temperature steadily at around 24-25°C and you'll be harvesting your first mushrooms 7-10 after the first pins showed up. These grow-kits produce several flushes.

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Reviews (67)

    Excellent plump Fruit
    Amazing large fruit in shortish growing time, lovely long lasting highs with pleasant insightful moment's, best yet.


    Verry good
    Verry good it's good


    Experienced grower
    I have ordered a grow kit and this time it didn't start growing, something went wrong, so I contacted Zamnesia's support team. As always they were really kind and solved the problem by suggesting to send another kit for free. Just so everyone new here take a notice, mushrooms work on everyone in a different way. An example when I took them with my boyfriend, he was happy, calm, saw visuals, but I was way too emotional and couldn't concentrate on visuals, was stuck in my head all the time and was solving my life's problems. I suggest everyone make a tea out of mushrooms, it's faster, doesn't give that usual sickness as you can get from chewing shrooms and it's tastier if you make it with lemon and honey :) have fun!


    one of my favourites
    thats one of my favourite strains. Amazing visuals and not so much mind fuck. Also the potency of this strain is amazing. The shrooms are verz big and meaty have had some 20 centimeter shrooms that weighed over 5 grams. A really top strain, that i will always buy


    Great kit
    First flush was 270g wet, second was 150g wet, now waiting for the third one


    Mes préférés et de loin !
    Après avoir testé pas mal des variétés Zamnesia, je me suis arrêtée sur celle ci et je ne commande plus que les Cambodian Gold. Ils sont assez puissants (un peu moins que les moby dick, mais plus que les mc kennai, hawaien, golden teacher je trouve) et ils procurent un high assez agréable (contrairement a celui des moby dick qui pour moi est + violent). Ils sont plutôt facile a faire pousser, même en n'y faisant pas trop attention j’arrive toujours a avoir des rendements corrects avec au minimum 2 flush. Je recommande grandement cette variété. Zamnesia propose des champignons d'une qualité indiscutable et leur service après vente est juste parfait (cadeaux, promotion, réponse rapide, renvoies lorsqu'il y a une contamination). ZAMNESIA x CAMBODIAN GOLD --> AU TOP !!!


    Cambodian gold.
    Very fast growing, got 30 grams, cracker dry, on the first flush. The second is on its way. Great product, steady and reliable. I am microdosing on this one, absolutely perfect. Very nice strain - kind, serious, true, naturall and warm. Follow the helpful guidelines on drying! See you in the gap.


    Best mushroom ever ;) Lot of shrooms, warm feeling, and colorful visions :D I recommend it to every people on the planet Earth :DD Zamnesia is the best company;)


    Great !!
    I took them as my second experience with mushrooms, I got only one flush. I took small quantities to begin, everything was more colorful and I was really happy and positive about life. Then 2 days later I took 27g fresh mushrooms and I got the hallucinations, my walls were moving, I had visions of a mom and her baby walking in a field, but I was not happy at all, I think it was a too big quantity. I was sad and disappointed despite all the things I was seing. I looked thought my window saw stars perfectly (It is impossible I'm in a city) and blue circles appearing from the left and the right. Then I decided to just sleep because I started to get nausea. I recommend these mushrooms, very philosophical, but want to see something else, I'm going to order Mexican, Cebil and Salvia next.


    Franchement au top
    Bon rendement et super qualité je recommande vivement :)

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MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'
MushMush Grow Kit 'Cambodian Gold'