Chacruna | Psychotria viridis


The leaves of the Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) bush are a fundamental component of the ayahuasca spiritual medicine in most of western Amazonia. The Psychotria viridis contains DMT and is regarded as adding the ‘light’ to the experience, while the vine Banisteriopsis caapi provides the ‘strength’ (or in chemical terms, an MAO inhibitor).

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Type: Leaves (50 gr)€ 18.95
  • Type: Leaves (50 gr) € 18.95
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Type: Leaves (50 gr) € 18.95 In stock
Type: Seeds (5) € 9.95 In stock
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Psychotria viridis grows in the warm and tropical regions of both hemispheres. It’s a low to tall shrub or small tree. Approximately 1,200 species have been described, of which Psychotria viridis is the most commonly used.

Psychotria viridis DOSAGE

25 grams is a low dose, 50 grams a medium and 75 grams a high dosage. Simmer on a low flame for 2 hours to create an infusion. Some people make a second infusion from the same plant material, then combine the two infusions and boil down to reach a more drinkable volume of tea.

A pack of chacruna contains 50 grams of dried leaves.

Psychotria viridis ACTIVE COMPOUNDS

Principal active ingredients: The tryptamine alkaloid N, N-dimethyltryptamine, Beta-carbolines, and Phytosterols are also present.

Psychotria viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi are the components of the ayahuasca brew used by the Santo Daime church in Brazil, Europe and North America.


Do not use if pregnant or nursing, or if psychotic or severely depressed. Avoid driving under its influence. Do not combine with alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Store in a cool, dry place. Not suitable for minors.

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Reviews (56)

    Not that strong as i thought. For a interdimensional flight it was not enough.


    Excellent quality!
    Must be prepared with love respect and knowledge! YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT BELIEVE AS EXISTING!


    Great stuff
    Good stuff!!


    Not even close
    I follow the procedure with both the 2 ingredients but it didn't work for me, it's sad because it took forever to finally get the think done and my expectations was really high


    Great quality
    Will buy seeds next order. Great quality and amazing trip brewed with caapi ofc at Zamnesia's advice. If only knew about Zamnesia earlier, they do a great job!


    Fast delivery
    The delivery was fast and the stuff was in good condition, but I couldn't keep it in, the taste was bad but manageable but still after 20 minute I puked, tried to put lemon juice, orange juice, ginger but nothing, I still felt some effect(mushroom like), finally the product is good, I guess I can't take it


    The biggest trip of my life
    I only notice ... beware of the strong doses. What a crazy trip. Time does not exist, millions of colors, all realities together, without words. Very very strong experience. 5h.30 without stopping. The spirit of ayahuasca gripped me mercilessly. I'm still in shock. (Google tradutor)


    Great Products From great shop ;)
    when I usin DMT compounds for ayahuasca I use 50g psyhotria and 20g of chaliponga, and as MAOI I use 50g banisteriopsis caapi and drink as well small tea of 3g of Syrian rue. Its my mixture I alredy got 4 diferent recipes. Each one working but take my on different spaces. But u reader need to know one the first time its not so easy to it right se be pacient and don't give up at first fail at brewing.


    Does not work for me
    Does not work for me I don’t know why when I tried to cook Ayahuasca with chacruna it doesn’t do the job I’ve tried a few times So instead are use Challipinga. And he does the job very well If any one can tell me why because I tried a few recipe it will be much welcome


    excellent product

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Chacruna | Psychotria viridis
Chacruna | Psychotria viridis