Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds


These alkaloid rich seeds need some heat and toasting to dry them. When fully dry pound them into a powder. Rich in bufotenin and DMT these inconspicuous shiny seeds offer intense hallucinogenic experiences that will impress the most adept psychonaut.

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Cebil - (Anadenanthera colubrina): Intense visuals with exceptional body load


The seeds of the Cebil tree (Anadenanthera colubrina) can be insufflated, smoked, brewed into a tea or chewed. Doing so brings about psychedelic states of mind and intense hallucinations. The large brown leathery looking seeds contain bufotenin and DMT. These high-quality seeds can also be used to propagate your own Cebil trees at home. Native to Sth America Anadenathera Colubria has been used as a sacred plant by indigenous people for hundreds of years.


The active entheogenic compounds in Cebil are bufotenin and DMT. Both are well respected psychedelic agents in the entheogen community. At first the heart rate increases and tingling sensations course back and forth through the body. Soon a considerable body load manifests and presses at you from all angles. When lying quietly with eyes closed Cebil can present a full-blown light show of changing colours and patterns or dripping objects.

Cebil is reminiscent of DMT and LSD, but less physically disengaged and the experience lasts for a shorter time. Also, similar to its big brother Yopo (Anadenathera Peregrina) which is a plant from the same genus that also has psychedelic properties. Cebil will certainly push your envelope in large quantities.


Cebil needs to be heated and dried before it can be set to its psychedelic purpose. Heat a fry pan over a low to medium heat, keeping in mind you don't want to burn the seeds. Place your Cebil seeds in the heated pan and toast them until they pop. Yes, they will actually pop. Let cool and peel the papery skin away. If the skin is difficult to remove the seed has not been toasted enough. Grind the dried seed meat into a fine yellowish powder. The Cebil seeds are now ready to be used however you like.

If sniffing your Cebil basifying the powder is desired. Add hydrated lime at about one-tenth of the volume of the powdered Cebil and mix well. Don't overdo the lime. You can burn your nasal passages and Cebil stings a bit to begin with anyway.

One gram of powder as snuff will bring about an exciting 30 - 45 minute intensely visual psychedelic experience for the adept psychonaut. Less experienced travellers might like to start with 500mg just to find their footing. Completely inexperienced experimenters will get away with a delicate toot just to get a feeling for things. Some people may feel nauseous, but such are alkaloids.


The Cebil tree is a native to Sth America and can grow from anywhere between three and twenty metres. The trunk and branches are thorny and the foliage is fernlike. From September to July the tree drops elongated pods that contain several seeds of varying size.

Generally Cebil seeds will keep for several months and remain viable. Soak the Cebil seeds in water for 24 hours. Choose a well - drained potting mix. Nothing with too much peat moss as Cebil is vulnerable to fungus and molds caused by excessive retained water. In nature Cebil is surface sown. The seed pods land flat on the ground. When they are dry they snap open at the top and the bottom and the seed spills out on the ground flat.

The entheogenic gardener simply needs to place the soaked Cebil seed flat on the surface of the potting mix. Give it a little press to make it more difficult to knock out of place. The tap root will shoot down into the pot on the underside of the seed. The seed is then lifted clear of the surface and any pathogens that may lurk in the soil. Try very carefully not to over water Cebil. For a tropical plant, it can be frustratingly vulnerable to molds.

Reviews (8)

    Didnt work
    Popped them, pealed them, grinded them, smoked them. Just brings nausea, no effects otherwise.


    Bad experience
    Definitely needs more instructions on how to use, spent an hour at least researching and no effects for me


    Not tried
    Waiting to find edible lime to mix with


    tres bon produit
    bon caliter


    Nicht geklappt
    Meine Zubereitung habe ich wie empfohlen gemacht aber wahrscheinlich waren die Samen zu lange in der Pfanne. Darum konnte ich es nicbt mehr einnehmen. Vieleicht beim nächsten mal.


    Yet another great product from the good people at Zamnesia! With this product its very much a case of trial and error in order to find the specific amount that works for you. However, when you do suss-out the correct dosage...well then the sky's the limit really! Enjoy!

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Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina) 20 seeds
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