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What Are 100% Mycelium Kits?

Mycelium 100% kit

100% mycelium kits are a type of grow kit designed to help people cultivate their own magic mushrooms at home.

Standard magic mushroom grow kits are usually made up of a variety of components, including rye, perlite, and others fillers. 100% mycelium kits, on the other hand, contain only active mycelium.

These kits usually come complete with a substrate (the surface or material from which the mushrooms grows) and a filter bag.

With a little help from a spray bottle, a thermometer, and some patience, these kits allows you to grow high-quality mushrooms in your home.



To better understand the benefits of working with a 100% mycelium kit, it’s important to first understand what mycelium is.

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus. It consists of fine, thread-like looking fibers, known as hyphae.

The centre of the fungus, known as the mycelia, lives and grows inside a substrate, such as bark, wood, or dirt, where mushrooms appear.

At certain times of the year when conditions are just right, fungi bloom much like flowers. These fruit bodies are the mushrooms that we harvest.

In nature, the chances of a fungus blooming are quite slim, as the environment needs to be just right. With a grow kit, however, you’re able to create the perfect environment for mushrooms in your home with little-to-no manual labour.

Mycelium kit


Thanks to advances in growth techniques, grow kit producers found a way to preserve 100% live mycelium in their kits. In turn, these kits produce much higher yields and more flushes than standard kits mixed with fillers.


Growing magic mushrooms using a 100% mycelium kit is very easy.

While the instructions may vary slightly according to each manufacturer, here are the standard steps to start growing magic mushrooms in a 100% mycelium growkit.

Always remember to wash your hands prior to handling your kit and to work in a clean, sterile environment to avoid contamination.

1. Remove the lid from your grow container and wash it thoroughly. You will need it for later flushes.

Remove lid
2. Put your grow box in the filter bag, making sure that the bag is standing up with the opening pointing towards the ceiling. Fold the opening of the bag over twice and close it with a paperclip on either side (usually supplied in the grow kit).

Filter bag mycelium
3. Keep your grow bag in a light-filled room at roughly 23-24°C. Keep the bag away from direct sunlight

4. Spray the insides of the grow bag every day with some sterile water. Make sure not to directly spray the grow box or any of the mushrooms.

Mycelium misting bottle
5. Be patient!


You should see some pinheads forming within 5-20 days. After the first caps have emerged, the mushrooms take roughly one week to develop fully.

100% mycelium kits are designed to maximize your yields. A kit complete with 1.2 kg of mycelium can produce up to 800 grams of highly-potent fresh magic mushrooms.

However, remember that mushrooms are extremely sensitive. How clean you keep your workspace and how careful you are to optimize your grow environment will have big effects on the size of your final harvests.

Supa Gro yield


100% mycelium magic mushroom grow kits are designed to yield multiple harvests. Here’s how to handle your kit after you’ve picked your first shrooms:

1. Fill your grow box with clean, cold water and cover it with the lid. Remember to wash the lid thoroughly prior.

2. Place the box back inside the bag. Close the bag and place it in the refrigerator for 12 hours. This is known as “cold shock” and is said to stimulate the mycelium.

3. After 12 hours, remove the grow kit from the fridge and remove any excess water from the container.

4. Repeat the grow instructions to start growing your next batch of magic mushrooms.


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