Jorge Cervantes, Ganja Guru

Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes (pronounced Horhay Therbantez) has a contagious enthusiasm and limitless knowledge about all things cannabis. This has earnt him a place in the cannabis hall of fame alongside the late great Jack Herer. He is globally recognized as the endearing imp in a bad Che Guevara or Bob Marley wig doing YouTube grow videos, surrounded by bulging buds on epic plants. He is also venerated as the graying statesman of cannabis culture, having written the “Cannabis Grow Bible”, and now giving serious lectures on cannabis to large, enthralled crowds around the world. His notoriety has gained him access to some of the most mouth-watering gardens and into the most sophisticated indoor grows on the planet.

He has been an outspoken ganja activist, author, and hands-on grower for over three decades. 

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Jorge Cervantes is the pen name for lifelong cannabis aficionado George van Patten.

Cervantes was born in Ontario, Oregon in 1953 to Dr. Cecil Roberts and Ester van Patten.

As a lad, he delivered the local newspaper, The Argus Observer and later went on to work in the press room where he learned about photography, printing, and publicity.

Saving his money, bilingual Cervantes was able to pay for his university education, first at the University of Valencia in Valencia, Spain then followed later by study at the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico. It was during these early years in Mexico that he developed his passion for cannabis.

It is a passion he took with him when he moved to Portland, Oregon in 1976 to be closer to his parents after his father became unwell.

Jorge Cervantes went on to graduate from Portland University in 1977. 


After graduation, he moved to Santa Barbara in California. Choosing to do what he loved, Jorge Cervantes became a gardener and established a landscaping business with a friend. At this time, he began illegally growing sinsemilla cannabis in the Los Padres National Forest.
After selling the landscaping business in 1979, he, his business friend, and their partners set off on a yearlong trip through the heartlands of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Following their travels, Cervantes married Estella Cervantes in 1981 in Portland and soon established another landscaping business while growing cannabis indoors.

Frustrated by the lack of credible and often downright erroneous information on cannabis cultivation, Jorge Cervantes wrote the book “Indoor Marijuana Horticulture” after extensive research, experimentation, and analysis.

In 1983, to facilitate the printing of the book in a social environment hostile towards marijuana, Cervantes established the boutique publishing house Interport USA. Indoor Marijuana Horticulture was dubbed “The Growers Bible" by successful indoor growers and went on to be a best-seller. At this time Jorge Cervantes realizing the increasing popularity of indoor growing, developed a range of High-Intensity Discharge Light Systems especially for growing cannabis, and sold them retail or mail order through his specialist outlet Jorge Cervantes' Indoor Garden Store.

Circa 1989, his store, along with 40 others nationwide, was closed down as part of the DEA’s Operation Green Merchant. To circumvent legal issues after this investigation, he rewrote Indoor Marijuana Horticulture and republished the book in 1995 as Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics.

Jorge Cervantes’ famous textbook, Indoor Marijuana Horticulture has been on Amazons top 100 list since 2006.

Most recently his latest book the “Cannabis Encyclopaedia”, recognized worldwide as the authority on cannabis, has won two INDIEFAB gold book of the year awards. 


George van Patten, alias Jorge Cervantes has written the go-to books about indoor and outdoor marijuana growing. These books are so detailed and knowledgeable that they are the primary text books used by cannabis universities in the USA. He produces hours of informative and entertaining marijuana-themed videos for the keen cannabis grower and marijuana enthusiast.

He writes regular, themed articles for several marijuana magazines and has received the Dr. Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award.

George uses cannabis for enjoyment and medicinally for a chronic lower back problem and related insomnia. He likes to think of himself and Jorge as separate people, with George being his alter ego’s manager. Jorge is let loose in the media and at cannabis events, but is generally kept in the cupboard when in private.

None the less, Jorge’s contribution to the cannabis community has been immense. Many a new grower doesn’t know it, but without him, the knowledge surrounding cannabis growth would be in a very different state of affairs without him. We salute you, Jorge Cervantes.



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